Penny Hardaway Hints at All-White & All-Black Foamposite One Releases

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Penny Hardaway

In a recent interview with Power 105.1, Penny Hardaway discussed his ever-so-popular Foamposite line with The Breakfast Club. Penny stated that he has ?a lot of input? on the colorways and that he talks with the guys at Nike ?about six months? before the sneakers drop. He also spoke on the possibility of violence surrounding the ?Galaxy? release.

?You don?t want to do anything that you?d ever regret for a pair of sneakers,” Hardaway said. “It is (just) sneakers. I?ve read things that have been disturbing to me because you don?t want to hurt anyone or kill anyone over some sneakers.? He also stated that he?s working to bring out the all-white Foamposite One he wore in the Dwight Howard All-Star game as well as an all-black colorway. Stay tuned for more news.

Source: Rap Radar

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56 Comments on "Penny Hardaway Hints at All-White & All-Black Foamposite One Releases"

  1. Boogie

    To many colorways are being dropped anyways, the shoe isn’t as exclusive since the eggplants and coppers release. *shrugs*

    • NikeCanSuckMyDick

      Nike designers are running out of ideas… Every shoe looks the same these days, Flywire this Flywire that… They have to make every color of the rainbow on these kicks

  2. Bigdawg5289

    the more pairs that are available, or the more stores that have the sneaker, the less violence there will be

    there wouldnt be any violence if people didnt have to wait a week in line to get their pair, just to come across someone jealous and envious enough to try to skip them in line 3 hours before the doors open

  3. aSh

    Both should be a gr release….. Or at least have a larger quantity made…. Glad their bringing back the black on black pair…. My boy P @ UNDFTD has them and they r fire!!! Hey Nile what’s good with some flightposite 1s?????

  4. Esf170

    why now ppl are broadcasting this this has been happening for years this shit goes back to da mid 90s game even made a song where he says they killed my brother for his airmax 95s and my point here is deez stupid ass young fucks taking it to a hole other level just to rock it with there rainbow jacket and skin tight pants this is why ya killing other ppl for atleast back then was cuz money was thight i just hope ya get a reality check and fuck ya if wanna drop a negative comment or any other bullshit over what i wrote… much respect for those who bust they ass to work for what they deserve?

  5. MaicanMoney

    Yea i heard penny over the radio…and i was thinking…well penny if u have so much input….do something about the quantity…penny has money…nike has money..make more money by making more shoes…DUH…they already up the price.

  6. ardie

    i dont understand why nike keep on making limited quantities? they can just get all the money than giving it away to all RAPIST RESELLERS. Send 300 pairs every shoe store and well see what happens

    • Don

      Cuz the resellers are the reason they gonna keep puttin the price up…if we keep payin RAPIN em prices then Nike knows that well pay more for retail

    • It’s funny because when I think about the Foamposite One I don’t even think about Penny first since he was injured that season and only played the Playoffs. I remember Mike Bibby @ Airzona rocking them in ’97 during that amazing title run

      • D.Moore

        Penny wore them in 97 playoffs against tha heat put up 40 plus points in game 4 and game 5 that’s wen tha shoe took off

  7. Anonymous

    At least he has shed some light on possible upcoming releases, Gripe and complain all you want, the releases wont change unless someone decides to make it public and gain a following. You want to change something? Here is your shot, start a logical campaign, gain followers from people that agree, make a facebook page and a youtube video to gain exposure, you make enough noise and gain a huge following, at that point in time you may get nike’s attention. Until the people that complain do this, be quiet and quit ranting. Strength is in numbers, Show nike we are more then just hood based negro’s that like shoes. You’re Welcome

  8. bdogg

    i say the shooting stars drops a long with all white which he rocked in playoffs in 97 at home and an all black! pretty dope shoe. i like it but a little heavy for me personally. loved that the flight one dropped thou..great shoe for me personally!?

  9. Stacks

    The more, the merry all this limited hype sh## is dead. With all the internet access, twitter and facebook access, its going to people to difficult to pull off limited releases without violence. Had some foam pro from the early 2000’s on and 13 year old kid asked me if they were foams. So Nike should just make enough for everybody. Eggplant and cough drop second release didnt sell out at all. Thats how it should be

  10. most of this niggaz that wearing this foamposite dont even no the history of the shoes. they dont even Penny,the team he used to play for, they just cop shit cuz of the hype

  11. Nike should release more pairs like a 100 per store,lets see who gone take care of thier shoes for the longest cuz some people fuck their shoes up quick just to say they got em

    • well if they didnt dumbass you just said it.. you act like people gotta know somebody name first before they buy the person shoes.. *awww man i dont know the name of the dude who man foamposites,so im not gone buy them. but i know the dude who made lebron 9 (Lebron) so im gone buy his shoes because i know him*.No one cares about knowing the person name its not like he know yo name once you buy his shoes

  12. Anonymous

    People are basically saying its easier to drop a body than it is to drop $200 or however much they cost. Really not a fan of foams but I did like those red ones from the first time I saw the on NKs. Like everyone else has said they really should release a larger quantity because it’s clear quality really isn’t their goal. Fuck Nike and fuck JB.

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