The ?Galaxy? Foamposite release is one of the biggest we have seen to date in terms of riots, crowds, and unnecessary violence. The limited quantity sneaker has had people buzzing ever since the first images surfaced online. Specifically, new surfaced of a New York City camp-out for the “Galaxy” Foamposite that started last Saturday and ended today. Is this the biggest buzz the sneaker community has seen for one shoe? Check out more on this story at Huffington Post.

  • Mr. Rager

    Don’t these mother F*ckers have jobs… smh?

    • freeballer

      Obviously not, which is what is wrong with this picture.


      Nope thats why they sleep on the street.?

    • Fuckmicheal

      some one should have told half of them this isnt the hood and they cant pay for them with food stamps.

      • your anonymous

        There are more white people on welfare than blacks. DUMBASS

        • aaa

          That’s not trueee ahah

          • ACRM

            With regard to AFDC the figures are:?

            White 38.8%
            Black 39.8
            Hispanic 15.7?
            Asian 2.4
            other 3.3 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ALMOST LOL

          • Flyboyzay13

            Whites comprise of the majority of the population. ?It would only make sense that they receive welfare more than any other race. ?And your numbers are incorrect. ?Blacks comprise of 33% of welfare recipients (there are mixey numbers out there, most from opinionated people. ?You have to find the right source)


          • Flyboyzay13

            Whites comprise of the majority of the population. ?It would only make sense that they receive welfare more than any other race.?

        • Trojn23

          I don’t know about that one DUMBASS. Prove it.

      • ShellyLOC

        u are a fuckinq ass hole u should be lucky african americans are in this fucking world let me tell you some things you wouldnt have if it wasnt for us 1toothpaste yall nasty ass crackers would still be swishing baby piss n yall mouths 2 street lights 3 elevators 4 irons 5 washers n dryers 6 folding chairs n much much more so stop comin at our heads u fucking paracite u n ya moms prolly got mad STDs cuz mind u white people started all stds n shit so go suck some black dick n STFu n take this shit personal…….P.S. ya mother and ya lil siters stay on they knees thats wat white women are good for….lml

    • Jeremie Rhoades

      shot the fuck up mickey mouse

  • JW

    I wonder how many people took the week of work for that.

    • CallMeMrpain

      I DID GOT 3 pair selling them all on ebay..looks like ill be making some money this weak suckass!!

      • Geoff

        ?How much money did you lose by missing work you ingrate?

      • NikeCanSuckMyDick

        1. learn to use the right word.
        2. YOU DID NOT GOT 3 PAIRS
        3. Fuck You

      • Edavenport6791

        How much you want, I need a 12

        • NikeCanSuckMyDick

          i don’t know whos the bigger fucktard idiot. The idiot who wrote DID GOT 3 pairs or the idiot who believes HE DID GOT 3 pairs…

          • Sneakerhead

            You guys are all idiots he wasnt saying “he did got 3 pairs” he was responding to the comment above that said “i wonder how many people took the week off from work for that.”. He then responded i did, gor 3 pairs he just didnt use a comma. So dont bust on him when your the fucktard

          • william hill-geanes

            its the same thing

          • yo

            fuck all yall, lets go to disneyland

          • Fuckmicheal

            gor 3 pairs?

      • JW

        Hopefully you can use the money on literature lessons.

    • Fuckmicheal

      if i were you id wonder how many of them dont have a job

  • Mr. Rager

    And Nike really messed up by cancelling on line purchases. Everyone?went?to the stores to?purchases. what did they?expect… ?

  • Toyin Ekundayo


  • Jig

    What Nike is doing is really ridiculous the sneakers are hot but there should not be violence or riots over sneakers let’s b serious Nike Is adding to the violence and the government wont jump in because of course they pocket money off of this somehow its bs make more available stop doin this

  • Jsofly503

    That’s just it many ppls job is reselling kicks, or they think it is

  • Gonz81283

    I’m sorry but anyone who camps out for a week for some shoes is just a fuckin square.

  • ColeWorldnMostDope

    right now its the same thing at dadeland mall in miami. people camping out for a week. and some stores raising prices to 600. my 2 hook ups couldnt even hook mde up. one can but is asking for 600. but watever. not getting them.

