Derrick Rose Signs Second Largest Sneaker Endorsement Ever

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Two months after signing a five-year, $95 million contract extension with his hometown Chicago Bulls team, Derrick Rose’s re-negotiated contract with adidas has now been made official. The two parties agreed to an estimated 14-year, $250 million contract, which makes Rose the highest paid, actively-endorsed basketball player in the NBA. This is also the second largest sneaker contract ever (only behind MJ/Jordan Brand). It is safe to say Rose is set to rock Three Stripes for the remainder of his career.

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88 Comments on "Derrick Rose Signs Second Largest Sneaker Endorsement Ever"

  1. Anonymous

    Nice. The Adi zero are actually pretty cool so I’d love to see what they have in store. Hoepfully a lot Chi-City?inspired?kicks. Not just Bulls stuff though.

      • pwong.

        well, their biggest mistake was not signing jordan. he wanted to sign with adidas but the money wasn’t there.

        • Peter Afriyie

          not even close. the money was there, but then tinker hatfield showed him the 3’s and thats all she wrote……

          • Traw

            Makes total sense, a totally different designer showing him a shoe that came 3 years after he signed to Nike…Jordan didn’t even like Nike but his parents made him go the meeting with them.

          • he was in re-negotiation with nike when tinker made the 3. he was thinking about signing with adidas prior to that. check your history and learn your facts before you spew your nonsense on these message boards son!?

          • and here’s me proving you wrong you fake ass sneakerhead. any TRUE sneakerhead knows this already!

            Here is an interesting interview with Michael Jordan on how he almost went with Adidas instead of Nike.
            During college Jordan wore Converse, because they sponsored the Tar Heels. Despite rocking Converse on court at UNC Jordan was an adidas-head.Well nobody knows what would have happend if he had signed with Adidas. But signing at Nike was not the worst decision he made. Not for him. Not for Nike. And last but not least: Not for the sneakerheads!

          • TG

            ?I really like this website. Would be even better if Prufessa went away and stopped acting like he’s King Sneakerhead. Thanks for dropping knowledge P, where would we be without you!?

          • how the fuck am i acting ilke i’m king sneakerhead? i NEVER made any notion that i am in ANY sort of way. when morons come in here and say stupid shit i’m gonna correct them!?


      too bad they perform better than anything from any other brand………. you stupid ass fuckboy, basketball shoes are about performance not looks. all you non athletes go suck each others dick instead of posting about how these won’t turn heads at the mall. IDIOT!!!

      • freeballer

        Adidas is often really shitty for the ankles. And the constant use of patent (especially when it’s not pulled off right) is just a no go.?

        In all honesty, best performance show I have ever worn were the Baron Davis BD Doom Li Nings.

      • Louie Louie Louie

        ?”they” perform….as if the shoes did anything but feel? light or cushion.

        Two things that, by the way, the most elemental sneakers do (for feeling light, try chucks, for cushioning, try nike cortez)

        So, how is it that anyone makes two more shots for wearing d roses’ instead of a pair of air maxes?

      • Louie Louie Louie

        I guess 1Daw thinks he can dunk with his fat ass over a 6’10” jock, just ’cause he’s wearing d roses…

        COME ON SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Matt

    Hopefully adidas can get howard on board same as drose, those two being the face of adidas would be cool… but i also hope adidas keeps releasing them as performance shoes rather than looks

  3. Willijs8

    Don’t worry, Lebron will crush that contract soon!!!!!
    I’m seeing 20 years, 450 million.?
    Is he worth all that, doubt it, but hey whos bigger to the league?

    • Louie Louie Louie

      ?You numbnuts…let your brain (if there is one) think faster than your mouth shits all over…

      20 years…you think Nike’s got the interest in promoting the kicks of a 47 years old?

      450 mill…I guess you just told the little mouse in your brain “shout a random number!”

      COME ON SON!!!!!

    • Louie Louie Louie

      ?Nike executives at a contract meeting:

      Executive 1: “We shouldn’t pay Lebron 450 million…it’s financially untennable…plus we see his numbers dropping because he keeps tripping with the parts of Fly Wades left on the court every time Dwayne Wade makes a cut”

      Executive 2: “But hey Bros…whooooos bigger to the league?????”

      All Executives at Once: “LEEEEEBROOOON!!!! SHOW HIM THE MONEEEEEEYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  4. Gonzo4of9

    Get that money young man! Fuck the haters, and take care of your FAMILY. Everybody else gotta earn it like you.


    My buddy lives in Shanghai. Only 2 athletes he’s seen on billboards are Kobe and D. Rose. This deal is NOT about American kids buying his kicks like J’s. Its about Nike controlling China if Derrick defects to the Swoosh.

  6. Anonymous

    Hey to all you idiots who are like “I don’t see anybody rocking those kicks” he is holding one of the first D. Rose Adidas models. Little flashback that model was followed by the AdiZero Crazy Light and then the Adizero 2 at?the start of this season?and most recently the mid-season AdiZero 2.5 look it up!

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