Nike Apologizes For Unofficial Nike SB “Black and Tan” Nickname

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Nike SB Dunk Low

As mentioned in a previous post, Nike has taken a lot of criticism for the unofficial “Black and Tan” nicknaming of a recently released?Nike SB Dunk Low. Reiterating their apologetic stance, Nike continues to express remorse for unintentionally upsetting Irish people, stating that it was a complete accident. Check out this video below recapping the entire incident.

Source: Time

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23 Comments on "Nike Apologizes For Unofficial Nike SB “Black and Tan” Nickname"

  1. I hate when companies apologize for shit that has NOTHING to even do with the sneakers to begin with. GTFOH Nike and fuck those who were offended!

    I guess the Yuengling Black & Tan is racist and offensive as well… SMH

  2. Da Mad Killah

    They apologize for this shitty shoe and not for the deaths they cause with their crazy shoe releases..fuck nike

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