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If you?re not copping this weekend?s ?Stealth? 10 release, chances are you?re not feeling the bright contrast. Yes, all-black Air Jordans are somewhat of a rarity. The combination of signature style and durability is seldom seen on the AJ line, but when put together, it makes for a pair of Airs that are actually as tough as they look. Making room for only minimal accents, we count down the 10 best blacked out Air Jordans.

10. Air Jordan 10 Black/White

Air Jordan 10 Black/White

Released: 2005

In many ways, you can refer to these as the ?Stealths? before the ?Stealths?. This pair disappointed OGs early on begging for ?Shadows?, but later on won over wearers for their ability to shade off scuffs and stains.

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  • Fl26

    wheres the metallic 5s tho

    • EvilChuckDiesel

      those aren’t murdered out

      • Kray

        all black errythin nigga yo kno the fresh code

      • DevinThomas

        2s aren’t murdered out bro

    • Wale

      ?the Chrome8s shoudlve been number-1 if you ask me

      • Brandon Based Sodmg Barros

        ya but thnx 2 bum ass hypebeasts der not

    • allknowing

      10.) 16
      9.) 3
      8.) 11
      7.) 8
      6.) 11 low
      5.) 1
      4.) 4
      3.) 2
      2.) 10
      1.) 17
      ?just my opinion, i know the majority wont agree

      • Anonymous


    • Boydlc1342

      Right those should def. be #1

    • D’thaOriginal

      ?and where are the 3s Black Flip??

    • nugget

      all black not black n silver genious

  • Omar Rodriguez

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    • Bubbles

      Are you joshing me right now? Is that real? Tell me the truth and I’ll do it even if it’s fake.

  • guest

    Damn blackout 11’s! those are hella tough

  • Willie Beamen

    black/chrome 17s should have been #1

  • Arizona kid!

    gotta go with the 3s


    All the beasts are gonna vote for the 11’s, obviously. My vote goes to the 8’s though. They need to retro them.

  • J_Love

    Went with the 10’s BUT ONLY because the 11’s never released.?

  • President Ward

    Blackout 11’s are NICE! Those win on the vote poll.

  • guest

    where’s the black flip 3s? those are tuff

  • HUGE-head

    i went for 11’s, but them referee 11 lows are a close runner up

    • guest


    • Brandon Based Sodmg Barros

      u voted 4 11s #1 and 11s #2 wow ima call u a HUGE-hypebeast

    • ThePrufessa

      yea they are. the only 11 lows i like are those kind. i don’t like the patent leather lows. they look weird/funny.?

  • Antlop18

    Rockd those black cats with pride in highschool but those 8s gotta retro

  • JW

    Why aren’t those 11’s on my feet?

  • O.G

    How you gonna put something that ain’t never been released as #1 and leave the 5’s off the list?????

    • Jost

      Not blacked out

      • Eriqc

        The 2s arent either

        • Jost

          When the only accents are grey, give it the pass. Metallic 5s have red on them homie.

          • since84′

            And so do those sample low ie XI “referees”. And like my man said, the Metallic V’s should have been on the list!!!

  • Ray

    Everybody seems to love them 11s though!


    Retro 3 Black Flips kill all these. Leather on the inside of the shoe people!

  • Anonymous


    • Hannl02


  • Anonymous


  • Arshon Get Js 24/7

    i dont like black jordan actually hate em depends on what jordan #?

  • Anonymous

    Blackouts are wack……

  • Anonymous

    Blackouts are wack……

  • Anonymous

    those 11’s need to drop…those look hot and i would thought the 3’s woulda been higher,16’s are Horrible?

  • Roy_A_Perez

    I would have thought the blacked out 2011’s would have made the list. Those wanting the blacked out XI’s. A good alternative is the 2011, you get the same kind feel.



  • Oscar

    I was in 7th grade when the Black cat released. I LOVED THEM, never got them touhg, until now, I still wish they re-released them. Anyways the 2nd place goes to the 8 chromes. #PureBlackoutSwag.

    Fuck 3 flips.

  • Gary

    Those sample 11’s WILL NEVER happen. They really not even all that dope to hype about.

  • Gee

    they gotta retro them 17s soon. 17s need more respect

  • Hannl02


  • guest

    them 11s look fake as hell, ?gotta rock wits the 10s

  • kmo_ae

    the 2’s should be number one..very clean, very fresh..refs are 2nd..those 11’s are………….ehhh, okay.