    • Fuckmicheal

      thats not a hook up, when dood is raping you instead of said hook up, smh blacks

  • Erok

    Ni**as need to flashmob the Nike Stores ASAP!!!!! …sounds ignorant but hey… the way nike is treating loyal consumers is wrong!!!

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure you comprehend what a flash mob is. ?I don’t think a random song and dance will do much for getting NIKE to change the way they handle limited releases…

      • Erok Philly its a smash and grab…but they start calling mass dancing it and you get different definitions or go to youtube and type it and you get the same two choices

        • Fuckmicheal

          Bud, it?doesn’t?sound ignorant, it is just that, very ignorant. ?Nike?isn’t?doing anything different to their ‘loyal consumers”. ?they as a business, keep raising the prices on the same shoes that they keep releasing over the past ten years. ?Said “loyal consumers” continue to buy them up in 12 minutes, instead of going to another shoe brand. ?Also, Black people continue to fight each other in the mall for them, cause riots, scream, hoot, holler, smell like coco butter and spend my tax money on nikes. ?Nike knows you damn monkeys want to keep buying (spending money the government hands you on the 1st and?Th, they should make a rap song about that!!!)?shoes to climb all over your grandmothers porch instead of moving out of that shit hole area you spooks live in, you spend the welfare check on crack, booze,?wife-beaters, rims and?Jordan?shoes, but shit, at least?Jordan?was black!!

      • Erok

        Philly flash mob bad

        • Anonymous

          For sure, I got you. ?I just had a really funny mental image of some singing flash mob at a HOH or something lol.

          • Peedipete44

            Lmmmaaaooooo I had the same image lol that sounds better than the Philly flash lol

  • Vaskboss

    nike, jordan ect. just needs to make the retros and huge anticipated sneakers like they do the air forces ?and produce tons of them to keep the shelves stocked, and the resellers will be no more the long lines will be no more and this crazy nonsense of people killing, robbing, breaking into stores ect. would be a past memory. nike should be held some what accountable for what happens, they create a media hype, the news gets involved by showing long lines ?and speak of the violence but they never stop and ask the BIG QUESTION of ?WHY DO THEY NOT MAKE ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE???????????? ?we go about the whole situation the wrong way, when you want to get a problem fixed you must stick together instead of fighting and killing for a shoe. ?if enough people put nike, jordan and all the other huge companies in the hot seat and ask and ask and ask why they keep doing these stupid limited releases when theirs so many people getting hurt in many ways.. use our forums to link our information together and make that a media event, all i can say is shame on nike, im a jordan buyer shame on him too, so i didnt make an attempt to get the foams nor any of the other all star weekend shoes because in order for me to get the dave whites i would have had to deal with pg plaza mall and we all seen how that is going lmao?


      Tupac said it best, everyones talks about the government needs to do this, and needs to do that, but the communities don’t gather, and start a revolution. Believe it or not is not, it’s no different w/ this sneaker shit. If people can over run a country like the Libyan Arab Republic then why can’t us Americans do it to a Corporation,( not take it over, but make our voices heard.) Why? Because no one stands up, all we do is talk.

    • Skazike7

      Ay bro, imma stop ya there… tis true that generally, popular brand shoes should be held “somewhat” accountable for limiting hyped shoe quantities, but remember to judge yourself before you judge others; did you ever think that brands hype up shoes on they own? Nah, we tend to set the firewood, like open-minded of shoes, and popular brands spark a flame with those shoes wit dif. CWs, and we fan the flame as a whole when we accept it, so supply n demand, depending on how many people hype a shoe brand, it’s type n colorway, and the limited addition note, it causes us (imma go ahead n add myself) to fight amongst each other for a material item, which brands put up their status and kind of shoe, along with a limited edition colorway. Basically, we need to weigh the predicaments more sufficiently, or you’ll continue to be blind to the truth. I like dese shoes too, but through anticipation, the hype leads to violence, so i’ll pass this as a lost cause. :/

  • chitownbull

    FCUK NIKE and retailers for causing this nonsense and high prices even at retail imo SMH

  • SpaceAcexNYC

    Isn’t this post Way late? The week long line is old news

  • Blue

    I never camp out for shoes online only

    nike needs to make shoes more?available?online?

    and the big shoe websites need to fix there?websites so they don’t crash??

