Air Jordan 11 Low White/Red

Cutting the top off the Air Jordan 11 isn?t for everyone. For those that care to bare ankles, this summer-ready low pairs white patent and mesh over a bright red outsole. These are scheduled to release at Jordan Brand accounts on May 5th.

Air Jordan 11 Low
White/Varsity Red-Black
May 5, 2012

Air Jordan 11 Low White/Red

Air Jordan 11 Low White/Red

Air Jordan 11 Low White/Red

Air Jordan 11 Low White/Red

Air Jordan 11 Low White/Red

Air Jordan 11 Low White/Red

Source: Hoop City


  1. Me says:


    1. Rataface805 says:

      YES THESE ARE AS GOOD AS GOLD IM GETTING ME 5 PAIRS THEN FLIPPING IN A YR FOR $350+ listen and learn suckers. I know a lot of you suckers think I’m crazy but you will see

      1. Smarter than you!!! says:

        You are not crazy. You are stupid. These shoes are garbage!!!

        1. MARLYS says:

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        2. DontmesswithTEXAS says:

          If he is stupid there is a few million stupid people that are going to buy these they will make the sites crash. You will be the stupid one that sleeps on these limited Jordan 11′s square ass nigga

          1. ThePrufessa says:

            um they don’t even produce a million shoes dumbass

          2. Retro11Cray says:

            lmaooooo ! this nigga .^

      2. usmc.dawg says:

        i fux witchu g thats how you do it.

      3. Avillegas14 says:

        Sorry ass hypebeast!!!smh!!!

        1. R3ckl3ss_201 says:

          Lol nah funny part is these hypebeast hype for the wrong shoes i bet he jus wasting his money or selling it to an other hypebeast

      4. Meeeee says:

        NO YOU LISEN & LEARN DUMBASS this is why the shoe game is ruined! people like you that buy 5 pairs just to resell to get a profit. theres prolly someone outthere who really wants them and they cant cause you bought them & trynna resell for double the retail value nigga pleaseeee GTFO!

      5. hey where can you buy them at on may 5

        1. Nate_Freeman23 says:

          foot locker , foot actionn .

      6. Sneak_freak<23 says:

        ?I hate fake ass sneakerheads dawg! you just makin it harder for niggas that really want these.. just get a oppair for yourself! damn.. i personally love the hell out of these!

  2. Jimbob says:

    no icy no copy

    1. Swaggaheat says:

      ?Least you wouldn’t have to worry bout seaglowin’ these bitches after a year!

      1. GOALIELOU1 says:

        wheres the vagina? I see no bitch. Just a shoe

        1. Swag says:

          ?shut the fuck up faggot

    2. SMH says:

      i guess Jimbob wont be coppin the bred XIs at tyhe end of the year. good one less person in my way.

  3. King OF THe WesT says:

    they ight

  4. Alrolon1717 says:


  5. sneakknowlege says:

    first and the these bitches hot cuhhh

  6. Anonymous says:

    summer/spring shoe why not

  7. sneakknowlege says:

    these are hot summer summer summer timeeeeee

  8. Kbq37 says:

    WIFEY !!!

  9. Eric Pierce says:

    these are real nice

  10. Rbris03 says:

    Yup (Trigga voice).? These are a must but won’t be rockin em Derby weekend.? Every beast will be out that saturday fo sho!!!

  11. cop every1 who lies is gonna be the first to be in line and or reselling it, pass for me simply because not a huge low top fan

  12. best on mars says:

    these are taught

    1. hugo's boss says:

      what does that even mean?

      1. Lace_fiend says:

        i think he means “taut”

        1. Swaggaheat says:

          Mus be ebonics for “tight”

      2. ThePrufessa says:

        it means they learned something lol!?

  13. Western Conference says:

    HOT but PASS.

  14. Joel Oliver says:

    I like the look, I just am in love with the XI all around, but how many other colorways is JB gonna drop the second I buy these? ?Cuz I’d like to hold out for another colorway, but I don’t wanna be left in the cold either.

    1. sadfasdfasdf says:

      ty for the insight, didn’t think of that

  15. Jake Herring says:

    i like the red sole, but won’t buy lowtops. next pair of XIs i buy will be for hooping in

  16. gq777 says:

    COP X2

  17. Kickitwithme says:

    Wow they raised the price, thought they were dropping for $115? Guess I saw it wrong before

    1. Ely0222 says:

      if these dropped a couple years ago they would of been 115 but not anymore shit goes up an up, look at the new lebron they want 250 for em with nothin special

    2. Wale says:

      last summer the lows where 115?

  18. Diver says:

    not a fan of jordans…but these are sweet and clean

  19. Anonymous says:

    coppin AND throwing black laces on these joints son!!!

    1. Steve Stiffler says:

      Black Laces?!?!? lol

    2. Zspeed511 says:

      the laces thrown on these shoes are supposed to resemble the string on a hoop. DO NOT take those of that is what completes the shoe

  20. Riri says: