“Galaxy” Foamposite Reaches $70,000 Bid on eBay

Could a pair of Pennys be worth $70,000? Today, an eBay auction for the ?Galaxy? Foamposites in a size 10 has hit the outrageous amount just hours after the release. Oddly enough, there are numerous ‘Buy It Now’ auctions for the ?Galaxy? Foamposites listed for a fraction of the price. How much is too much for this shoe? You tell us in the comment section.

**UPDATE** The auction has been taken down.


  1. Come on, aint no one going to pay that price. I think they’d rather take the L on their feedback and screw over the seller.?

    1. Moe_killa049 says:

      look at the bidders name all of them have only bid on that 1 item that seller is getting screwed over?

    2. Rataface805 says:

      Yikes unreal not even victor Cruz would pay that. LoL

      1. Kayla says:

        CRAZY I only paid 239.54

        1. Pooh Richardson says:

          you are still an idiot for spending 240 dollars on an ugly pair of grips

          1. Sdot_19 says:

            not if he can sell them for $1000

        2. Joimeme Tirone says:

          yo im james i will give 300 rite now for them

          1. Irwinchugh says:

            what size

          2. JAsontdo09 says:

            He not stupid, these arnt themetallic reds where u could buy resells for 300.

          3. Dumbass101 says:

            lol is that a joke?? hahahahaha

        3. Dlogvinsky1 says:

          il give u 900 for em

          d l o g v i n s k y @ g m a i l . c o m?

        4. i hate you, not because anything you said or did but because you got galaxys

          1. Houston Texas says:

            fuck yeah man i would pay 250 and rock em till i die not try to make a fuckin grand that shit pisses me of all these fuckin people tryna make a buck

          2. Derektrogdon says:

            WhY! those shoes are uqly -.-?

        5. Roscoeninja44 says:

          please tell me where you got them from

        6. The Black man says:

          Fuk dem weak ass shoes I got $100 for em right now

    3. Adt says:

      Sorry…These sneaker are ugly!! These r only met for the court…not off!! Never liked them and a lot of people are just going with the hype! I can’t be the only one who thinks this!!

      1. pigpen says:

        ?i agree i got a pair and in person it looks cheap. it looks like someone just took star covered wallpaper and glued it on a foam.

      2. Omari says:

        You’re spot on, these are so overhyped…

        Ugly sneaks…

    4. [CaRL] WiLLs SiDeKicK says:

      The auction on this shoe ended with over 80 bids and sold for $96,100.00.
      That’s almost 100K, when this shoe only retailed for $220. Do the math out and that’s 436x more than retail. What an idiot…

      1. Anonymous says:

        Actually if you go and look at the bid history then you will realize that this was all a big fucking hoax to garnish hype on sites like this.

      2. and it cost like 10$ to make in china -___-

        1. they cost 21$ but most shoe do only cost 10 or less lol a sham aint it

    5. Anonymous says:

      even my vans look better then these shoes

  2. KH says:

    Anything over 1k is beyond foolish

    1. this nigga... says:

      1k is beyond foolish.

      1. anything beyond 600 is crazy..

        1. hellnaw says:

          any think over 220+tax is a L.

          1. Anonymous says:

            Buying Foamposites is a L.

        2. Pooh Richardson says:

          anything above 160 is crazy

          1. qnzzfinest says:

            fucking jew!!

          2. Jihod1 says:

            ^so racist in a humorous sense lol

        3. Adt says:

          Shiiiiit…the retail price is crazy!

  3. Steve says:

    it was bid up, the seller is never going to see that money

    1. Mr.Jackson to you says:

      Sad shit is he’s prob making plans for that money…. idc who you are there’s no way you are gonna part with 70k for a pair of $220 pair of sneakers… he might as well just relist them now…?

      1. IG-88 says:

        Lol, hopefully he re-lists and the same thing happens over and over.? Let the re-seller learn his lesson and real heads can buy & wear theirs for retail.

        1. Pieter Swart says:

          We should do this to resellers more often, serves them right…..

          1. Guy5 says:

            Resellers ruin it for the real sneaker heads that would actually enjoy these

          2. Eric Fresh says:

            Amen sir.

          3. h town says:

            right on..some bs

        2. Qball197580 says:

          Truer words were never spoken.

  4. Gryn says:

    The funny shit is that there’s a $35 shipping fee! Cheap bastard!

  5. Itsbuttersk says:

    these shoes look dumb anyway

  6. Ciscomqj says:

    Sh*t is outta hand.?

  7. Joel Oliver says:

    I wouldn’t pay more than $500 for a pair, and I like the look, but I’m not bending over backwards for ‘em. ?Seems silly.

  8. Steve says:

    it was bid up, the seller is never going to see that money

  9. Thats So Damn Crazy $70,000 na ill have to pass, who ever the seller is though is about to make bank!!!!!!

    1. Sam says:

      Bank, eh?

  10. EvanTelliard says:

    That’s too much for these everyone is getting screwed by Nike anyways… They yellow faster than any other Nike shoe because the quality is horrible!

  11. Mr. Rager says:

    That’s a got damn shame, the world is truly coming to an end. Take me now #BaseGod

  12. John says:

    This is just some jerk throwing down a crazy bid. When they win, they’ll offer some bs amount.

  13. jordan23 says:

    all these foams are ugly

  14. imagnacarta says:

    I don’t Believe

  15. Bigt14874 says:

    man anything over the retail price is too much.

    1. freeballer says:


      1. freeballer says:

        Hell…even the retail price is too much considering what they probably cost to make…

  16. Lawrencetcarter says:


  17. Ezra224 says:

    This is listed by a zero feed back seller and is obviously fake.

  18. FlashinFoams says:

    crazy….70,000? It can’t be worth that much.

  19. @GA_T says:

    o(*_*)o muthafkkas is out there going crazy for these shoes its all the hypebeast fault, somebody goe learn today. one of my homegirls seen me in my chrome foams and told me that she knows this girl that said she will do sexual favors to get them…smdh!

  20. shoe2241 says:

    Can y’all bums hurry up and spend that tax already?!?! Your welcome btw for me working everyday so you can have fun in February

    1. Hdsince83 says:


    2. jaypolo2012 says:

      ummmmm…… every person that works gets their own income tax back based upon their wages and what they claim and what they pay in taxes bro. You working has nothing to do with somebody else’s income tax refund. It’s a income tax refund because they are getting a refund based upon their personal income taxes among many other things. Somebody else has nothing to do with you. are you serious? The ignorance in this new generation is?impeccable. It’s disgusting.?

      You probably blame Nike for people rioting too. People chose to act that way. Nike didn’t force anybody or make anybody do anything.?