Lights Out: The 10 Best All-Black Jordans

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If you?re not copping this weekend?s ?Stealth? 10 release, chances are you?re not feeling the bright contrast. Yes, all-black Air Jordans are somewhat of a rarity. The combination of signature style and durability is seldom seen on the AJ line, but when put together, it makes for a pair of Airs that are actually as tough as they look. Making room for only minimal accents, we count down the 10 best blacked out Air Jordans.

10. Air Jordan 10 Black/White

Air Jordan 10 Black/White

Released: 2005

In many ways, you can refer to these as the ?Stealths? before the ?Stealths?. This pair disappointed OGs early on begging for ?Shadows?, but later on won over wearers for their ability to shade off scuffs and stains.

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  1. Fl26 says:

    wheres the metallic 5s tho

    1. those aren’t murdered out

      1. Kray says:

        all black errythin nigga yo kno the fresh code

      2. DevinThomas says:

        2s aren’t murdered out bro

    2. Wale says:

      ?the Chrome8s shoudlve been number-1 if you ask me

      1. ya but thnx 2 bum ass hypebeasts der not

    3. allknowing says:

      10.) 16
      9.) 3
      8.) 11
      7.) 8
      6.) 11 low
      5.) 1
      4.) 4
      3.) 2
      2.) 10
      1.) 17
      ?just my opinion, i know the majority wont agree

      1. Anonymous says:


    4. Boydlc1342 says:

      Right those should def. be #1

    5. D'thaOriginal says:

      ?and where are the 3s Black Flip??

    6. nugget says:

      all black not black n silver genious

  2. Omar Rodriguez says:

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    1. Download the? app? “AppTrailers”? on your smart phone.
    2.? When you go into the app, it will ask you for a? code.
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    4. Now have fun? with your $20 Dollars! This always works ! ;)

    1. Bubbles says:

      Are you joshing me right now? Is that real? Tell me the truth and I’ll do it even if it’s fake.

  3. guest says:

    Damn blackout 11′s! those are hella tough

  4. black/chrome 17s should have been #1

  5. Arizona kid! says:

    gotta go with the 3s

  6. THATGUY says:

    All the beasts are gonna vote for the 11′s, obviously. My vote goes to the 8′s though. They need to retro them.

  7. J_Love says:

    Went with the 10′s BUT ONLY because the 11′s never released.?

  8. President Ward says:

    Blackout 11′s are NICE! Those win on the vote poll.

  9. guest says:

    where’s the black flip 3s? those are tuff

  10. HUGE-head says:

    i went for 11′s, but them referee 11 lows are a close runner up

    1. guest says:


    2. u voted 4 11s #1 and 11s #2 wow ima call u a HUGE-hypebeast

    3. ThePrufessa says:

      yea they are. the only 11 lows i like are those kind. i don’t like the patent leather lows. they look weird/funny.?

  11. Antlop18 says:

    Rockd those black cats with pride in highschool but those 8s gotta retro

  12. JW says:

    Why aren’t those 11′s on my feet?

  13. O.G says:

    How you gonna put something that ain’t never been released as #1 and leave the 5′s off the list?????

    1. Jost says:

      Not blacked out

      1. Eriqc says:

        The 2s arent either

        1. Jost says:

          When the only accents are grey, give it the pass. Metallic 5s have red on them homie.

          1. since84' says:

            And so do those sample low ie XI “referees”. And like my man said, the Metallic V’s should have been on the list!!!

  14. Ray says:

    Everybody seems to love them 11s though!

  15. LUC LONGLEY says:

    Retro 3 Black Flips kill all these. Leather on the inside of the shoe people!

  16. Anonymous says:


    1. Hannl02 says:


  17. Anonymous says:


  18. i dont like black jordan actually hate em depends on what jordan #?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Blackouts are wack……

  20. Anonymous says:

    Blackouts are wack……