Nike LeBron 9 Low Pink/Blue

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Images have surfaced of a never-before-seen?Nike LeBron 9 Low?colored in grey, pink and blue. This pair shows similarities to the upcoming?Nike LeBron 9 P.S. Elite ?South Beach?. Sharing the same grey base and pink and blue accents, this shoe will probably garner as much buzz as the aforementioned “South Beach” pair.

Nike LeBron 9 Low Pink/Blue

Nike LeBron 9 Low Pink/Blue

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  1. southbeach

    for 100 bucks less than the elites, i would imagine a lot of guys will want the same look and have enough cash to pick up another pair of something else.

  2. Ctexx508

    ‘Garner as much buzz as the South Beach’?! R u out ur mind Nice Kicks? These are whack, South Beach 9 Elite’s are gonna be pure fire! these look like a women’s sneaker.

    • Rickthedick

      Well…. a lot of guys dress like bitches these days…. and if you’re repping fruity pebble lookin ass south beach 9s then consider yourself in the group

  3. Guesty_guesterson

    I think that the red and teals are the best colour for the bron lows we have seen so far. These (and the south beach 9 highs) are petty ugly.

  4. RealDiehl

    A lot of haters posting bout these. Kinda funny. These jawns is tough. I’d change out the laces for matching blue jawns. These is tough. Kinda hard on the pink side tho. I’m grabbing if I can ain’t goin out my way tho. I bet there’ll be to much hype considering this “south beach” shit. Smh.

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