Nike Apologizes For Unofficial Nike SB “Black and Tan” Nickname

As mentioned in a previous post, Nike has taken a lot of criticism for the unofficial “Black and Tan” nicknaming of a recently released?Nike SB Dunk Low. Reiterating their apologetic stance, Nike continues to express remorse for unintentionally upsetting Irish people, stating that it was a complete accident. Check out this video below recapping the entire incident.

Source: Time


  1. mf doom says:

    People name the kicks…not nike..point blank

    1. Yellowmustang1985 says:

      Sometimes nike does name the kicks

      1. mf doom says:

        true^^ but not in most cases

  2. Chicoiscool says:

    but the shoes r black and tan lmao

    1. unreal says:

      ?and the sky is blue as well. Do you walk around pointing to the oceans and skies saying “dem blues”?

      Well, nevermind. You’re probably an illiterate moron.

      1. Guest says:

        ?Shut up…

        1. Guest says:

          YEAH CHRIS

      2. The question mark goes INSIDE of the quotations, smart ass!

        1. unreal says:

          I type like the wind, and make errors. Nice job with the grammar catch, captain. :thumbup:

    2. Anonymous says:

      Woah dere. Don’t go dere boi, Keep it G.

  3. Xxgusgus19xx says:

    nike should name them ”THE BEER GULPS”.!!!

  4. TwinkleToes says:

    They should just call it the Nike Mick.

  5. They should apologize for making such a hideous shoe.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Fine Nike name it ” Tan and Black”…

  7. I hate when companies apologize for shit that has NOTHING to even do with the sneakers to begin with. GTFOH Nike and fuck those who were offended!

    I guess the Yuengling Black & Tan is racist and offensive as well… SMH

  8. Levinaomi12 says:

    At the end of the day nike still made their money so who gives a sh**

  9. Money says:

    Oh yea, this is what Nike should apologize for, not the slave factories. Also, these kicks are disgusting

  10. Anonymous says:

    seem like the irish are just being brats…no way a shoes nickname is making that big of a deal.?

  11. TGOD_Alan says:

    People get booty hurt over everything now-a-days?

  12. WHATTTTTTTT says:


  13. Eric Eberle says:

    I thought it was a drink favored by the British and Irish but the hell do I know.

  14. Da Mad Killah says:

    They apologize for this shitty shoe and not for the deaths they cause with their crazy shoe releases..fuck nike

  15. nickytheirishboy says:

    Nike is just dim.