Roster Rewind: The Best Shoes Worn by the ’05 Kansas Jayhawks

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The 2004-05 Kansas Jayhawks were a team for the sneaker heads. Led on foot by the likes of Keith Langford and Aaron Miles, the KU roster took full advantage of their Jordan Brand co-sign from recent retros to team exclusives. Also sporting the likes of Foamposites and Huaraches, check out the best kicks from the 04-05 Kansas team.

Air Jordan 13 Kansas PE

Air Jordan 13 Kansas PE

The Jayhawk backcourt was all about kicks. This Air Jordan 13 Kansas PE serves as one of the school?s best of all-time and a seldom seen exclusive.

Kansas Jayhawks

Keith Langford in the Air Jordan 13 Kansas PE

Kansas Jayhawks

Aaron Miles in the Air Jordan 13 Kansas PE

Kansas Jayhawks

C.J. Giles in the Air Jordan 13 Kansas PE

Kansas Jayhawks

Aaron Miles in the Air Jordan 13 Kansas PE

Kansas Jayhawks

Keith Langford in the Air Jordan 13 Kansas PE

Kansas Jayhawks

Aaron Miles in the Air Jordan 13 Kansas PE

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  1. Jay Hov says:

    i know i wanted those 13s so damn bad

    1. SOPHIE says:

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  2. LUC LONGLEY says:

    J.R. Giddens was a beast!?

    1. treesty says:

      it was crazy how he had no place in Bill Self’s offense.

      1. LUC LONGLEY says:

        ?Freshman fell in line behind upperclassmen.

        1. treesty says:

          kind of. ?he started his freshmen year (03-04) and made all conference honorable mention. ?That was Self’s first year, when he was basically playing Roy’s system. When Self did more of his own thing the next year, Giddens was terrible. ?He transferred that summer and the group that Self brought in won nat’l title for KU in ’08. ?

    2. Anonymous says:

      No… No he wasn’t.

    3. am000 says:

      this coming from luc longley!!!

      1. LUC LONGLEY says:

        ?3 rings, How many you got?

  3. Ewreath says:

    Oh the glory days of a Nike sponsorship. Adidas has been doing a good job lately though for my hawks.

  4. Marco Pindo says:

    After seeing this, what school in their right minds would choose adidas over Nike?

    1. ... says:

      ones that care more about performance

  5. Walt says:

    The PE 13′s were FIRE!!! Adidas does a decent job but nothing like Nike

  6. Mr QS 23 Chitown says:

    Get @ me if your a Sz 11.5 – 12 All For Sale: DS Never Worn Condition as shown in the tagged pic attached @: Shoeboxlibrary@yahoo.com <— I will take more tagged/dated pictures for serious buyers only no problem, Thanks

    1. kmo_ae says:

      niceee bro, i hope your prices are too.

  7. 40mdot20 says:

    Rondo ftw

  8. BigSam81 says:

    Damn those 13′s were killin’em.

  9. Prince says:

    Thas not Aaron Miles n the last pic smh

  10. Anonymous says:

    those pe 13′s are too nice

  11. K says:

    Langford FTW!!! His decision to not go pro after his sophmore year definitely affected his draft status for the worse. I was really hoping he got a legitimate?opportunity in the league.?Oh well,?at least he killin’ ‘em overseas.

  12. I remember those uptempos! Thanks NK for the nostalgia ride.

  13. TJ says:

    Some of the photography here is insane! The 13 PEs are damn nice too

  14. Eb says:

    J.R. Giddens Sooooooooo weak!!!

  15. Chike Atu says:

    damn. That team was fillled with “Never-was”… smh….

  16. yerrrttt says:

    need a 97 arizona wildcats rewind

  17. Dre says:

    Summit Lakes size 13 240.00 shipped.. goines101@yahoo.com

  18. kmo_ae says:

    keith langford definitely had HEAT..i wonder where he is now.

    1. Cleaning windshields at stoplights.

      1. K_FREEZE says:

        He is the highest paid American overseas dumbass

        1. Oh. I’m sorry my sarcasm went over your head, and offended you. Is he your boyfriend? I apologize!

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