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Are you still wondering why there never was a ?Cement? re-stock? Look no further than this week?s Celebrity Sneaker Stalker. The ?89 Air Jordans serve as the foundation for this week?s CSS, but that doesn?t mean other kicks did not leave footprints. We find Nicki Minaj stepping out of heels, Kid Cudi cheesin?, and Ronnie from Jersey Shore in post-season form. Who rocked the best kicks? You tell us on Twitter, in the voting poll, and of course, in the comment section.

Celebrity Sneaker Stalker

Jay-Z in the Air Jordan 4 "Cement"

To vote for Jay-Z CLICK HERE

Celebrity Sneaker Stalker

A$AP Rocky in the Bathing Ape Bapesta Yellow/White

To vote for A$AP Rocky CLICK HERE

Celebrity Sneaker Stalker

Diggy in the Air Jordan 4 "Cement"

To vote for Diggy, CLICK HERE.

Celebrity Sneaker Stalker

Tyler the Creator in the Vans Old Skool Blue/White

To vote for Tyler the Creator, CLICK HERE.

Celebrity Sneaker Stalker

Wale in the Air Jordan 3 "Stealth"

To vote for Wale, CLICK HERE.

Celebrity Sneaker Stalker

Al Harrington in the Air Jordan 3 "True Blue"

To vote for Al Harrington, CLICK HERE.

Celebrity Sneaker Stalker

Nicki Minaj in the Jeremy Scott x adidas Wings "Denim"

To vote for Nicki Minaj, CLICK HERE.

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Ian Stonebrook lives in Austin, TX where he spends most of his time kicking it with friends and fam, hooping, golfing and going out.

179 Comments on "Celebrity Sneaker Stalker"

  1. Wale wins because of multiple pictures. if Nice Kicks allow one picture on here of Wale, there’s a possibility that he may win or lose. everybody with Cement 4 on this CSS wins…over-saturated lol

    • keefersoundslike?

      Nigga people gonna ride wale dick til that niggas back broke! I swear if he was barefooted on this bitch people would still vote for his flowerbombin ass.

    • Mile_high_miami1

      dont even fucking act like wale’s?doesn’t?collection kills it every week, the stealth 3s?aren’t a bad looking sneaker by any length, but as soon as a few people hate on them then it isn’t cool to like them anymore, wale kills it every week because he’s a true sneaker head

      • Hop off Wale's dick

        ?The stealth 3s were never cool. Those shits sat on shelves for weeks. And the point is to vote on what they’re wearing in the pics, not on what you know they have in their collection. But you’re clearly a Wale dick rider so.

        • money

          Shit i dont vote anymore .yeah alot of people didnt like the stealth’s but i did they r different im not on that following shit like alot of people .the shoes has some nice things goin for it but when one person starts to hate another dumbass follow.i buy what i like not what wale or jay-z wears .but remember when u idiots talkd shit about budden posing for pic with his shoes what is wale doin and nobody says a damn thing about wale doin the same

        • wale'ssacgottabesoarbynow

          Exactly! and if it was on what kind of shit be in wale’s closet and collection how the fuck would you know whats in his closet?….FAGGOT.

        • CarpeDiemATL

          Lmao ppl saying the stealths are hot is HILARIOUS and also shows how many ppl dickride Wale this is his weakest CSS yet and for most artist like Curren$y. For the guy tryna be diff kudos to you but not a good look at all

          • money

            I dont dick ride wale n i havent said the stealth r hot i said i like em kause i own a pair im not all of a sudden wale wearin em them shits r straight up fire .i like to see what these people wear but they dnt change my mind on wat shoes to buy or wat i thinks is tight .like rocko ima do me .now and days all i see is snapbacks n everybody is on that train not me though .peace

    • Mile_high_miami1

      of coarse they will, hypebeasts see a numbered jordan and flip the fuck out to get a pair no matter what the quality

    • Yzzo84

      Nope any time theres a nine to 101/2 is left in stores mean they didnt sell with those being the most commOn shoe sizes

  2. Naptown's Finest

    Melo wore my first pair of j’s so he wins by a landslide! Jigga definately gets #2 because he made the son of mars look gangsta and lil Wayne made them look gay.

  3. long dick willie

    I pray they dont ever release the carmines again .. keep em exclusive, all the hype kills the game (black cement 3s white cement 4s) and the concords all victims

    • Anonymous

      Seriously. Rip to them all don’t forget the flint 13, and soon the military and bred 4, bred 11 and so on -_-

  4. brian zimmerman

    joe burden win he rocking the Debo slippers .. and melo got the dutch … and TOO MANY PPL HAD THE CEMENT 4s

  5. weakest lineup ive seen in a while. as much as i hate his sneaker game i gotta give it to Jim jones in the carmines. One of my personal favorites. It was close between him and terrence J though. Those galaxy dunks were WAY underrated

  6. Anonymous

    Why Are People Mad About wale Winning?
    like Wtf did you Expect? he’s Up here With A group of NIggas that cant dress
    you Guys are Obviously Haters lol He got Tuff Kicks n he can dress

    I mean? wtf did u Want Joe Budden to win?or lemme guess Ronnie with his Terrible Swagg?smfh

  7. Rickthedick

    I guess Camel is too old and swagless to set trends anymore… sheeeit if I had millz in the bank and Beyonce bouncing on the bologna I wouldn’t give a fuck about trendsetting either.


