Air Jordan 6/7 “Gold Medal” Pack Release Date

In addition to the Air Jordan 7 “Olympic”, we have now learned of a release date for the Air Jordan “Gold Medal” Pack. Specifically, this pack, which features new colorways of the Air Jordan 6 and the Air Jordan 7, will launch on August 18th for $350.

Air Jordan 6/7 “Gold Medal” Pack
August 18, 2012

Source: SN


  1. Gee says:

    these gotta be copped, even if its just to get those 7s, cuz them joints are fresh

    1. [CaRL] WiLLs SiDeKicK says:

      I have a pair of these shoes, except my pair is stuffed with gorilla poop.

      1. Gee says:

        if you’re just gonna say stupid shit on all these different posts, why are you even on here?

      2. Rickthedick says:

        Gag on tiger cock u dick sucking morphodite

        1. Gee says:

          i couldnt have said it better myself

    2. Reason says:

      What size you wear I just want 6′s?

    3. Wale says:

      i have 5pairs,better quality than most Jordans these days

    4. Deadstock Jordans?airjordans[.]bigcartel[.]com

  2. NSS says:

    1st and I’m savin’ up now!

    1. Chris says:


    2. Anonymous says:

      who saves for shoes that only cost 350? and thats 2 pairs. youngin mickey ds aint cutting it go sell cookies

      1. fake ass says:

        shut up nigga trying to make your self out as a baller

        1. Anonymous says:

          If you seriously don’t have 350 in some leisure money you need to get your priorities straight. Never claimed to be a “therealballer” just one smart black boy.

          1. Jarrett Jack says:

            be respectful, stickie213

      2. Steve Stiffler says:

        lol….take it easy on these young whipper snappers. But i agree; if u cant afford to go cop a Jordan Pack sit yo ass on the Bench!

        1. Liljamesjames says:

          if i dont copp im comen to one of yaw houses pussy bitches word to muva yo

      3. TheRealBaller says:

        nigga plz we know u be streamin tv shows cuz u aint got no cable lml

        1. Anonymous says:

          I don’t even know WTH your talking about. We’re talking about shoes your talking about cable? Please go dig your own grave.

          1. The Messiah says:

            While you are making fun of him for saving $350, let me make enlighten you. I am a banker, making 6 figures annually and even I will be saving for these. Its not that I don’t have $350 in leisure cash (trust, I have ?over 100 times that), but I budget everything that I aspire to acquire, regardless of how cheap it is. So yes, you have $350 in leisure, but how much is in your savings account? how many bonds do you own? stocks? IRAs? CDs? In fact, do you personally own any assets for that matter? Ha, the jokes on you. Don’t be an internet bully, it’s not cool. No matter how much you think you have, their are people who have more.

            So kid, keep saving, someday you will have enough to get them. Don’t let anyone tell you other wise. Dream big, work hard, sleep little!

            As for the rest of you condescending fools, keep thinking you are a boss b/c you can afford a package of Jordans. Karma is one hell of a person!

          2. Killacam2190 says:

            This is a good point thanks for making it.
            And what a snobbish point soldsole… “if you have to save for shoes then dont bother blah blah blah” (paraphrasing)

          3. nostradaumus says:

            ” their are people who have more.” Enough said.

          4. Vegeta says:

            ?nigga stfu

          5. b-man says:

            decent point but its still?arrogant?to have your name be?
            The Messiah

          6. TheRealBaller says:

            i researched your ip address and your assets are really around $90 and you defaulted on your last cell phone bill and your car payment is over due by 2 days?@47dc16c6fe76cc8313c09fe97d4dfd09:disqus?

    3. JetLife says:

      Oh saving up that $5 a week allowance? Way to go.

    4. JW says:

      Here’s an idea: get a job.

  3. beatmaker100 says:

    first….def coppin these

    1. Chris says:


      1. DopestLife says:

        Slim as nigga ^

  4. Ericj Epps says:


    1. Chris says:


  5. Guest says:

    these olympic 6s and 7s? im gonna be broke..

    1. Triumph says:

      atleast your being honest!

  6. Nickalaus S says:


    1. Anonymous says:

      More like sixth and i wish i could just buy the 7s, $350 is too much too spend on kicks at one time and those 6s are mad boring

      1. J Clark08 says:

        you can. the &s will be avaliable seprately

        1. J Clark08 says:


    2. Chris says:


      1. niggi #78 says:

        fuck off

  7. Netolic says:

    Auto cop

  8. Giu says:

    381 with tax?

  9. President Ward says:

    I’ll pass don’t like 7s. Just Air Jordan 11s 12s and 13s only. :-)

    1. Cabbang says:

      you post all the dumbest shit on every jordan post.

      1. JetLife says:

        ?Sure does. He always posts a future release and says he can’t wait. STFU

        1. Steve Stiffler says:


  10. Juan ?? says:

    cant wait! but those 6s will be going up. they are 2 boring.

    1. Wu says:

      ?u’ll regret it dont do it

  11. qwerty says:

    over/under 1,000 resale

    1. Gee says:

      under. imma guess 800

      1. under prolly $500-600 nothing higher than this numbers

  12. Locc says:

    The 7s are definitely the selling point on this pack. But I think the?6s are still nice. Kinda bland but they’re a classy look too me…

  13. The Rob0t says:

    Buy 2 packs Rock and Stock. Hope they are general release.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Finally an actual pic of the shoe! The 7′s is crispy tho.

    1. It’s the same pic from a few weeks ago. SMH

      1. Anonymous says:


      2. Anonymous says:

        Obviously I haven’t seen one until now genius

        1. That’s the point, not so much of a genius. Brush up on your shit!

          1. Anonymous says:

            Nah I’m straight brah

    1. Gee says:

      jordan isnt worried about them selling out at any price, hence the 350 IMO

      1. both shoes are lack luster, $350 isn’t justified in this case.

    2. justin m. says:

      shut up!

  15. Anonymous says:

    If anyone’s planning on selling those 7′s when they get this pack, hmu on twitter. Not looking to pay near $200 though, just putting that out now. lol

    Might as well buy the pack and sell the 6′s to some random hypebeast on fb or eBay or trade them.

    1. L-O says:

      right might as well buy the pack and sell the one you dont want because clowns are reselling stuff 2x the price

  16. Santi says:

    I’m so getting them

  17. Kdjnrr says:

    please be a general release, I cant deal with battling people to cop these at some hard to get place

  18. dam $350 i can flip that joint and get four pairs of retro sneakers.i dnt no i think umma pass on this pack,i have 3 pairs of 7′s so far and the versity 6

    1. Geoff says:

      ?No one cares about your life, sorry

      1. Kin says:

        or your opinion

    2. Anonymous says:


  19. HT23 says:

    the color of VII is so nice
    what’s the number on the shoe? 9 or 23?