The Nike Zoom KD IV ?Three 4 Five? brings neon hues to KD?s shoes. A white base makes room for pink straps, blue hits, and a bright yellow underlay. Text tagging and an inkblot image of Durant riding a bicycle add identity and interest to this new makeup. Stay tuned for more information regarding this possible PE.

Nike Zoom KD IV "Three 4 Five"

Nike Zoom KD IV "Three 4 Five"

Nike Zoom KD IV "Three 4 Five"

Nike Zoom KD IV "Three 4 Five"

Nike Zoom KD IV "Three 4 Five"

Nike Zoom KD IV "Three 4 Five"

Source: @RMBwilliams

  • Robertjakel

    These shoes are ugly first kds gone bad

    • WiLLs SiDeKicK

      It looks like it says reebok in the first picture on the tongue.

  • Isiahdthomas14


  • Robertjakel

    I was first hahahahahahahha

  • Tigerboy


    • JW

      Not even close.

  • Jscioneaux93

    the base color should have been something other den white, the shoe would have look alittle better.

  • Eman

    wow! i guess they figured they had just have a bunch of colors up on a board and throw darts at it knowing they will sell out no matter what!

  • Smph

    fresh i can put it up on my wall with my nerfs.

  • Anonymous


  • President Obama

    Strange colorway!…PASS

  • Anonymous

    ok stop it now

  • Louie Louie Louie

    Anyone knows what the “345” thing is about?

    • Briananthony93

      Its the KDIV and he wears 35

      • Louie Louie Louie

        ?Sounds logic…thanks Brian…

        • Yankeesnerd

          it took kd 345 games to get 50 points…which he scored 51 points

    • WonAndDone

      It took KD 345 games to get his first 50 point game

    • Mwitous

      It ironically has 2 meanings yes it took him 345 games but his other shoes also have 345 on them the 35 is for his number and the 4 is for his 4th shoe

  • Anonymous

    these are tuff

  • Watitdointha80s

    These are clean I need these

  • Joshua Navarro

    Switch the white base to black, and black tongue to white and this MIGHT be decent. I agree with most though, KDIV has had the hottest colorways this year and this is a huge flop.

  • Jonathan Bynum


  • Smph

    u know its still gonna sell out really fast if it sells

  • Seabeemarcus

    HOpe these are a 1 of 1.. I don’t wanna see people wearing these around.

  • Tyler

    Wow thats bad.?