Air Jordan 6/7 “Gold Medal” Pack Release Date

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In addition to the Air Jordan 7 “Olympic”, we have now learned of a release date for the Air Jordan “Gold Medal” Pack. Specifically, this pack, which features new colorways of the Air Jordan 6 and the Air Jordan 7, will launch on August 18th for $350.

Air Jordan 6/7 “Gold Medal” Pack
August 18, 2012

Source: SN

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144 Comments on "Air Jordan 6/7 “Gold Medal” Pack Release Date"

    • Anonymous

      who saves for shoes that only cost 350? and thats 2 pairs. youngin mickey ds aint cutting it go sell cookies

        • Anonymous

          If you seriously don’t have 350 in some leisure money you need to get your priorities straight. Never claimed to be a “therealballer” just one smart black boy.

      • Steve Stiffler

        lol….take it easy on these young whipper snappers. But i agree; if u cant afford to go cop a Jordan Pack sit yo ass on the Bench!

        • Anonymous

          I don’t even know WTH your talking about. We’re talking about shoes your talking about cable? Please go dig your own grave.

          • The Messiah

            While you are making fun of him for saving $350, let me make enlighten you. I am a banker, making 6 figures annually and even I will be saving for these. Its not that I don’t have $350 in leisure cash (trust, I have ?over 100 times that), but I budget everything that I aspire to acquire, regardless of how cheap it is. So yes, you have $350 in leisure, but how much is in your savings account? how many bonds do you own? stocks? IRAs? CDs? In fact, do you personally own any assets for that matter? Ha, the jokes on you. Don’t be an internet bully, it’s not cool. No matter how much you think you have, their are people who have more.

            So kid, keep saving, someday you will have enough to get them. Don’t let anyone tell you other wise. Dream big, work hard, sleep little!

            As for the rest of you condescending fools, keep thinking you are a boss b/c you can afford a package of Jordans. Karma is one hell of a person!

          • Killacam2190

            This is a good point thanks for making it.
            And what a snobbish point soldsole… “if you have to save for shoes then dont bother blah blah blah” (paraphrasing)

          • TheRealBaller

            i researched your ip address and your assets are really around $90 and you defaulted on your last cell phone bill and your car payment is over due by 2 days?@47dc16c6fe76cc8313c09fe97d4dfd09:disqus?

  1. Locc

    The 7s are definitely the selling point on this pack. But I think the?6s are still nice. Kinda bland but they’re a classy look too me…

  2. Anonymous

    If anyone’s planning on selling those 7’s when they get this pack, hmu on twitter. Not looking to pay near $200 though, just putting that out now. lol

    Might as well buy the pack and sell the 6’s to some random hypebeast on fb or eBay or trade them.

  3. Tinker Hatfield

    The Charcoal colorway, the Raptors didn’t fuckin exist in ’92 doesn’t look as good as the previous releases

  4. Tdarks

    That’s crazy cause the countdown pack back in 08 were justs 310$… Idk… I might have to pass now… The box is what’s gone be my deciding factor… I wish they were 310$…

    • i feel you though bruh Nike aint playing with their prices. luckly i take care of all my shoes so i can wear them for a long time cuz the way Nike is raising this prices is crazy

  5. $350 plus $160 for the Fire Red 4’s which are rumor to drop the same month ??? With the Olympic 6 and Olympic 7 the previous month damn JB take all my GOD DAMN MONEY !!!!

  6. business men in paris

    too bad we gotta camp out for three days and face possibly getting stabbed just to cop fresh kicks now days…

  7. soon as i turn 25 years old in 4 years umma stop fucking with retro sneakers cuz the way Nike is raising this prices is getting out of hand. soon or later we are going to start paying $200 plus for a retro jordans and $400 for a pack. fuck that shit am out this sneaker game at 25 i hope my sz 10.5 and 11 feet dnt grow no more

  8. $350 thats a lot of people’s paycheck,and most of them dnt even make that much.if u fuck with this materialistic things you wont be able to save no money in ur bank account Nike is going to keep releasing retro sneakers every month while u can nearly save anything

  9. W Anderson74

    Yall Bicth ass niggas be geeked for these packages raptor 7s look way better and olympic 6 look way better

  10. Guest1

    First off I want to say. Were hypebeasts around when the Air Jordan 11 Concord/Air Jordan VI gold pack came out? Was that pack a general release? Or released at selected stores? Because a lot has changed…People stabbing other people just to move up in line. Overpriced prices as well.?

  11. Fgboy3

    Most of you sneakerheads are followers.

    Most of you are also broke.

    Bunch of broke followers who try to impress other guys with their sneakers!!

    Those Concords were garbage and you all waited on line cause Nike told you too.

    Turn piss Yellow and I am supposed to want them. Fuck you!!

  12. Fgboy3

    Best Jordan Right Now Six Rings.

    If you have to kick someone in the face this is the best Jordan to do it in.

    Keep saying their Wack cause that only means I get them cheaper.

  13. Fomatic

    Of course the prices are going up… It’s called inflation. It affects everyone, including JB. Read a fucking book or newspaper. Quit complaining about the prices with yo brokeass.

  14. Solecollector23

    Fucking hypebeast ass people you guys are making it worse for all the real air jordan collecters
    $350 for kicks is alot and im an engineerer 235,000 a year salary. been collecting all my life but 350 damn. if u guys stop acting like 350 is not alot maybe NIKE will stop overpricing?

  15. Emac 21

    i just wan those black and gold 7’s. id pay 200 max for em. im not trynna get the whole pack though. its doable i got 2 jobs so dont try me trolls

  16. Machinegun526

    I think JB should retro the sport blue 6s. Also they should retro new color ways of air Jordan 5 & 6 lows only because I’m one of those people who likes low top air Jordan’s.

  17. Omar Rodriguez

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