“Galaxy” Foamposite Reaches $70,000 Bid on eBay

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Nike Air Foamposite One "Galaxy"

Could a pair of Pennys be worth $70,000? Today, an eBay auction for the ?Galaxy? Foamposites in a size 10 has hit the outrageous amount just hours after the release. Oddly enough, there are numerous ‘Buy It Now’ auctions for the ?Galaxy? Foamposites listed for a fraction of the price. How much is too much for this shoe? You tell us in the comment section.

**UPDATE** The auction has been taken down.

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Ian Stonebrook lives in Austin, TX where he spends most of his time kicking it with friends and fam, hooping, golfing and going out.

289 Comments on "“Galaxy” Foamposite Reaches $70,000 Bid on eBay"

  1. Joel Oliver

    I wouldn’t pay more than $500 for a pair, and I like the look, but I’m not bending over backwards for ‘em. ?Seems silly.

  2. EvanTelliard

    That’s too much for these everyone is getting screwed by Nike anyways… They yellow faster than any other Nike shoe because the quality is horrible!

  3. @GA_T

    o(*_*)o muthafkkas is out there going crazy for these shoes its all the hypebeast fault, somebody goe learn today. one of my homegirls seen me in my chrome foams and told me that she knows this girl that said she will do sexual favors to get them…smdh!

  4. shoe2241

    Can y’all bums hurry up and spend that tax already?!?! Your welcome btw for me working everyday so you can have fun in February

    • jaypolo2012

      ummmmm…… every person that works gets their own income tax back based upon their wages and what they claim and what they pay in taxes bro. You working has nothing to do with somebody else’s income tax refund. It’s a income tax refund because they are getting a refund based upon their personal income taxes among many other things. Somebody else has nothing to do with you. are you serious? The ignorance in this new generation is?impeccable. It’s disgusting.?

      You probably blame Nike for people rioting too. People chose to act that way. Nike didn’t force anybody or make anybody do anything.?

  5. WAYYY TOO MUCH!!! The LeBron’s and Flights are way better than these by far. Too much hype over Foamposites now and I’m off this foam trend. I waited in line and didn’t even get a pair smh.

    • jaypolo2012

      with under 1000 pairs globally what did you expect? I chose to just pay a premium weeks in advance to secure mine. That’s the price you pay when your a foam head and you know the demand extremely surpasses the supply. People will eventually learn that these extremely limited quickstrikes were not meant for everybody to cop. they are meant to cause mass hysteria and put all the attention on Nike and their products. Its marketing at it’s finest. The void that so many people are going to experience from this release (the entire all-star pack) will keep them hungry and have them making shoes that otherwise wouldn’t sell out, sell out instantly. If everybody that wanted a pair of the foams copped, do you think the entire all star pack would have sold out instantly? People that wanted to cop any of the ASG pack that didnt are now hungry for the next release. Watch all of March’s releases. Instant sell outs. The hysteria causes a buzz and gets people that ?otherwise wouldnt be interested, interested in all of there shoes making it so much more profitable. Nike is a master at this as there stocks and yearly profit will show.

  6. Robby31

    What is so special about this pair?? While I do like to purchase nice shoes from time to time, I have no idea why anyone in their right mind would bid anywhere near that much for a single pair or shoes, let alone a pair that is available on the same site for about 3% of the cost.? I can see no good explanation for it.

    • jaypolo2012

      people buy Gucci’s right? Louis?Vuitton? ect ect. Each person must determine the value of the shoe and how much it is worth to themselves. while one person may determine its not worth 1000 another person might see it as the opposite. you have to see?through?the hype and hysteria created by marketing tactics, and decide for yourself what they are worth based upon what you can afford along with numerous other things ie exclusiveness, creativity, being a foam head, the artistry of the shoe, ect ect.?

  7. Josey22000

    I’m not paying more than 2x the retail
    on ANY shoe & even then I’ll have to like them a
    Lot. Just chalk it up as a L & on
    to the next

  8. Deeznutsinyomouth

    funny thing is expected delivery is between?Thu. Mar. 15 and Wed. Mar. 28 lmao and the shipping is $35 that should be like 3 days max?

  9. Mfigueroa7

    If I hadn’t gotten my size I woulda been happy sellin em for $1k maybe $1200 tops. But since I was able to get my size I’m keepin em!:-)

  10. doc_ock

    Anything above $250 for a pair of tennis shoes is ridiculous and it’s all these dummies fault we can’t get a damn pair. fuck y’all resellers and all y’all dummies that pay those prices that’s why none us can’t get a pair.?

