My 5: Stalley’s Sneaker Rotation

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MMG artist Stalley has become a regular in our Celebrity Sneaker Stalker column. In yesterday’s edition, we spotted Stalley in the Nike LeBron 9 P.S. Elite, a shoe that releases next month. If he has these in his possession a month before the release date, his My 5 must be a force to be reckoned with, right? Correct. We recently caught up with Stalley to see what he’s currently rocking on a day-to-day basis. Check out Stalley’s rotation which includes a couple of classic Jordan retros, a subtle-styled Converse and two recent Nike Basketball drops. Also, find the link to his new Savage Journey To The American Dream mixtape below.

Air Jordan 12 “Playoffs”

My 5: Stalley's Sneaker Rotation

Stalley: “The “Playoff” 12 is definitely a shoe that I have been wearing lately. I missed out on those when they first came out. When I was a kid, I had the “Obsidian” 12s, but I never got the “Playoff” 12s. I always wanted those. I don’t know what happened. I might have gotten in trouble in school, and my mom didn’t get them for me or something like that. The “Playoff” 12 is definitely a classic sneaker, and it goes with everything.”

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  1. dumpass says:

    they should make my 50 for this nigga

    1. Wale says:

      ?hop off the mans dick

      1. Wale says:

        and where the hell is My5 yo?

        1. Anonymous says:

          Let your MMG homie shine maine don’t block his shine :) , I’m sure your top 5 will come probably.

          1. Fu says:

            Fuck Pill

          2. ?Pill is not relevant in this convo cuz his huff ass was kicked outta mmg

          3. Jarrett Jack says:


        2. dumpass says:

          ur be
          1foam 2lebron 3j 4sb 5mag

        3. Rlee07928 says:

          ur music sucks wale the only reason i havent shot u is ur shoes

          1. Lilo Anthony says:

            your music sucks

      2. dumpass says:

        im just sayin moe?

  2. Dadsafces says:


    1. JW says:

      Think again.

  3. Durty_Basturd says:

    Not familiar with his music but I rock his rotation!

    1. Real says:

      his music is really good

  4. Anonymous says:

    he got a nice little line up.

  5. GEOFF!! says:

    Shave your beard you look like a terrorist.?

    1. Nizzy says:

      stfu you ignorant fuck

  6. Freddiegibbs says:


  7. matt says:

    nice line up, i have the 2004 playoff 12s, wear em all the time

    1. GEOFF!! says:

      Wow maybe someday youll get a my five

    2. PIRATE WILLIAMS says:

      cool story bro

  8. HUGE-head says:

    for a real sneaker head, i thought thats was a weak rotation, ,i know he can do better than that,

    1. Tweeetah says:

      real sneaker head? you mean hypbeast? who gives a shit what people decide to wear or what their rotation is?

    2. Kram says:

      ?u a joke, he was just rockin the black n gold lebron 9 elites, grippin the white ones

      he got that MMG money

      1. Sneakerhead2320 says:

        MMMMMMMMMM-Maybach Music…….

  9. Anonymous says:

    Nice rotation, imo. Diverse, and obviously he?s talking about shoes he?s using right now. Some people think the My 5 Sneaker Rotation is about favorite shoes of all time and that you should put classics on it, that?s clearly not the case, it?s what you?re wearing at the moment. What are you gonna wear, your rare UNDFTD 4?s or the Lebron 9 Galaxys that came out recently?

    1. guest says:


    2. 23r says:

      Thank you, finally somebody with fucking common sense

  10. coolgrey9 says:

    Finally a rotation worth lookin at. Stalley is as much a sneakerhead as Wale and is a realer rapper. Yea i said it cause its true

  11. WZA says:

    Great top 5 my nig!

  12. Guest says:

    stalley is almost on wale level right now. @zamieo is so right. hes clearly got some nicer kicks than these but this is what he rocks with at the moment. thats the definition of a “my 5.” @coolgrey9 nobody touches wale’s sneaker game and stalley comes no where close to him as a rapper.

    1. pUp says:

      Stalley is doper than Wale on the mic

    2. Rlee07928 says:

      wale blows his boyfriends dick

  13. Anonymous says:

    people stalley mixtape out now go cop it for free & his new music video with big boss ‘rozay’ awesome video support this guy. He will fuck the game up 2012 watch out !!!

  14. Andrew Bquit says:

    bout time someone had the big bangs in their rotation. good shit

  15. Anonymous says:

    Not bad but I expected more

  16. peterkimbo says:

    This is a pretty sick rotation, awesome.

  17. Anonymous says:

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    1. Imjussayin says:

      No one gives a shit.

  18. Silentneo says:

    Have to agree with the CTS Chucks. If you love Chucks these are by far the best iteration on the market today. Love the suede tow cap.?

  19. Yo Gotti says:

    This nigga needa top 100 fuck a top 5

  20. Shadowcon5 says:

    Umm nicekicks. This is def James harden