SB madness meets DIY ethic on the Nike Dunk High ?What the Dunk? Custom. A “Mighty Crown” base finds El Cappy expanding his resume by reinterpreting the collage kicks from 2007. This creation was a private order for a local customer and not for sale.

Nike Dunk High "What the Dunk" Custom

Nike Dunk High "What the Dunk" Custom

Nike Dunk High "What the Dunk" Custom

Nike Dunk High "What the Dunk" Custom

Nike Dunk High "What the Dunk" Custom

Nike Dunk High "What the Dunk" Custom

Nike Dunk High "What the Dunk" Custom

Nike Dunk High "What the Dunk" Custom

  • pigpen

    heat! first! FTW!

    • TONYA

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  • pigpen

    HEAT!!? FIRST!!! FTW!!!

  • Stupid

    I feel as if SB dunks don’t get as much love on nicekicks as they use to.?

    Anyways…. pretty badass custom no doubt

    • Yes, I have concords


  • DragonFly Jones

    First…dope tho

    • retards

      lol you are not first. faggot.

    • pigpen

      ?Da Fuck?? Who u think u is saying first when i be first niggah?!

      • Mydood

        first yall, shits hot, how hasnt any one thought to just do this on the highs before, like it. ?ps glad i was first

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Durty_Basturd

    Too much going on…looks good in a display case but would never hit the pavement

    • Yes, I have concords

      the point of a WTD is to have too much going on lol…

    • what the dunks

      have you ever seen the original what the dunks low??

  • Jayb

    lame, expect to see lil wayne in these.

    • Bob

      Idiot, these are a custom one of a kind. That means it’s hand made, a piece of art. It’s not supposed to be on anyone’s feet, it’s a collectible made to be viewed at and appreciated. Not hollisted with celebs. Props to whoever crafted it.

      • TJ

        personally, i would rock these!

    • Stoptalkingaboutlittlewayne

      you sound really dumb, cause if you expected to see your boyfriend little wayne in these then he could have been rocking the original what the dunk lows, stupid little wayne fans.

  • Ashy Dollars

    That bullshit…haha niggas please. whoever likes this fuck up design need a brain MRI

    • JW

      You need to get some taste, and maybe go to school while you’re at it, but I’ve seen worse literature in these comments than yours.

  • dabo


  • Yes, I have concords

    so dope

  • Meatypablo

    i like it for the fact that this should have already been pulled off from the original lows, ?just throw that ish on the highs. ?the work does look good tho, EL CAPPY AT IT AGAIN.

  • Guesty_guesterson

    Welp, I guess it’s safe to say that the what the dunks are still ugly.

  • gymshoejohnny

    These shits is i know they where made for me and yes i will put them on my feet

  • Araz

    best?customs?i’ve seen in a while

  • B3stacks

    very fre$h ill rock these wit a nasty fit?

  • Bob(: