Nike Apologizes For Unofficial Nike SB “Black and Tan” Nickname

Nike SB Dunk Low

As mentioned in a previous post, Nike has taken a lot of criticism for the unofficial “Black and Tan” nicknaming of a recently released?Nike SB Dunk Low. Reiterating their apologetic stance, Nike continues to express remorse for unintentionally upsetting Irish people, stating that it was a complete accident. Check out this video below recapping the entire incident.

Source: Time


  1. I hate when companies apologize for shit that has NOTHING to even do with the sneakers to begin with. GTFOH Nike and fuck those who were offended!

    I guess the Yuengling Black & Tan is racist and offensive as well… SMH

  2. They apologize for this shitty shoe and not for the deaths they cause with their crazy shoe releases..fuck nike

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