The lineup at the Florida Mall in Orlando, FL turned to an ugly scene after apparently shots were fired into the air and Orlando Police ordered the mall shut down for the release of the Galaxy Foamposites.

It was estimated that more than 3,000 people were gathering outside Florida Mall. ?According to reports from multiple sources the mall did not form a line, nor did they disclose to the public how many pairs of shoes were available for purchase.

We will fill you in with details as we get them, but for now we have a video shot by Nice Kicks reader @itsADOLLA of the mayhem.

  • Luchinimobb

    nike prob laughin @ this smh?
    they dont give a fuck bout the chaos they cause

    • Rataface805

      Yikes I wanted the foams but I don’t wanna get shoot over some kix. I fuck niketown Santa Monica they are shady I got my 2 Dave white 1’s from finishline told them suckas at Nike Santa Monica I was going to have the last laugh. Lol lol lol lol 😉

    • Jean-Louis Renaissance Thierry

      ?So this is Nike’s fault and not the dumbasses who fired shots and like these UGLY ass shoes??

      • Ima Beast!!

        ?i was out there and there last night and i didnt hear any shots. the problem was some idiot ran from across the street earlier than he was supposed to and then everyone else did. police cleared out the 1000 people out and then everyone rushed the door again which is why they called the riot crew to send those who ran home

    • Vicki

      They are just greedy people who like the hyoe and dont cane about the people who get trampled on–They are sick capilatists.

    • Anonymous

      I have an idea…..get an education so you can make at the MINIMUM $45-$50,000 dollars. Then you can afford to spend a extra hundred dollars online, rather than camp out for $220 dollars and risk life, limb or eyesight. Just saying get your priorities right and make and impact in society rather than being the guy with the cool kicks. That is all!!!!!

      • jasonm

        an extra hundred?? yeeeah. go to ebay and check some of the prices on there bro lol?

      • Ede88

        well said.

      • Melo22

        this guys the only one with a brain, ppl camping out in a week to save a grand? Bro if you can’t make a grand in a week your USELESS.

        • Luisakanutz

          LMAO @Melo22 My nigga came at niggas heads. i mean if your camping for a week str8, how you maken ya money anyways. i only “camp out” a fucken hour or 2. other then that, im ON to THE next ONE

          • Sneaksneak

            completely agree. there shouldnt be a line until there is only 1 MAYBE 2 hours until the store opens

      • Kelvin Ojo

        I absolutely agree with the statement 140% how is it that most of the people getting the shoes are barely making ends meet and YET THEY STILL MANAGE to afford lining up for shoes ? Show some priority my friends. Not only that but its only shoe releases that people with animalistic urges seem to attract , look at iPhone or iPad releases all organized but sneakers! different story..

        • Anonymous

          ?it’s more a cultural problem than a sneaker problem… They camp out in Japan for kicks since ages because of all the exclusive releases they get, and you will never see such a thing there.

          • Nihon Sneakerhead

            thats not true. I live in tokyo and camped out for the Jordan 5 T23 release in Kichijoji and people were grabbing other people out of the way, shouting and yelling at each other and arguing. They had to call security because shit was getting out of hand. After that all conflicts died down.?

          • Anonymous

            ?ok “never” was not the right word, i admit it, but you must agree on the fact that it happens very less often than in the states, and people in Japan are less likely to bring weapons there, break the shop window or gate to get in, or just create an incident that go so bad that riot police and ambulances show up in mass…

      • Where To Start?

        3000? people line up for days? =?2250$ at FlightClub ?Sickening Supply&Demand Inflation?

      • amenhotep

        your trippin. u shouldn’t have to get a product at an aftermarket premium because you want to be safe or maintain your dignity while purchasing them. it IS nikes fault that things are this way. They domt set restrictions or rules for retailes releasing the items in a sensible fashion AND they unnecesarily intensify demand for buzz. They pull strings and muscle retailers around all the time Y not for the sake of better servicing nikes own consumer. Its irresponsible and reprehensible, and its coniving. they already twice increased the price of the shoe and they produce them at lower quality.?? Education is great but you are advising people to be uneducated consumers and waste hard earned money by letting a company get away with setting?up a fictional price point for an already overpriced item And let uneducated people ur railing against extort money fro people with too much sense and jobs to report to. Companies owe nothing to their customers?? ad people dont owe it to themselves to be smarter buyers???? What if brooksbrothers or allen edmonds did this. Stop getting? caught in the convinient generalisation and actually know the issue.


      I was stayin at the waldorf astoria in disney its a nice hotel and i saw micheal jordan there because of the all star game being in orlando and he was wearin these lol but yea fuck nike theres a reason they didnt release them online on their website and this hype wtf? I dont understand the hype for THESE shoes they arent even that good looking smh.