  9. Jhughes027

    im seriously thinkin about?gettin rid of?my true blues cuz im tired of seeing all these lames wit em on smh

  10. Gorize

    Toss up between them BRED XIs and them “Carmines”

    Is it me, or does it seem like most of these cats just found out about CSS, and now they’re copping kicks JUST to make the list? I promise I never seen THIS MANY celebrity sneakerheads in all my years…

  11. Durty_Basturd

    Kid Cudi gets 4 thumbs down! 2 for the vans hamburgaler kicks, and 2 more for that ugly ass white bitch.

  12. Gwh1tey34

    Look at the pic of melo if u look in his hand he has a a cigare. He is also wit his wife and child!! More people kids/teen look up to melo more then Jim Jones!!

  13. Curren$y wins for rocking something different. ?No X’s, No IV’s, No III’s, No XI’s, and No Galaxy themes. ?I wish Jordan Brand would Release the High Top Black Toes with a Nike Air. ?That’d be an insta-cop for me.

  14. Thewhitebemygirlfriend

    3 things!!!
    -Kid cudi obv doin coke again smh
    -Spike lee son look like that weird girl/guy from that gay group odd future i think her name is the internet or somethin omg im dyinn
    – I need Wale’s hurrachesss

  15. Youalready

    LOL @ Carmello holding a dutch/cigar .. He about to gut that bitch open and smoke a fat one in the car
    Yuppp thass how we do it in NY haters

    • jetlifetothenextlife

      ?FOH! everybody who voted for curren$y voted because he’s a real ass nigga who fucked your mom nigga. let the jets rain all over your parade and yo bitch!

  16. Nell

    Wale wears any sneaker out there… he ain’t a sneakerhead. He a fuckin fiend, he gets no props for lucking up and rockin a good pair every now and then

  17. business men in paris

    A$AP should get more credit for rockin bapes.. celebs have all this money yet still rock the new releases dudes everyone who goes to footlocker rocks.. Seriously?!?!

  18. Rileyriley213

    man,fuck wale n his gay ass poses,thats all the nigga ever does,i never seen him posing witha huney or sumtin,shows alot bout yall niggas that vote 4 him.fags…i jus dont undastand how yall niggas vote? how yall gon vote 4 home 1 when you got Fabo in LV sneaks nxt to his Matchin Ferrari..smh,boneheads.fab takes it hands DOWN.

  19. DipTheRuler

    my vote goes to budden…i woke up this mornin thinkin i was gonna break the nubuck XII’s out then i was like fuck it im lounging!!!

  20. CarpeDiemATL

    I bet if Wale wears some Jeremy Scott Adidas Teddy Bears dudes will be all saying how different and unique but if Lil Wayne wears them WTF!!! Dick Riders.

  21. Mdelgado924

    Curren$y has my vote. Wale doesnt even have to havr a picture on this and you dick riders will STILL vote for him!

  22. Anonymous

    juz give that nigga wale his own section or remove the damn voting polls its pointless when this nigga is gonna win everytime.. if the would buy his cd like they vote for him then he kould really b a superstar ?but fukit

  23. Retro_87

    The CSS has gotten outta hand… Most celebs wear oversaturated Jordan Retros that were given to them, Wale has a million pics every week so of coarse he’s gonna win all the time & the comment section be a straight war of words! SMH, the best thing I saw this week was LaLa in that dress…but as far as that this $h!t is hilarious

    • http://cashhuge.com

      my classmate’s step-mother brought in $13786 past month. she been working on the internet and bought a $391100 home. All she did was get fortunate and put into use the clues given on that website top of this comment

  24. cincinnati_SOLE

    Ronnie actually had heat lol. And those Son of Mars were probably designed by his son and that’s why they look like butt imao

  25. LEANZ

    Stealth 3’s are some of my fav everyday bullshit around shoes.?
    Those?Huaraches kick ass too Wale.?
    Lil Diggy freshed out them 4’s & I dont even like them.?Ace Hood freaked those Electrolime joints not bad.?Ronnie w/ the fresh 11’s took the vote. ?

  26. LEANZ

    Stealth 3’s are some of my fav everyday bullshit around shoes.?
    Those?Huaraches kick ass too Wale.?
    Lil Diggy freshed out them 4’s & I dont even like them.?Ace Hood freaked those Electrolime joints not bad.?Ronnie w/ the fresh 11’s took the vote. ?

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