  11. Woodroka

    its total BS, the seller has 0 feedback.. who the F would pay 70k from a seller wit no feedback?? the seller prob has set up numerous ebay accounts & is bidding on his own shit to make it look real…c’mon man… you can but it now for around 1k. smfh..

  12. Jizza

    Nike really pissed me off with this bs. Hot show, decent price but limited release??? Wtf, I doubt Nike gets another dime from me going forward. I am completely livid!!!!

  13. jamaal

    No shoe is worth $70,0000.00 or $220 they look nice but come on, money can be used on something more important than the shoes. I blame Nike too for only bringing out limited amount in certain shoes knowing they are causing chaos in communities.

  14. Shortguyhomari

    Something is weird about this. For one the seller doesn’t have official. ics proving he has the current ownership.

    Second, how is this bid more than 60x than the other bids?

    I don’t think this seller is going to get the money, but if he does then more power to em.

  15. thermostat

    I think this is just a gimmick…If your thinking right…no one in his right mind who will buy this shoe at that price….what a waste of money

  16. Anonymous

    This Shoe is an Example of PURE HYPE. I mean 70,000 dollars really? These shoes don’t even look that good. Hype Beast and resellers have ruined the shoe game. I feel that if I miss a shoe release Then I just miss it because I am NOT paying those High reseller prices. I may be done completely with the Shoe game because it has become more of a Fad then for the Love of the actual Shoe Game. I never pay more than Retail because lets be honest some of these retail prices are Rape themselves.

      • indeed ….but check this …police departments are working on a fine for nike causing all of this extra man power used for this dumb shit..also think about you still are paying for this shoe……if you work you pay taxes …the police are paid with our state taxes..do the math..Nike is causing us to spend on something we didn’t even get…

      • Plus Phil Knight needs to get seen…and ya’ll know what that means on a street level…Ni**as need to run up on nike campuses and stores and flash mob those shits straight pillage!!!! fuk it!!

  17. InkNSoles

    Man its fake that seller is new and there are legit sellers with buy it nows way less….regardless #BOYCOTTNIKE

  18. Pooh Richardson

    Ha, those shoes aint worth 70 bills, the foamposites were ugly when they first came out, you cant rock them casually without looking like a clown, shape and colorwise they are whack. The Concords at least look dope with day to day gear, Foamposites you gotta be of the age 4 & under, Prince or just wearing them for playing ball to pull those off. Now they put some crappy down on the boardwalk airbrush quazars on them and they cause mayhem. Basura

  19. 67


  20. Anonymous

    ?I bet that nigga/wigga on some high drugs or some shit. He thought he will flow to galaxy with those shoes or something crazy like that. But anyway God bless him he need that :)

    • Some overseas drug lord buying it for his nephew? Or yeezy trying to set it up for his kicks to do a quarter mill in march..there will be murder in the streets for those when they drop…i predict at least 2 homo-cides in every state they sell them in.

  21. tooth

    shill bidding at it’s finest. ?why would you give exposure to such a thing? don’t have enough complex top XX articles to repost? ?this site has become pathetic in the last 2 years..

    • Pooh Richardson

      theres a book on ebay about how to type and speak like a normal human being and the bid is only 4 dollars, you should pick it up

  22. troogle

    what does it mean to bid up? why are people still bidding on this shoe at $95k+ when there are listings for 2k? can someone explain why everyone is saying he won’t get his money?

    • Robby31

      What they are saying is that either these people are just screwing around with?this person?and never pay just to prove a point (the same shoes on sale for a fraction of the cost) or shell bidding where you create another profile and/or have a friend bid on them to make the price go up and make the real bidders pay more.

  23. sam

    yeah honestly, im not trying to diss the shoe and be like all these other guys pouting about how they couldnt get them, i didnt even try to get them! but really the only thing special abt this shoe is the limited quantitie and the hype. its a damn ugly shoe lol and it glows in the dark come on yall this isnt 1st grade!

  24. boobee1979@gmail.com

    These not releasing. They called them. Y’all check da real sneaker cites. Due to the event last nite in Florida. These are a no go. They coming out later. House of hoops reported this!

