My 5: Big K.R.I.T.’s Sneaker Rotation

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Tires aren?t the only things Big K.R.I.T. rotates. His sneakers stay clean and serve as a time machine just the same, taking him way, way back to days when being a rap star was just a dream. Coming off a nationwide tour where he wore Air Jordan 11s exclusively, we caught up with K.R.I.T. to hear he what he was rocking on the road to 4Eva N A Day.

Jordan Spizike “Knicks” Blue Ribbon


Big K.R.I.T.: “Spizikes are still my favorite. I still the rock the OGs, I just got the “Bordeauxs”, and I want the Son of Mars! I?ve gotta get those ?cause ain?t nobody got ?em yet.”

Nice Kicks: A lot of people are kind of iffy on those.

Big K.R.I.T.: “Only ?cause of the strap [Laughs]! It’s cool. I still want ?em.”

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  1. Beluga Whale says:

    Nothing more than J’s :| ?

    1. Kray says:

      keepin it fresh with old blue jays jerseys, woo greetins from canada

    2. Rickthedick says:

      Nah beesh… nothin but classic mixtapes… besides, all sneakerheads are different. If he fuck with nothin but Js then that’s his style

    3. Wale says:

      much respect to my boy Krit yo

    4. Crisco_4203 says:

      I read an article and Krit said he really couldnt afford Js as a youngster and never had em…?thats why he cops em alot now and the Spizikes are his fav…I respect his rotation kause at least he real about his shit unlkie alot of fake MCs who fake sneaker lovers

  2. Anonymous says:

    Big K.R.I.T smashed his verse on the BET Cypher,? and his rotation is nice. “”Thank God and stay humble”

    1. Jarrett Jack says:

      the rotation is the most cliche thing ive ever seen….

      1. Tony McDay says:

        cliche is haters like you… now please go sit down…

        1. Jarrett Jack says:

          (hmm never heard that saying before..) im sitting down in my fucking office in a fucking chair. Goodnight.?

          1. Tony McDay says:

            ?Calling you an idiot would be an insult to all the stupid people.Goodnight.

          2. Haroon1337 says:

            Jarret jack, if you don’t have anything positive to say STFU. You just a bitch made n***a, with?feminine tendencies.

        2. Guest says:

          most of us have those in our collections, it would be nice to some ish other then that, i do like them, obvi, but come on, lets see more then 2 pairs of shoes.

      2. LOL says:

        LOL seriously, not only are they all jordans, they’re all 3s and 11s

      3. Guest says:

        it would be nice to see more then two shoes, but how happy would you be to rock space jams on?Monday, breds on?Tuesday, concords?Wednesday?and close the week out with some 3′s?

        1. Jarrett Jack says:

          i did that once…when i was a faggot

          1. tiger paw raw says:

            no you didn’t…faggot. (and ps, i accidentally liked that, you bitch ass hater).

  3. Gonzo4of9 says:

    ?Hey 1st guy, stop hating. They’re HIS SHOES let him wear what he likes and you wear what you like, OK?

    1. Jarrett Jack says:

      i wear jordan 3 flip flops idgaf

    2. Beluga Whale says:

      Don’t even believe my question/statement contained anything negative about it, but carry on with your so called claim that I’m hating.

      1. tiger paw raw says:

        come on…you mean to say your comment WASNT meant to imply you weren’t feelin’ his kick selection (which would be negative)? be real with yourself

  4. SneakerHead4Lyfe says:

    Nice Rotation ! Just needs a little bit more variety !

  5. MusicHead n SneakerHead says:

    Big K.R.I.T (king remembered in time)
    I listen to all his mixtapes and like
    ReturnOf4Eva then 4Eva N A Day
    Then K.R.I.T it Wuz Here then Last King
    He should do a song with ASAP Rocky

    1. ?No offense to Mr. Rocky or you, but he doesn’t belong on a song with the king.

      1. Guest says:

        and it would be asap rocky doing a song with big krit, asap rocky is horrible, im anxiously?awaiting his 15 minutes of fame to be over, it should end when people stop seeing him on mtv and think hes good.?

  6. Billy says:

    Am I the only one that had page 1 and 3 the same?

  7. Whatsittooyah says:

    when they only have Jordans yall complain then when they dont have any jordans at all yall say their rotation is week -__-

    1. KLYMAXX says:

      Welcome to the internet, where nothing makes sense.?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Very hypebeasty but good choices nonetheless. He lost me at the son of mars though, those are ass.

    1. J. Slack says:

      I guess that takes away from it being so “hypebeasty”. There is ZERO hype around those and he still wants to cop something he likes.?

  9. Schemingheavy says:

    I actually like this rotation.

  10. mOjosodope says:

    kind of a hyped?rotation,?but really who gives a fuck their his shoes?

  11. MNA says:

    no Js on the list and ppl complain…all Js on the list and ppl complain. smh.?

  12. Louie Louie Louie says:

    IMO, it’s a rotation I would rock no doubt, except for those fugly spizikes….I would switch them for a air of air unlimiteds any day…THAT would be heat.

  13. Sneakattack says:

    smh@all these shoe snob’s. ” i need more veriety,” “only jordans :( ,” MAN stfu wit all that!!

    1. tiger paw raw says:


  14. nick says:

    who knows where i can cop some dope camo pants?

    1. Lui Kang says:

      Go to a Military surplus store. They have the real deal camo in the mist varies designs.

  15. GeauxTigers says:

    Damn, Tracy Morgan has some nice shoes.?

    1. Rickthedick says:

      Damn homie… good one

  16. Mitchdon9 says:

    good rotation hey those are the sneakers he likes to wear, idk why people act like they are gods when it comes to sneakers rotation, you wear what you wear!

  17. t0ddzilla? says:

    ha. i got the son of mars. nice shoe

  18. QBROO07 says:

    both of his mixtapes go hard

    1. tiger paw raw says:

      i don’t know why the fuck i keep hittin the “like” button on accident for dumb ass shit…he got more than 2 mixtapes homie.

  19. Soundwave787 says:

    Get off this mans D! This is “HIS” current rotation, he might be in a Jordan mood right now?or just likes rockin Js all the time. Do you.

  20. Whiteman says:

    I wish his rotation was a bit more varied. Mine is some Nike ATL Dunks (Quickstrike), some Adidas Porsche Design S2, some all black Adidas Superstar, white with green stripes Superstar, 2 pair black with white stripe Superstar (as you can tell I love Adidas, esp Superstar), some all black Adidas Attitude (all suede, very similar to Dunks but way more comfortable, sorta like a high top Superstar), some Adidas Goodyear, suede red & black Nike Dunks with silver swoosh, black Nike Blazer with red lining, stitching, and bottom with white stripe, and some Bass boat shoes (like Sperrys but better quality and cheaper lol). Big KRIT is pretty good though, won’t diss him just because all he wears is Jordans

    1. Cumesha says:


      1. Whiteman says:

        lol its all taste man I’m German so I’m partial to Adidas

      2. tiger paw raw says:

        your name is wack…oh, and so is dude’s rotation.

    2. Reason says:

      You know it’s supposed to be only 5 of them…