Nike Air Yeezy 2 Release Date Pushed Back to June

The Nike Air Yeezy 2 isn?t coming out just yet. While an April US release date was assumed by most, the Kanye West signature has been pushed back to June. Stay tuned for more news on the Yeezy 2 release date.

Nike Air Yeezy 2
June 2012

Source: Complex


  1. Dopeboy says:

    first and damn :/

    1. HAHAHA I feel for those dumbasses who were campin out in LA for the April release!

      1. cheesebutt says:

        Karma has been served.?

      2. Imabause says:

        thats what they get for being hypebeasts psst, dum mexicans take our jobs now their trying to take our shoes smhh

        1. treesty says:

          the ignorance of your mentality is well represented by your grammar. ?chump.?

        2. money says:

          wow you’re pathetic go jump in front of a bus .i don’t see anything nice about this shoe or even the 1st yeezy .these are wack just hype like the foam galaxy

        3. Saul8680 says:

          Hey I guess we taking over the shoe game too why not, can’t you see we getting mony over you haha thanks btw

        4. Adanm89 says:

          dude shut the fck up its people like you that get beat up and have no friends as hole

        5. Coronabeer says:

          fuck u pussy at least we aint fuckin lazy ?like u fuckin white people

        6. Erick Juraez says:

          U must be a dumb fuck if a mexican that can speak english took ur job

      3. Geoff says:

        I’m still in line bitch!

        -written from my blackberry

        1. ThatDUDE says:

          you obviously have a lot on your agenda..

        2. aj king says:

          you got issues bro, see what you need to do is find yourself a girl cause you got way too much time on your hands, so stop jerkin off in the yeezy line and go get LAID my dude

      4. Inglewood Millennium Shoes had fools camped out since the first week of March. lol

        1. J.r says:

          ahahah that’s sad, im getting my pair without camping out now!

      5. Kray says:

        i dont feel for them.

  2. vassey says:

    I can hear the hypebeasts hearts drop

    1. Davehaug says:

      i aint no hypebeast and my heart dropped. ya dig? 0__0

    2. TwinkleToes says:

      This is Nike marketing at its best. The more an item is pushed back, the more demand, the more hype, the more news Nike gets.

      1. Anonymous says:

        my thoughts exactly!

        1. PIRATE WILLIAMS says:

          I had a feeling you would agree isnt that right “I love kanye west

      2. Phillip Johnson says:

        I think it is a marketing ploy. I just heard some info from Nike employee close to project that they are going to be GR no longer limited release.

    3. I didnt know hypebeasts had hearts

  3. Sam Hawkins says:

    I’m sick of hearing this… and I’m not even trying to get them

    1. Davehaug says:

      haha yeah right. you’ll be the first one in line!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  4. Datkid1219 says:

    yes ima get these MFs!!!

    1. ThatDUDE says:


  5. Matthew20132 says:

    WTF Release em already! Either way its gonna be overhyped and cause kaos. -__-

    1. JW says:

      That’s what Nike want!

  6. josh says:

    Pushing sneakers back like albums.

  7. Anonymous says:

    June????????????? What The FLYING ****

  8. Daniel Lozano says:

    Next Week.?

    “Pushed back to August”?

  9. Davehaug says:

    thats aight. already have 3 pairs on lock

    1. mannymacfly says:

      How you got 3 pairs on lock and no one knows where they selling them or when. Get all the way the fuck outta here

      1. Davehaug says:

        haha you got me. my bad bruh

      2. am000 says:


  10. Guest says:

    Why does everything I love get taken aways from me! :(

    1. Guest says:

      opps I meant away*

      1. Nystreetking says:

        Ok, stop whining already. I’ll send your girl back but you ain’t getting them Yeezy’s kid!

      2. Anonymous says:

        ?huuh (ross voice), You wasent with me when i f***K your b***h lmfao

  11. Schemingheavy says:

    This is madness!!!?

    1. Cripiton says:

      ?march madness!!

    2. Guest says:


    3. Hypebeast1 says:

      This. Is SPARTA.

  12. Sam says:

    I bet somebody camps until then. No job, no girl, but will still brag about havin the Yeezy 2s.

  13. Ricky Rosay says:

    Fucc these ugly ass shoes….

    1. Davehaug says:

      you are uglyer

      1. Grey2c says:

        how about spelling lesson? idiot!!

  14. Lo2Smooth says:

    Well this puts money back in my pockets for the Month of April. & wow they lowered the retail by $5. lol Great job Nike! lol -__-?

  15. Omi062786 says:

    So how about all those dudes waiting out in LA since feb?

    1. Harold Diaz says:

      Them camping bastards are sour as hell because of this new development!!!! Especially the dumb asses that camped, just to put them on Ebay!! LMMFAO!!!

  16. Thomas says:

    Ah! ?Good thing, though. ?April was gonna be pretty tight money-wise if I could’ve got a pair. ?Like that would happen.

  17. Am i the only one who doesn’t mind? Sounds wonderful to me

  18. CL5 says:

    I am not looking to camp out or even set on getting these.. But i like these much better than the first ones.?

  19. Duke says:

    Might actually get them now, because Playoff 12′s were definetly gonna get bought over these .

  20. Johnny says:

    Those campers just shit their pants…