  • Fgboy3

    The charcoal six rings are the dopest and rarest jordans. I wore them to a wedding and always get in a club with them

  • DrizzyC

    If those 11s released ppl wud be beyond hyped an ima been honest Id be hyped for them too cuz i like them
    It’s not cuz ima hype beast ya niggas gotta understand the difference between a hype beasted shoe and a good looking shoe

  • Tony McDay

    ?17 and 11 are my favs.

  • just do real. 305

    Those refs are clean. Don’t mind copping those in a heart beat.

  • Anonymous

    that 11 looks gooood. I love flip3 more than black cat 3 IMO

  • Retro_87

    Those 11s shouldn’t count, I like them but they’re just samples… Chrome 8s all the way!!!

  • hoood17

    them joints stink like your mother pussy retro_87

  • Jbran23

    Im sorry but those 11’s are crazy. I dont even care for all black kicks but I would be all over those just like everyone else and their moms if they dropped. Its the shine of the patent leather that makes them look so dope to me. Its like a fuckin dress shoe Jordan. All of you above frontin like you would pass on those are bullshittin.

  • Anonymous

    Forgetting the blackflip 3s

  • Peter Maas IV

    Take the 4’s and 11’s!

  • Naptown’s Finest

    Good list Ian but you forgot the black & stealth aj 20s. I think the black aj 20 shouldve been # 1. I am impressed with the aj xvii croc pick. You might know something bout some Marvin blackmon tennis shoes!

  • fresh

    Y’all forgot the space jams son

  • Mikey_Mals

    I went into this thinking there can’t be a better all black J than the Black IVs. I was right. The sample 11s are hot but until they drop they’re only myths and superstition. Also honorable mention : Blackflips, how could you forget?

  • Jon

    Black flip’s hands down. The new stealth 10s are looking fresh too!

  • J Fox

    thats dumb?they put samples on this list….those 4s are nasty tho

  • K. Born

    Them fucking 11’s (not the lows) are thee hottest..yes, thee.

  • darthblk

    first off I voted for the 8’S because those 11 never dropped so I can’t but them on the list for best black out Jordan’s. but if they were to be released ( the all black 11’s) I would def be on line waiting for my pair. until then I just wait till x-mas and get me the red black & white 11’s

  • Yankkeesar

    Metallic 5’s nd cement 3’s weren’t on here wtf ???

  • inks

    I got the 4s on this one. Hella sick.

  • Fgboy3

    Best black Jordans are the charcoal six rings and the Black flips.


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  • Bradums11

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  • Doc_ock

    Only shoes on this list that actually look good in black is?

    1. 11
    2. 2’s
    3. 3’s
    4. 10’s
    5 17’s iffy about this one.?

    Quit saying the 11’s are getting hyped by beasts bitch ass kids. It ain’t the shoes fault this kids weren’t hip to the fact these were the illest Jordan’s released. Most all you all talking shit were probably in diapers around that time so STFU. The 1’s are classics! but that don’t make them nice..they ugly as fuck. Now who is the hypebeast bitches. The 4 are ugly as fuck too.?

  • Fgboy3

    I will say it again the best all black jordans are the charcoal six rings

  • Hahahahaha

    i remeber i had the 17 in blue in white man i loved dem but it was dat tiime dat i would go outside and play with any shoes i had on an i ended up repping dem

  • Mrrkp562

    I’m still on the hunt for the black cat iv’s.

    YouTube-ynglb562 sneaker reviews

    • Curser/Woopsie Guy

      In No Particular Order

  • TheTruth

    No love for the Jordan 18 low black?

  • whoop whoop

    people just fall out for any 11s, the 4s are def the hottest on the list.

  • Mikenims

    tainted! what about the black cherry wood 14s, and the 5s????????

  • Durty_Basturd

    #5 sucks and the 10s are underrated

  • Kickclip

    Black cat 4s all day

  • Dhroov Patel

    fuckin hypebeasts ofcourse the 11s are at first. well every other shoe looked pretty gay, except the 4s 3s 1s and 8s. they even gayed up a good pair of 2s

  • Shervingabriel

    they should have put the 12’s that came out last summer on this list?

  • Bigju401

    Those release samples shouldn’t count because they weren’t available to the public, with that said the all black 11’s should come out?

  • Guest

    Alright boys and girls…… Clearly the Eights!!! Can’t wait for my chance to have them on my feet once again! Wooo!

  • ThePrufessa

    i think the all black/stealth XXs could’ve knocked a couple of shoes off this list.?

  • Anonymous

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  • 2282

    Black cat 3’s so sick


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    The II’s & VIII’s are all I can roll with. The rest of them shits could pass for a Nikeboot or church shoe LOL

  • T Tyme

    fucking 11’s..

  • Q

    Those fucking chrome/black 8’s made me **rick flair voice** wooooooohh

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