      • Luisakanutz

        i must reconsider, them bitchs is hot. maybe some of the hottest kicks to come out this year (even though the sample version is better). and COME ON your names i love fusions. fusions were the wrost creations to ever hit the mother fucking public market.

    • ConM22

      ?nike is causing the chaos. its these people that will do anything for a pair of shoes. its rediculous. No one can honestly blame nike.

    • The Cops

      Why should they?? If you a ignornat sumbitch, you gone be a ignorant sumbitch with or without a sneaker release.

      • Brett Burgundy

        lmmfao truth

    • [CaRL] WiLLs SiDeKicK

      You’re right this is just what happened with the Concords, as long as Nike is getting their money they don’t give a f*** of the chaos. Or maybe they do….

  • MosDef

    first…and all this chaos for a pair of kicks

  • cm3


  • Norcal27


    • Luisakanutz


  • Jason Coker

    I wonder how PG plaza is doing ??? I hear PG Police sirens on blast right now smh?

    • LaFlare SoIcey

      PG Mall cancel their release date for everything, i spent like 12hrs in line i went at 11am.they gone release em at another time

      • mr. childs

        ?first time i have seen them keep people from lining up at the normal spot though

      • Sneaksneak

        part of the problem. 12hrs? No one should be in line until 1 or 2 hours before the store open.

  • Anonymous

    ?Let’s not pretend like we didn’t know this would happen.

    • Bigbadaboom

      I am expecting worse things to happen?

  • fuck yolo

    i hate ignorance.

    • Luisakanutz

      i love ignorence!?

  • Nolaboy504

    Nike =assholes!

  • freeballer

    WE HAVE TO CHANGE THINGS. The human race is NOT advancing.

    • Jay

      ?No, Black People aren’t advancing.

      • Bram

        what you said isnt even racist anymore… it is true

        • 916er_ent

          Blacks? Free baller had it right with the human race. If blacks weren’t wearing the sneaks or cared for em, you wannabe suckas wouldn’t have a reason to be out there. LMAO Copy everything we do then have the nerve to say we ain’t advancing. Fuck Jay and Bram not for their race but for those dumbass opinions. Police probably fired the shots to anyway.

        • A MuPhuckin Black Man

          read my above comment. it’s white fux like you that get innocent white fux beat up just for the phuck of it. Protect your kind, cuz if we (black people) could see your face…. it prolley wouldn’t look the same when we’re done with it….BITCH.

      • Steve Stiffler

        Freeballer had it right. ?THE HUMAN RACE. ?Lets not make this a black/white issue.

        • blake

          fuck u niggers with ur refund checks spending it all on shoes?

          • Vito

            you man cuz your mom still claim you on your taxes. I hate people that categorize and entire ethnic group for what a select few of the that group does. Why are you cursing people our calling them niggers where that word derived from the african word ngr meaning GOD. You a clown forreal know your history istead of trying so hard to change it. White is the offspring of Black. So that means you my son. Better get my father’s day card before i slap you mama with my mandigo.

          • Mr.Jackson to you

            He SONND the shit outtta you!!! lmao very well said Vito…

          • Rufus

            ?No it didn’t, you idiot, it derives from the spanish “negro” for black and the latin “niger” also meaning black. Its a mispronunciation that formed its own word, and sure as hell didn’t derive from a word meaning God.

          • A MuPhuckin Black Man

            powder pussy ass bitch. i hate racists. especially broke ones. with no life. go play in rush hour traffic with a blindfold on. matter fact, go tell the first five black people you see that they’re “niggers”….I’ll wait.

      • A MuPhuckin Black Man

        what makes you think they were black? and what makes you think black people aren’t advancing? It’s Yankees like you that make black people hate white people….

    • Johnnnyhansome

      i see nothing but white boys and spanish people in the video and first on line at stores so why is it always about BLACKS… get your shit straight

      • abe

        because its spanish,white & and asian boys who are the most beastly of the hypebeast,a few years ago they didnt give 2 shits about basketball sneakers with history.they just doing this for likes on their instagrams and tumblr

  • Luibag

    $2,700….lol right

  • Lickballs

    silly nigs galaxies are for kids

    • A MuPhuckin Black Man

      Phuck you, u white pig-bellied, wet dog smellin, bologna sandwich eatin, family member datin, wrangler jean wearin, tobacco chewin, don’t even know what a “nice kick” is, closet full of Converse havin, trailer-park livin, slave to a black man. stay in yo lane Yankee. Silly pussy, internet thugs are bitches.

      • Sneaksneak

        HAHA “internet thugs are bitches” look whos talkin. how do you even know dude is white?

  • Homari Williams

    damn damn DAMN

  • TJ ?ays

    lmao, its not even that serious tho. No classy respectable females r lookin ur way when ur in some rainbow shoes. Resells?

