Air Jordan 12 “Playoffs”

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Air Jordan 12 "Playoffs"

The highly anticipated “Playoffs” Air Jordan 12 is set to return to retailers in a month. This retro release stays true to its original form with minor touches of red added on the tongue and heel. Mark your calendars as these are scheduled to release on April 21st at Jordan Brand retailers. The retail price is set at $160.

Air Jordan 12 “Playoffs”
Black/White?Varsity Red
April 21, 2012

Air Jordan 12 "Playoffs"

Air Jordan 12 "Playoffs"

Air Jordan 12 "Playoffs"

Air Jordan 12 "Playoffs"

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  1. thugmasterfresh

    ooh baby deez slutz go hard ya alrdy noe ya boy thugg is coppin 3 pairs of deez shits slappin em on ma feet nd gettin ma nekk breakin game on legggooo #SWAGCENTRAL

    • This Cant Be Life

      ^google translation: Oh baby these sluts go hard. You already know your boy Thugg is buying three pairs of these shits, slapping them on my feet and getting my neck breaking game on. Let’s go. #SWAGCENTRAL

      • therealgeneric

        which is a?bastardization?of: oh these shoes are really nice. I will be buying three pairs, wear them all on my feet and so everyone will look and pay me attention because they will wonder how i managed to get three pairs of shoes on my feet. Let’s go.

    • Kray

      folks i have some bad news. thugmasterfresh had a stroke in mid sentance. it seems he is in stable condition. GBS THUGMASTER. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMAOOOOOO

      • treesty

        no shit? right there in the middle of his rich white parents’ suburban basement? ?I bet he never thought all his efforts to act black would result in a harsh reality of actually being black: increased risk for stroke and heart disease.

  2. YeP

    haha my uncle is starting to get js in his store and he has these in now. not to be sold until april ofcourse hahah but the quality is so shitty.

    • Kray

      well nigga you can tell your uncle to give them to me you frontin ass nigga. im sick of people complainin about the quality of js. jesus fuckin christ

      • YeP

        hey maybe cuz you’re a hypebeasting lil faggot. you don’t know anything about true quality. Keep yo pie hole shut. Cuz you can go ahead and waste your money on something that cost JB to make with only 10 bucks. Cuz we all being ripped off.?

        • allyallsdaddy

          ?muffuggaz is just happy to have some jordans…bastards passed on the OGs now they want to be johnny come lately…these along with the cool grey 9s are TRASH! you would be a buffoon to spend 160 on these or any other retro of a retro of a retro….

  3. Anonymous

    i been wanting a pair of 12’s for the longest and i want these…but i know its gon be impossible..i’ll be damn if i camp out

  4. just do real. 305

    The game is filled with lames. Rewind back 4 5 years when shit was easy to get what you liked at the stores no hustle. Now its Tragedy in the making. Go ahead resellers, make 20 dollar profit in a week. Your on the road to success.

    • allyallsdaddy

      ?when the varsity 6s came out in 2010 i got them on swoosh on discount…they couldnt give the damn shoes away LOL!! now just imagine if they re released the varsity 6s again….these cockbuffers would suck dick for the shoe…the shoes are made out of shiny pleather…

  5. Stinglikeskrpion

    I’m not going to be in LA (my hometown) when these drop, I’m going to be in portland OR. do people camp out for shoes over there?

    • fucknike

      ?yes they do…i live in portland and they camp…dont try going to the employee store because they wont sell launch items to anyone but employees…nike portland is wack to..they sell the shoes before the store opens…

  6. President Ward

    I’ll pass already had these back in 04. I take all that sh*t back i said wasn’t thinking… Looking forward to those Air Joradn 12 “Obsidian” never had them before…. PEACE! :-)

  7. Anonymous

    These kicks got me nostalgic! 12’s were one of the first few pairs I got. ?I don’t see?people?camping for these or anything so I’ll deff cop.

  8. Slikkrick79

    I remember when?I copped?these in High School when the colorway first came out…I missed the first 2 classes of school that day..and when I showed up at school everyone was checking these out…In my civics class I took one off and everyone was passing it around class to check it out…Wasn’t my first pair of J’s but one of my best memories of collecting …hope someone else gets to live a good story with these instead of reselling and killing the sneaker game

  9. Prince

    Never understood y dudes camp out for kicks.. Guess Jersey the only place that sell early for regular price.. Lol

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          • jordan23

            you should do your homewoek and you said it avid and that’s it,better look more closely.i have been collecting js since 84 and you don’t have nothing on me are stupid

          • I wasn’t trying to say I have anything on you or your collection but I know the sneakers I own aren’t flawed I mean we all know the difference in qualities from retros compared to OGs or earlier retros but I also know that B grades are what you usually get when you buy sneakers months in advance. And B grades usually have flaws not in quality wise but plain in general flaw, unlike the ones that will be available in stores. So before you start calling people stupid, and little kid, etc. make sure you understand what b grades are.

          • jordan23

            generalize yeah right your sneakers don’t have flaws you are so full of it bro see ya have and have and i wish you luck in life little kid

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