Did you get your hands on the ?Galaxy? Foamposites? New Era is going to release a 59Fifty ?Galaxy? Fitted Cap made to match, not only the ?Galaxy? Foams but the Nike LeBron 9 ?Galaxy? as well. In addition to the galaxy themed design on the hat, this shoe also features a complimenting, bright orange color on the underside of the bill. This hat is set to release in March, so stay tuned.

New Era 59Fifty "Galaxy" Fitted Cap

New Era 59Fifty "Galaxy" Fitted Cap & Nike LeBron 9 "Galaxy"

New Era 59Fifty "Galaxy" Fitted Cap

New Era 59Fifty "Galaxy" Fitted Cap

Source: Strictly Fitteds

  • Sam

    too bad no one’s gonna rock their galaxies?

    • Kray

      id say ther will be a few deaths over this cap. resellers prob gonna sell it for about 1 grand.

    • JetLife

      If they do they’re just begging to be robbed and/or killed

      • http://www.tumblr.com/blog/jackcsw JW

        Over here in England you wouldn’t, especially where I live.

    • [CaRL] WiLLs SiDeKicK

      The hat needs to be more purple to match the shoe.

      • Meanbob

        You would say some dumb shit like that?

    • yomom

      finally people will have matching hat to go to gay parade with…

  • Anonymous

    So ugly.?

  • Smoothyoungmindz

    ugly ass hat

  • $W@G

    this thing is disgusting?

  • JamalWalker

    Now thats too much…

    • http://twitter.com/#!/Tahoe17 Tahoe Seventeen

      HYPE killed!

  • Singhofthering

    cap will be on ebay too lol

  • http://twitter.com/XenresKamali Max Julien


  • http://www.facebook.com/Sploatermane305 Desmond Fuller


  • http://twitter.com/DaBXBear Allen

    this fitted hat in the word of Charles Barkley is “TURRIBBLE!!!”

  • Brett

    throw up ?you can weaar on your head

  • grilledsteez

    now, which of u wack ass niqqas in the DMV gonna buy this…………….

    • Youngpimp123

      Eat dick

    • Uhhhh rozay voice

      Haha word those bamas are gonna be rockin the foams with this new era hat only in the DMV hahah
      Y’all stay eyein new York niggas for the latest fashion, wale and a couple ppl from the wire get a pass tho

      • Anonymous

        aint noone out in the DMV going to be rocking this hat…yall niggas was wearing capris up north yall and them jersey cats noone did out here,was to feminine..you can have that fashion…in a NY CLUB NO NY SONG,Styles had it right for yall

  • Yomomz

    first hehehe

    • Anonymous

      Not even close hehehe

      • DocMartensRule!!!


  • Fleet

    Flamboyant ape snort

  • http://itsneezy.tumblr.com Darnell Yancey

    Shit is wack.
    The first day I see a nigga wearing those Galaxy/Nebula tights/leggings, the world is DEFINITELY coming to an end!

  • Anonymous

    wow. And I thought the Jordan LS line was tacky…..

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Tahoe17 Tahoe Seventeen

    LMAO New Era failed for trying to capitalize off the momentum of the whole “Galaxy” hype. No real men who cares about himself would rock one of these ridiculous caps. ?

  • President Ward

    SUPER FLY!!! :-)

  • Manbearpig3424

    ok its official. the galaxy theme has been murdered

    • Anonymous

      Its the new south beach, wait til ya see the Jordan Galaxy 6s custom on nicekicks

  • http://twitter.com/StrictlyFitteds StrictlyFitteds

    Thanks for the repost!

  • Anonymous

    Ok I don’t want to hear anything else about galaxy foamposites anymore…… Since I couldn’t get them lol!

  • Ihateuglyhats

    Doesn’t even match the foams. Looks like Nike made it for the original concept and said: “Fuck it, they won’t notice the difference”.

  • Lui Kang

    Shits lame.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/LaFlare-SoIcey/100000651418211 LaFlare SoIcey

    Galaxy are old news, i been moved on from them, i dnt give a dam about them no more. fuck u Nike

    • Geoff

      ?That’s cause youre bitter

  • Hugo

    Overkill. there is no way to wear this without looking like a fool.

  • Nig


  • dead astaire

    if you get this hat, then you are doing too much, might as well get a galaxy sweat suit while you’re at it. Kids, wear your damn shoes and keep it simple.



  • Durty_Basturd

    I hope only 1200 people buy that stupid fucking hat since nobody else got galaxy’s

  • http://twitter.com/RAYcism_ Ray ? ?

    lol whoever gets that hat is gonna look like a fairy

  • NdagaPocoa

    If I was a rapper and rich I would wear my galaxy foams with an astronaut suit while smokin a blunt in my music video.. Not this hat!

    • Anonymous

      lol That’s the funny thing you are not a rapper, you just a pocoloco.

  • Zeke3sss

    Ain’t that the hat from back to the future 2?

    • Janitor

      ?I was thinking the EXACT same thing. These should totally go with the Air Mags instead.

  • http://twitter.com/DJ_Tw1zzel KLYMAXX

    Anyone camping out for the hat yet?

    • Anonymous

      ?Only US sneakerhead will do that probably. I will not be suprise

  • jordan_sucked

    if you wear too much space stuff, you might go to space yourself. get it?

  • wizzle91

    Wowwww, I wonder what that hat looks like when ur high.. Probably get a glimpse of what it feels like to be in space

  • Mocloke

    Forget the foamposites, I got the Galaxy dunks and I want a black/rogue green cap with the galaxy print on the underside of the brim..

  • rc008

    People in cali r already camping outside for these! Gonna retail fir 69.99 crazy hype beast

  • Anonymous

    love um or h8 um, ppl still be gettin money off ebay for um, and NewEra execs arent cryin in their soup over what we think

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sean-Lee/699190223 Sean Lee

    no glow in the dark? bummer…

  • MacShatcack

    This hat reminds me of some of the outlandish garbage Lil Wayne wears these days… turn yo fuckin swag down bruh

    • Ola

      How much u wanna bet Lil Wayne will wear them and try to make them poppin!

  • Bignel163

    That hat is straight trash!!! NEW ERA FAILED!!! SMMFH!!! I got the Galaxy Foams but hell NAW i wouldn’t rock that hat with them. I have a PURPLE Yankees fitted that matches perfectly!

  • BigP703

    Gotta pass on the hat,got the foams and the galaxy flights,i would be doing a diservice to the DMV the shoe and style itself. EPIC FAIL you are not winning w this one new era.

    • DMV


  • dabo

    That shit go perfect with my Kobe 7 galaxy

  • romz

    that matches the pussheads

  • Drobinson2235

    EBAY RIGHT NOW 9hrs lefts TWO PAIR OF FOAMPOSITE GALAXYS selling together bothe SIZE 10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Check out

  • Guest

    That hat matches the kobes more than the foams

    • DMV

      Please tell me which ones are the kobes.

  • Wale

    Where can a niqqa get this THATS DOPE YO ill cop

  • Anonymous

    this fitted corny as hell…

  • Whale

    Both the galaxys and that are something no one in their right mind would wear out in public. So what’s the point of buying it?

  • Lester Giddeon

    i could use these

  • Lester Giddeon

    gettin these soon

  • Bigassbrandon

    hell yah ppl always riden us new yorkers for tha latest fashion cuz we fly thats way but that hat dosnt match with tha galaxys cuz there more puple to that shit ugly

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