  • Johnnnyhansome

    nicekicks nike and house of hoops promote the bs

  • President Ward

    These went harder then the air jordan 11 “concord” release…. Concords look way better tho… :-)

    • Iswag

      U sound fucking stupid. There u go talking about another shoe u wish you had “concords” going harder then galaxy’s?? Uhm ok. Ura bitch,and fuk you and faggot ass smiley faces. Bitch ass boy

      • NikeCanSuckMyDick

        you mad bro?

  • Erok

    Ni**as got to get real….right now everyone’s screaming fuk nike until the next limited release….sneaker heads need to take six months off from coppin kicks..( i know … hard to do) but how do you make corporations shortening their cash flow. But Nike is banking on our consumer ignorance and 99.9% of the time they cash out because when the next yeezy or foam comes out…the same silliness happens.

  • Derpityderpderpderp

    unless you are or know a employee at house of hoops YOU AREN’T/WEREN’T GETTING THESE. Not sure what the malls were expecting probably should have done a better job with security, should have known that when thousands of people try to get something there is 10 of or nothing at all and it’s a bunch of rowdy kids problems might arise

  • dammit manny

    Sad, all this violence over shoes. The worst part is it can be avoided. You would think that they would offer more shoes to get more money, instead they sell the shoes for a couple hundred dollars just for that person to turn around and sell them for 400. If Nike didn’t make some releases so limited they would be able to make extra 200 instead of the reseller. I understand the hype and trying to make things limited, but dont they see what they’re causing with their irresponsible practices? And they know they can get away with it, because on the next release, same shit is gonna happen.

  • DugLast

    Copping a limited sneaker makes the score feel that much sweeter. There’s nothing wrong with that. The problem comes when folks who don’t really love this culture decide violence in the name of copping is cool. That’s the b.s. It’s not like exclusive sneakers are a new thing. Over-hyped releases and an out of control resale market are what’s new (and its killing us). Some releases are GRs and others are limited. If you love this culture, you understand that and know some releases will be out of reach.

  • Guy with long paragraphs

    There’s nothing wrong with limited?availability what is wrong is how nike went about it by taking them offline which is?ridiculous?because now they put more money into the pockets of the ebay resellers. I think its cool and nostalgic that certain shoes are out for limited time only but it gets bad when people have to camp out for a week ,cut work and give up important things in life for a pair of fucking shoes. These stores need better security and should be held responsible not nike because then everyone will be complaining how everyone has the same shoe. Online availiablity+security at malls=success??

  • hoss

    I say we riot at nike and phil knights house no bull if it helped all of us id drive from PA to god knows where to make the point that this is all bull well break down their doors let off gun shots pepper spray trample guards and shit at their residence n business. Let them handle it instead of local cops and malls scum bags

  • Johnnythrorocks

    This always makes me laugh. ?I understand camping out for a sneak though. ?But 1 week. ?That’s crazy. ?I’m a nerd so this is how I look at it. ?

    24hrs in a day.
    168 hrs in a week.
    Shoes Retail for $220
    Resale is $1,500-2,000 more or less
    Profit is $1,280-1,780 more or less?
    That means, These people that have camped out for a week have made anywhere from $7.62-10.60hr. ?Now if Camping out for a sneaker for a week is your job, or that’s what you think is your job and your income, than “Put a Quarter in your Ass cause you played yourself” Hahaha It’s actually less cause if you sell on ebay they take 11% of the sale. ?So subtract another $220. ? Hahahaha ?Awesome!!!!!!

  • Johnnythrorocks

    I respect people who camp out to keep the shoes. ?I don’t respect the people that camp to resell. ?You know….. the people that make $7.62-10.60hr. ?Get Lost!

  • odetofresh

    Yall see that dude that was trying to trade his car for em

    • am000

      lmao…fo real tho?

  • Purplegorillagang

    You cant be mad people r camping over them joints doe, As soon as they come out they gon be worth 2 stacks pretty much! Tell me yal wouldnt camp on the streets for 2 stacks mayybbeeee !?

