Nike Air Penny 5 “Dolphins”

Penny Hardway?s signature line catches a second wind with the Nike Air Penny 5. Not a hybrid but rather an extension, this model carries over familiar features in the form of an Air Max heel unit, wavy lines, and pinstriped tongue. A ?Dolphins? makeup splashes on the scene first, dressed in aqua green, safety orange, and white. Stay tuned for release information.

Source: JordanPP30 of NikeTalk


  1. Mhnhk says:


  2. baywolfkta says:

    fresh as fuck. something different im feeling it,

  3. Joel Oliver says:

    First makeup released isn’t Magic colors? ?WTF? ?I seriously dig this?silhouette, but not in these colors, sorry. ?Green area in black, orange area in blue, and maybe the suede around the tongue with the lace holes in blue as well would be dope.

    1. Anonymous says:

      The first pair is the magic colorway (they have pictures of them too) this is the second I believe

      1. ThePrufessa says:

        i think it’s the 3rd. the first two are magic home/away i believe.?

        1. size12whut? says:

          no, i think the first is orlando but the second is a black and kind of pink-red funny lookin thing. these are third?

          1. ThePrufessa says:

            Oh ok. Thanks bro.

    2. Wale says:

      ?lol why wouldnt Nike release a new penny model in Orlando cw??haha theyre both fly tho,iv got both pairs already

      1. Tyler says:

        It looks like u laced these up yourself wale

  4. Dllewis83 says:


    1. ThePrufessa says:

      more like 3rd dumbass.?

      1. Rainb0wman says:

        u gay

  5. Weissdiggler63 says:

    Dolphins suck

    1. Dre Davis says:

      you suck faggot

  6. Anonymous says:

    it looks like a cross between penny + brons

    1. ThePrufessa says:

      i was thinking the exact same thing. they look similar to the foamposite lebrons.?

  7. humpty hump says:

    What the hell is anfernee hardaway puffin and not passing.

  8. Dre Davis says:

    Love em, I have to cop these joints.


    might have messed with these if they still had b. marshall… team is wack now

  10. Chicharon777 says:


  11. Yunginflyy305 says:

    HARD!! but why dolphins colorway why not a Magic? at least this could have been the 2nd color.

    1. ThePrufessa says:

      i think it’s the 3rd color behind the magic home/away.?

      1. Gust says:

        oh yeah? tell us again, is it the 2nd or 3rd?

        1. ThePrufessa says:

          The last article I read said the aways would be the first pair coming out then the homes were in the middle on a wall and then it was another color. I don’t know for sure which iz why I said that I THINK they come out third you fuck tard.

  12. Cotton says:

    Nice, Nice!

  13. Loving these joints

  14. Bkamagnum says:

    i aint gonna hate imma wait till i see em on feet or in person

  15. Machinegun526 says:

    Loving the icy sole

  16. Anonymous says:

    Look like Wale just had them on lls

  17. Michael Jordan says:

    tooo much…..can’t feel it?
    life if u agree blue and white is the best colorway of penny :)

  18. Naptown's Finest says:

    Horrible!!! These dont look anything like pennys but more like lebrons.

    1. ThePrufessa says:

      i usually agree with you but i gotta disagree with you on this one. even though they kinda remind me of the foamposite lebrons, they still stay in line with the air penny heritage. just go through and look at all the previous penny’s and then look at the orlando colorway of these and see if your mind doesn’t change bro.?

      1. kingin' says:

        These look nothing like the foamposite lebrons fuck tard