Nike Air Yeezy 2 Release Date Pushed Back to June

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Air Yeezy 2

The Nike Air Yeezy 2 isn?t coming out just yet. While an April US release date was assumed by most, the Kanye West signature has been pushed back to June. Stay tuned for more news on the Yeezy 2 release date.

Nike Air Yeezy 2
June 2012

Source: Complex

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118 Comments on "Nike Air Yeezy 2 Release Date Pushed Back to June"

  1. Lo2Smooth

    Well this puts money back in my pockets for the Month of April. & wow they lowered the retail by $5. lol Great job Nike! lol -__-?

  2. Thomas

    Ah! ?Good thing, though. ?April was gonna be pretty tight money-wise if I could’ve got a pair. ?Like that would happen.

  3. Mr. Willson

    Don’t worry, too much. If any of you are hungry, there’s plenty of food in Nike’s hand to go around. *lol*

  4. A215m30

    All this hype already sux, I would try to cop if it wasn’t insane BUT this ain’t even the best cw I want the black and pinks probley impossible.

  5. Schemingheavy

    Wow I lost my job, my friends, my girlfriend, and family waiting for these shoes and now they’re pushed back? Fuck my life *tears*?

  6. Jedi knight

    Who cares ! This generation has ruined the shoe game with all this nonsense excitement about garbage shoes ! These shoes are trash just like the last ones !

  7. MPLStar

    L.. M.. F.. A.. O.. @ the tards that wasted a couple of weeks of there life, but we already kno they’re jus gonna do the same shit again in May tho..

  8. yomama

    If Tinker Hatfield and Ye and Michael Jordan showed up at your front door right now and offered you the Air Yeezy 2 in every single cw, but on the condition that you have to fuck ThePrufessa and Darnell Yancey in the butt until you cum, would you do it?

    • treesty

      I don’t think MJ and Tinker need to be involved in this hypothetical situation. ?And, btw, you spend too much time on this website.?

    • Boom Bap

      ?I’m surprised ThePrufessa hasn’t put in his worthless .02 and started petty arguments about nothing already…

  9. Maurcord

    lol i bet one on this post person will actually get pair… if you thought the galaxys were hyped..there’s no hope for these..

    • b.smith

      ?nah will most like be a tier 0 …so just nike stores… and a few boutiques in major cities…good luck

  10. 245 for this shit? Please. Shits look way worst then the first. Only reason I’d buy these is I could probably resell them to some brain dead retard to the tune of $1000+. Like they say a sucker is born every minute.

  11. Donhandz

    yeah these r gona b released everywhere the black ones r gone b quick strike nikey is trying away 2 fuck y’all hype beast an reseller assholes so how does it feel vein fucked @ ya own game lol

  12. FLeezyJohnson

    WTFFFF!! they kno wat they?doing man the more they push it back the more & more & more hype it has behind it yeezy Try
    na make history with this one

  13. has anyone ever stopped to think that maybe, just maybe, nike is pushing these back to make more pairs?? with the last couple of big releases they’ve been getting mad negative attention

  14. jayPOLO87

    Hopefully this is to actually make more making it slightly easier to cop. I love my net and zen grey yeezy 1s. Not only are they super comfy but when they came out in 09 they weren’t as hard to get as releases now. I bought the net joints like a month after the release for $500. Nike missed out on a lot of $ then, and I’m sure after seeing what people paid for the galaxy foams (myself included) they will release a larger amount, hopefully. A lot of people are willing to pay so much for the kicks they want and I’m sure Nike feels like that’s money out their pocket, and we all know Nike is greedy lol.

  15. Shoe Etiquette

    Keep pushin’em, off a cliff right alongside them weak ass reeboks by Swizz Beats. I can’t front the Yeezy 1’s I can tolerant but enough is enough already.

  16. cincinnati_SOLE

    Now I MIGHT be able to get them. I’ll be out of school. Anyone know the cities getting them? I’m in cincinnati and I had to go to chicago last year for them

  17. Osheaduane

    Nike is HELLA SMART !! They schools are ending in June !! Sounds like HOTT SUMMER fun kids, get the camp out gear ready guns and bullets, Teflon because I sense there is gonna be a lot of trouble and drama !!?

  18. aj king

    the real problem with these though is the hype, i’m not talkin about the campin out, i’m talkin about the violence that is going to surround these, cause any sneakerhead knows that it WILL happen i just feel like they need to have a greater supply for the greater demand

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