Air Jordan 7 “Olympic” Release Date

Your eyes do not deceive you. The Air Jordan 7 ?Olympic? is coming back once again. This marks the third retro of the colorway, seen most recently with the ?For the Love of the Game? edition in the summer of 2010. The ?Olympic? 7s will return on July 21st.

*NOTE* The 2004 Edition is pictured above. Stay tuned for images of the 2012 release.

Air Jordan 7
White/Metallic Gold-Obsidian-True Red
July 21, 2012

Source: SN


  1. Beetlez92 says:

    My Favorite Jays!

    1. Barton1 says:

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      1. Rickthedick says:

        Mane that bitch sellin pussy on the ave, can’t fool me wit dis shit bruh

        1. yoooo says:

          hahaha lol

  2. Anonymous says:

    I get another chance to skip these. If you like them, there’s no excuse for not having them now.

  3. Chilly says:

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

    1. Jarrett Jack says:

      what does this mean??

      1. Sam says:

        he’s masturbating

  4. Animalboy55555 says:

    Its like Jordan heard my prayors and released this jont one more time cuz i missed it last year

  5. Flash Jordan says:

    Okay Sneakerheads, which one do you think is better to buy, the Olympic 7′s or the Gold Medal 6/7 pack coming out in August?

    1. Chilly says:

      ?really “only sneakheads”? come on bro thats a no brainer, clearly you aren’t no sneaker head – buy both

      1. kinneyy53 says:

        He said “okay” not “only” hop of dudes dick faggot

      2. T-mac2301 says:

        He said “okay” not “only” hop of dudes dick faggot

    2. nenefreshx says:


      1. Dfrance8 says:


    3. Anonymous says:

      Go with what you like, not which one has a bigger cloud of hype

      1. DeeFree23 says:

        I say go for the pack..although more their expensive they will be the most rare between the two being that this will be the first time they’d ever released ..compared to the 7s that has been released twice already. Everybody at my school(NCAT) has those already!

    4. FoJizzle's says:

      If you can’t buy both you better get your paper up son!!!

      1. TooTrueCam says:

        Ohhhh sensei teach me the ways of getting my paper up!

    5. allready go 2 olympiuc 7′s so i’ll go for the pack this year!!!

  6. marcel says:


  7. Stryderr says:


  8. ……why are they releasing these again? didn’t the FTLOTG Olympic 7′s drop not too long ago and then another pair a couple years earlier? Man, i swear Jordan Brand is gonna run out of shoes to Retro…thirsty ass company.?

    1. nenefreshx says:


      1. seriously dude. camp out for these? i guess thats the new trend is huh? FTLOTG dropped not too long ago and then before that, it was released a couple years before that. all i’m saying is, Jordan Brand/Nike are over doing it with these shoe releases. I rather wait 3-4 months on good QUALITY pair of J’s instead of rushed product Retros.?

        1. You could say that again!?

  9. Anonymous says:

    ehh id rather stick with the 04s

  10. Brandon says:

    the raptors are suppose to come out in september too

  11. President Ward says:

    Not my favorite J’s.

  12. edwin says:

    already got the 04 retros just waitin on the olympic 6s

  13. airmax15 says:

    flint 7 this year would answer my prayers?

  14. Kbq37 says:


  15. DugLast says:

    Two weeks after the Olympic VI drops. Good month. I’m likely to cop both.

  16. ThaT1GuY says:

    How many times is JB going to release these sneakers, Grape 5s please…

  17. DMV 703 says:

    FAQ Nike for re releasing all the J’s !!!that kills the sneaker game..! They retro every pair every 2-3 years back in the day it was something special to get nice pair of J’s, if u
    Missed out u had to wait 6 years now u gotta wait 2 years max..!! Nike is money hungry and makes Jordan’s not as special no more the killin the game mayn!!

    1. Erok says:

      Jordan is Money hungry….need I say BOBCATS…plus he sold his chicago digs…on top of that he’s getting Married!!!..Just a string of bad investments for this dude..I guess the bad fortune is making a turn for him.?

  18. More worthy of a purchase, unlike the Olympic VI. They fucked those up!

  19. Mazman265 says:

    Olympic 6s or 7s? 15 year old sneakerhead, kinda tight on cash. I put away $100 every month for a release

  20. Heart logo or not, these did just come back out. I’ll stick to my 04s

    1. yeah, then the Flu Games are drop sooner or later although the Nubuck joints dropped like 3 years ago…lol