Island inspired beauty resides on the Sig Zane for KICKS/HI by Vans Vault ?Mauka to Makai? Pack. The sea shines on the Era LX Premium ?Makai? while the Chukka Boot LX Premium ?Mauka? draws from the mountains. This limited pack launches exclusively at KICKS/HI Honolulu and Guam, Sig Zane Designs Hilo, and Saint Alfred Chicago on April 14th followed by an online release at Sig Zane and Kicks/HI on April 16th.

Sig Zane for KICKS/HI by Vans Vault ?Mauka to Makai? Pack
April 14, 2012

Sig Zane for KICKS/HI ?Mauka to Makai? by Vans Vault

Sig Zane for KICKS/HI Vans Vault Chukka Boot LX Premium ?Mauka?

  • Queen Bee of Beverly Hills

    I like!

    • Mynuttsmells

      no wonder strictly for girls, but none the less, all the kicks/ hi gays will wear this shoe

  • Nelson Gutierrez

    Sigzae reppin the islands! HILO BOYZ!

    • Mynuttsmells

      To much rubbish in hilo

  • Mynuttsmells

    to bad the shoes look so gay

    • Mynuttsmells

      Should’ve been called the gay to dog poop release