    • igotthoseearly

      ^^^^^^example of ignorance^^^^^^^^

      • Sam

        “doe” says it all

  • Izm One

    Was anybody else at House of Hoops at Northpark in Dallas? ?I was 5th in line when the cops made us disperse from the bridge around midnight-1am. ?I’m curious how it ended up? ?I left at like 3am once 9 million people showed up and your chances of copping any of the shoes (foams, lebron, whatever) went out the window. ?I’m curious how it played out. ?

  • Jerks

    Easy to wait in line when you’re black and unemployed because you’re stupid, as are your ancestors.

  • XKY

    Shit!? It was the Galaxies that was heat?? I thought it was?the Spizike Italy, that’s why I copped it.? I knowed somethin’ was wrong…

  • NikeCanSuckMyDick


  • Rusnadj2002

    I am so baffled by this too, mainly the violence and rioting. I think this is really messing it up for the sneaker game. I rather get a real job and make money like normal people. Waiting in a cheese line for days is not an accomplishment and certainly not an achievement. I CAN pay $2000 for a pair of shoes but choose not to because JB and Nike are really taking this out of line. If I can get a general release I will but this is just sad. It’s sad that these kids are doing this. Its kids that are probably going to be high school dropouts or are high school dropouts. So you make 4 thousand dollars ONCE or twice a year? How often do you do this? and for how long can you do this? If you are an adult (defined as having a job and responsibilities) and you are doing this then you are a disgrace to society. You should walk to your closest UPS store and fill out an application because your aptitude will only enable you to go so far in life. Final word- Foamposites used to be cool in the late 90s. Now, they are clown shoes.

  • Chris

    Man, I wonder where all the hype came from. I wonder if there was a specific place where new images eere shown every week so as to spark the interest of so many! Maybe there was a specific web site. Idk?!!!!

  • DevinThomas

    Would you rather keep your eyes or penis if you had to choose??

    • NikeCanSuckMyDick



    i say fuck nike,jordan brand, etc and we thepeople who spend are hard earned money on thes overprice shoes that go up 5 to 10 dollars every release .And we boycott nike espeically black because im black and im tired of nike taking advantage of everybody especially black folks.Nike takes money out of our pockets so fuck it lets start taking some out of there pockets.And then will get more supply for these relase vs the 10 pair divided by 300 plus people in line where i was at……….o and i did nt get a pair of the foams or lebrons i had to settle for the kobe asg which by the way are’nt that bad…..but on a real note who feels me on a nike and jordan brand boycott

    • Anonymous

      I’m with u bro I waited all night in Harlem for the foams first in line hoh 6 these cock suckers with tickets just stroll in they sell them the foams none of us who waited all night since midnight got a pair lost to the fag re sellers

  • Daabulls312


  • Bradley H

    smh @ dude from City Tech missing tests to camp out for some foams….i see where his priorities are at. I got a good paying job, and i get a good amount of PTO, but i’d NEVER camp for some kicks other than a couple of hours. ionno how ya’ll mofos do that shit for days or even a week…hypebeast mentality has gone too bloodclaat far…

  • Mobforce181

    Nike make more and stop the bullshit you people will make so much money rite now

  • yoboy

    i got us8.5 ds foams for trade. hit me up

    • Sam

      Fuck people like you.

  • Anonymous

    I just read right now that one of the best online store in europe (sweden)? will not sell those shoes online only in store. I think people are really mad right now because y’all look forward to it because last time when they release air jordan concords 18.000 people worldwide tried to ordered? it online & the server crashed that’s why they decide not to sell online this time because of this hype right now that’s crazy lol but me i just happy for that because for now it will be less of a problem lol but i haven’t decide if i will cop those shoe yet because i have coped a lot of jordan & more crazy stuff that’s enough i think right now. But if? y’all think it will be hard to get i might hook only few people up with those shoe with no problem. Be safe peeps because nike want it to be crazy lol.

    • DevinThomas

      Well you can hook me up want my email?

  • Sp

    I have a size 10…need to trade for a 10.5 or 11…email me at

  • A. Noel White

    Thanks Nicekicks. I needed this story for my paper!

  • Feffy

    They look ugly in person

  • smd cuss im kevin

    i got all 15 pair in hoh in the staten island mall … yea so eat my nutty bananas they are large and in charge