Nike N7 Zoom KD IV

Photos of the Nike N7 Zoom KD IV first surfaced exactly two weeks ago, but tonight this meaningful shoe appeared on the court for the first time by way of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s multifaceted superstar. To support N7, a community program and fund dedicated to providing access to sport and physical activity for Native American and Aboriginal communities, Kevin Durant debuted the predominately white Nike N7 Zoom KD IV on court earlier tonight in a game against the Los Angeles Clippers. Nike has deemed, “Everybody Leaves a Footprint” as the N7 tagline, which relays a message of how each of us inevitably has an impact that affects future generations.

Although initial reports stated that the Nike N7 Zoom KD IV would release in early April, both the white and black N7 KD IVs will drop later this year at Nikestore.com and Nike retailers as part of the Summer 2012 Nike N7 collection. A share of the revenue generated from sales will go towards the N7 Fund, which awards grants to Native American and Aboriginal grassroots sport and fitness programs for youth.

Check back tomorrow morning for our Kicks On Court column, which will highlight Kevin Durant’s debut of the Nike N7 Zoom KD IV.

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Nike N7 Zoom KD IV

Nike N7 Zoom KD IV


  1. JC says:

    FIRST! DAF (Translation For All You Dumbasses) DOPE AS FUCK!!!

    1. Rataface805 says:

      Weak shits native American folks are rich ass fuck since they own all the casinos. Just another way for Nike to get richer I’m gonna skip these

      1. Andrew Bquit says:

        clearly have no idea of native american history

        1. Drake says:

          Who owns all the casinos in California? You are one stupid maggot!

          1. Drakes Mom says:

            Who owns your mom? Anybody with a dollar!

      2. Steve Stiffler says:

        Dumbest comment in Nice Kicks History……and that is saying alot. Asshole.

        1. Lee-Bron says:

          i love when people say “just another way for nike to get richer and make more money” like its some bad thing. what companies business plan has things in it and on the horizon that they plan to lose money with? get a clue bro, you must be some broke ass nigga with that mentality. never open a business.

        2. LIU_kANG_KICKZ says:

          No the the dumbest comment in nicekicks history is …..those Lebrons are firee

  2. Zapsix says:


  3. Nyayttz says:

    Basically just the KD IVs with shapes added on them.

    1. #MrFlyBoy says:

      Yeah, but you like them too lol

    2. Marcos says:

      ?no not just shape, breathablity. they added hyperfuse which is really good technology

  4. Sykes says:

    Best KD yet, by far.

  5. Netolic says:

    Yes the mass effect shoes are here

  6. YOTD > Every other KD IV model.

      1. Benz_100grand says:

        word kirk is tweeking

  7. Dtrentacosta says:

    Nice shoe great cause.

  8. mr. anderson says:

    Holy smokes!! this shoe makes me proud to be a native american!!!?I NEED THESE!!!

    1. ImmaEatHerAss says:

      ?Native American ol corn on the cob head ass..
      Apache warrior humpin “great Buffalo” yellin huyayaye huyayaye

      1. Nuts says:

        just stfu asshole -_-

  9. Helo says:


  10. Thechrick says:

    Its been a while since I saw that I had to have…

    1. Thechrick says:

      a shoe*** can’t even talk about them haha

  11. Justinhoops97 says:

    black n7′s best kd’s yet, definite must have

    1. Justinhoops97 says:

      besides the nerfs actually?

  12. joey says:

    Auto cop

  13. BILL$ says:

    i think the Nerfs look the best but my personal fav are the Galaxy KD’s, these N7′s though may have to be my next pair of KD’s though them white ones are sick

  14. HO says:


  15. Naptown's Finest says:

    The black pair is sick!!!

  16. Watitdointha80s says:

    I gotta cop both with a houston oilers hat or tennessee tiatans cap I’m good I’m coppin both pais chea

  17. wachalookingat punk says:

    At least they ain’t m?re than a 100 bucks. That’s why Shaq stopped fucking with them major shoe companies cause he wanted to have his shit affordable for his fans, unlike the rest of these superstars that sale their name for a quick fuck and these guppies think they balling cause they fell for the okie doke. Bitch please I burn necks off with my wallabee Clark’s. Stop standing in line for kicks and stand in line to keep your president In office.

    1. Guest says:

      True shit.

    2. treesty says:

      you may have too much of a sense of reality for this website. ?Proceed with caution.

    3. Anonymous says:

      It ain’t trickin if you got it. And what’s is your ignorant ass saying we don’t vote cause we like sneakers. I appreciate Shaquille and all that but supply and demand this is America no one likes Shaq or Starbury gear.

  18. TheMacLikeRoni says:

    I’m a stay unpolitical. The whites may be my first KD shoe.

  19. misso says:

    i don’t have kd’s either but those black ones might be my first pair

  20. the situation says:

    What about the kids in the sweatshops that have no childhood so America can capitalize off.