Nike Zoom KD IV “Mint Candy”

More images have surfaced of the Nike Zoom KD IV ?Mint Candy”. We expect this vibrant colorway of the KD IV to release around the same time as the LeBron 9 Low ?Easter?. Is this a definite purchase for your Easter basket this year?

Nike Zoom KD IV
Mint Candy/White-New Green
Spring 2012

Nike Zoom KD IV "Mint Candy"

Nike Zoom KD IV "Mint Candy"

Nike Zoom KD IV "Mint Candy"

Nike Zoom KD IV "Mint Candy"

Source: Dunk


  1. Norm says:


    1. [CaRL] WiLLs SiDeKicK says:

      I can’t wait to eat this shoe :P

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  2. Ivioney24 says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    I like most the KD4 cws but this is terrible

  4. Staytril says:

    TOO HARD!!!

  5. Lonnybreaux says:

    look like girl shoes

  6. Anonymous says:

    maybe for my girl …

  7. jAllDay32 says:

    these are out april 6th

  8. All women camped out for these, riot cops called to local mall after cat fights erupt.

    1. DevinThomas says:

      Ima camp for these and get some pussy!!!!

  9. henry st.eve says:

    I want these. I hope i don’t have to make line or hope that they don’t sell out. If so, right here right now, if anyone gets these in a size 10.5 i’ll trade you for the yotd kd iv

  10. kmas says:

    girl shoes…but they are very pretty girl shoes

    1. Kelso11508 says:

      *riley voice* uuuuuuggggghhhh…….nigga you gay

  11. Jake says:

    Still havent seen a bad colorway.

  12. Sneaker Fiend 314 says:

    This is the color of spring

  13. Andre Wren says:

    Why must you tease me???? ?$95?? ?I’ll finally find them and they’ll be like $220!!! ?Still funky though.

  14. Stewie Griffin says:

    Lol soo all the people who say these are girl shoes are say the summit lake lebron9s too right??

  15. Danny says:

    Band wagoners. When the original pictures for the shoe came out I remember everyone saying “Man these hoes are ugly!”

  16. nunyabizzness says:

    These crack yo!

  17. Ctjounin says:

    really now, girl shoes? but the the “rose gold” (bright ass pink) asics are definitely men wear… i deem that suspect

  18. Skazike7 says:

    So icey bro… this is lookin fresh to the max. Suma yall tricks trippin, this cw for men is 100, no matter the wear, but forget the pink cw, maybe some clothes, but not shoes. :l

  19. Rlee07928 says:

    ehh like the other weatherman yotd nerf del sol and okc aways better

  20. Jamaalyo says:

    No no, these are dope, I love KD’S because they are slept on and dont have to camp out with hypebeasts or resellers!