  25. DYkilla!!

    that’s all bullshit..bet he’s bidding on his own listing just to fuck around!..He has no sort of feedback!!..it’s not like penny signed them or something!.yall so fucken vulnerable!!

  26. ??????????????..________

  27. Justus_league

    Ha I see people doing that shit all the time for publicity or just for jokes. ?Clearly it worked if nice kicks is actually posting it as news. ?Common sense says that there’s tons of pairs online for 1000-2000 dollars. ?So why would anyone bid so high if for no reason. ?Guys not going to pay and his auction just made news headlines. ?Anyone who thinks this was a legit auction is a fcukin gullible fool. ?Like that guy who said the sellers gonna make bank SMH.?

  28. Hdsince83

    I want someone to trade a sz 14 in the LBJ Galaxy for a size 11.5!!! I need those 11.5s bad like Whitney needed White!!! Damn…but no bullsh@#, I’m?serious.?

  29. Sam Musitano

    The shoes aren’t even that nice. I would barley spend retail on them.The person who sold the shoes for 70 k will never see that money . The person who ” bought ” them got a great laugh! In my neborhood people were camped out for a week and a half. Its not worth it. In 6 months any of use will be able to go to any store and buy a pair, just like the Retro 4

  30. Sneakhead

    someone bid the lowest possible bid and fuck anyone doing the same to all the other galaxys that came out its impossible to get them when thers people with connections that help them sell them for 2x the price

  31. Tdxcg

    nobody is making bank on this…its sad for the seller cuz hes planing shit to buy with all that money…but the truth is the winner ant going to pay 96,0000 its ebay he dont need to pay,just gets his account?canceled. ANY HUMAN BEING WHO WILL PAY 96,000 FOR A PAIR OF 80 CENT SHOE SHOULD JUST GO KILL HIMSELF.?

  32. Ak47

    Screw Nike, everyone who didn’t get them and any other stupidly hyped up shoe should go and F up their head office and burn it to the ground. Treating customers like fiends put here an laughing

  33. laffin' at you all

    Glad all you losers are paying attention to the important shit… like dumbass lookin’ shoes… made out of $1.75 worth of cheap ass foam rubber by little chinese kids in some sweatshop….
    You’re all idiots.

  34. CheckMySteez

    lol the same people complaining about paying 220$ for a sneaker is gonna be tryna get the yeezy 2s for $235 lls.

  35. If that transaction would have fell through, they would have been under constant watch by the FBI. I think they were so expensive because he said they were samples.

  36. The person that put those fomes up for bid has to be stupid to even believe that someone would spend that much on ONE pair of shoes because the people that really have $70,000 to spend on ONE pair of shoes already have those sitting in there closet! SMH

  37. Andrew

    Damn if these are going for 70k then what are the yeezy 2 going to sell for 100k?, what the hell is going on with this out of control price increase, gas, cigarettes, water,college costs, etc lets occupy Nike lol.

  38. Gold9oh

    all those bids are fake. if you look all those dudes are basically posting the same pics. there just driving to drive views to there page, i wouldnt be suprised if they dont even have the shoes. the pics are suspect

  39. Jihod1

    on ebay some joints just went for 99,000, the buyer had 46 feedbacks, it just may be real that people are paying that price for these kicks

  40. Goon

    most disappointing sneaker release ever id say. sucks cause i really wanted this shoe, a really perfect colorway for the spacey silhouette, plus im a magic fan. but nike had to hype the hell out of this release, flow pairs to rappers who could have afforded them anyway, and then pretend that they are so limited they couldn’t even sell them IN THEIR OWN STORE online. boycott nike? nah, but ill stick to buying general releases that everyone slept on…that way i actually have shoes no one else is rocking…

    also nicekicks, way to report on a fake ebay auction. talk about hype.

  41. Jumppyman

    We should protest outside Nike’s HQ and Nicekicks contributed a lot to the hype too posting stuff about Galaxies so frequently?

  42. Kingjaba95

    I dont understand its the same thing as all the other foamposites why does this one have to cost so much !!

  43. Diallo843

    Man if somebody knows where I can get a size 12 I’ll pay $600 RIGHT NOW!!!!! Hit me up on twitter @diallo_da_great. IM DEAD ASS SERIOUS TOO

  44. Francisco259

    Well i got two pairs of galaxy foams size 9.5 and size 14 selling them 2k a piece hit me up if anyone is interested will consider serious offers?

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