Nike LeBron 9 Low Pink/Blue

Images have surfaced of a never-before-seen?Nike LeBron 9 Low?colored in grey, pink and blue. This pair shows similarities to the upcoming?Nike LeBron 9 P.S. Elite ?South Beach?. Sharing the same grey base and pink and blue accents, this shoe will probably garner as much buzz as the aforementioned “South Beach” pair.

Nike LeBron 9 Low Pink/Blue

Nike LeBron 9 Low Pink/Blue

Source: Dino410


  1. Lui Khan says:

    Very nice for the summer.

    1. DIANNEMARK says:

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    1. J305 says:

      but yet you think south beaches are not…..

  2. Guest says:

    i actually like these..

  3. southbeach says:

    for 100 bucks less than the elites, i would imagine a lot of guys will want the same look and have enough cash to pick up another pair of something else.

  4. Digging em. The South Beach 8s are a bit too much. The cool grey helps the accent colors really pop

  5. Ctexx508 says:

    ‘Garner as much buzz as the South Beach’?! R u out ur mind Nice Kicks? These are whack, South Beach 9 Elite’s are gonna be pure fire! these look like a women’s sneaker.

    1. Rickthedick says:

      Well…. a lot of guys dress like bitches these days…. and if you’re repping fruity pebble lookin ass south beach 9s then consider yourself in the group

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh shit, these will be crazy!

  8. Brian says:

    Trash. These are just?as bad as the slides

  9. Weezy says:

    Gay gay gay!!….south beaches is too….tight pants, bitch colors…..wearing ass youngling!

    1. MikeT says:

      Grammatical errors only compliment the ignorance in your comment.

    2. numba #1? says:

      yah name weezy nuff said!

      1. Weezy aka number 1 Daddy says:

        I’m being sarcastic….biotch! You probably wear skinny Jeans!

  10. Sean Lee says:

    even though i love the colorway, i can never imagine myself wearing them…. would look AMAZING on girls though

  11. FLOSSEDOUTeco says:

    ^^^^^^^ WTF is a youngling?

    1. FLASH!!!......AHHH AAAHHH says:

      darth vador killed youngling

  12. Justin_dufault says:

    ill be bouncin thru the club like tigger in these

    1. Ofwgkta says:

      Haha juicy j

  13. call me ron ron says:

    ill cop these for my girl

  14. Lennycaballero92 says:

    ill wear em to hoop and just crack niggas

  15. kingin' says:

    These is straight nasty!! Must cop!!

  16. kohee1dk says:

    This really should just be a womens version… thats awful

  17. DragonFly Jones says:

    I just threw up a lil bit…

  18. ROe says:

    Pink dolphin !