    • Moses Davis


    • Anonymous

      ?So true to life..


      i dont know what you talkn about but i got a video of me beating a?bad white chick, all?cuz I was at the bar rocking my Galaxy’s……………..and by?beating i mean (slamming, laying the pipe,)?

  • Kelso11508

    did this nigga say…YOLO!!??? smfh

    • Sneaksneak

      that shit had me rollin! he thought it was aight too

  • Tony McDay

    ?you know someone did this just to mess up the line. idiots! mall should know better. this was hyped for weeks now.

  • Anonymous

    Damn “Farooq Voice”

    • JHall

      Lmao.. Ron Simmons!! My dude.. DAMN

  • mdove

    All this for an overhyped pair of shoes. smfh

  • Eazzybx

    yoo i saw myself in the video lmaoo by the honda accord

    • sfb


  • Davey Haugey

    why people gettin all salty and shiiii? I already have 3 pairs on lock and 2 more on the way bruh bruh

    • Rudycrackcorn

      Amy 11.5

      • Rudycrackcorn

        *any 11.5

    • TheDonSneakerHead

      ?Who cares though? You’re gonna be walking with fruity pebbles on your feet.? You cool cuz you got a pair of foams?? lmao, 382 kicks and counting you keep those fruit loop looking kicks lol.


      Thanks for ruining the shoe game you greedy bastard.

    • abe

      where you get them from

    • Crackheem

      No the fuck you don’t.

      • JasonM

        Exactly. this dudes over here talking like he has 5 pairs of a shoe that has only had 1,500 being released across the entire country?? get real bro. post some pics i wanna see if you even have ONE pair lol

  • Anonymous

    you guys that are blaming nike are out of minds..

    • Jihod1


    • Rian Create Patterson

      Don’t be ignorant to the fact that these problems have simple solutions. Solutions that only Nike can bring forth.

      • Erok

        Basically when the police departments around the country start charging Nike for the man power to control crowds and prevent riots they will get the point. Until then ignorance is bliss….

  • Fuckgodimbetter

    hahaha FUCK THESE FAGS i already got mine hope they never release these and they become more exclusive and the price jumps even higher

    • guest

      ?No. You don’t have anything. Stop pretending like your special.

    • Theoneandonly

      hypebeast fuck boy

    • JasonM

      post a link to some photos of your pair. until then you are just on a forum being a ?hypebeast …you know you didnt get shit. did goodseller hook you up with an early pair?? lol?

  • Pnaart

    glad i didnt go,?

  • Dwolfson92

    There’s gonna be so many riots that these shits are never gonna release… OR nike can make them actually available…?

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t see much of an ERUPTION here. Other than the damn slimscreen formatted video going apeshit circles.

  • Anonymous

    I’m about to stop caring about kicks all together because of this shit. I can’t even be mad at the hypebeasts and resellers because Nike facilitates this kind of behavior. I think they should start doing online raffles or something so this stupid shit won’t happen.

    • Keepinemdeadstock

      i agree 100%

    • Guest

      Me and my brother were just talking about how stuff like this has killed the reason why we actually liked kicks

    • Sneaksneak

      exactly what I was thinking. i would hate to be associated with this kind of stupidity. Like really all they have to do is make more, then theyd sell more and make more money. why should nike care about exclusivity, its not like they are the ones collecting. besides they get nothing off of the resale money. plus it gives them a bad rep. just all-around bad business

      • Anonymous

        EXACTLY!!! They acting like they’re some high end brand, and not a sportswear brand. If they truly cared about exclusivity, they would be selling them for $500+, not 220. If they keep doing ish like this, I’ma bank on the Yeezys to pay for my tuition.

  • Kash Harris

    the thing thats making this worse is the people on ebay bidding on these rape prices smh

    • TheDonSneakerHead

      ?Exactly the inhibitor’s willing to pay that is ridiculous smh

      • Jhall376

        Resellers are under educated fool who cant get a real job

        • mr. childs

          maybe, but some are kids/young adults that could be doing much worse things…i dont knock em, but i also dont support em…

        • Steve Stiffler

          ???? ?I Resell All the time. ?Im educated And have a real job. ?God chose to give me sz 13 feet. ?If i can’t get my size, i HAVE to buy whatever is available, Resell it, and then use that profit to pay ANOTHER ?reseller for my size. ?Stop hating on all resellers, ?It’s a inconvenient process some ppl have to go through to get what we want.

        • Raheem

          Maybe it’s the people who are willing to pay those outrageous prices that are “under educated”

          I love kicks to death, but if I waited for 11 hours and the only?available?size is a 14, I’m gonna flip em, make some money, and then buy my size for the best deal I can find. The almighty dollar’s always gonna prevail in this country and Nike knows it. Remember when the Air Jordan 1’s were 65 bucks? Remember when Nike was sold at K-Mart? They can hike prices as much as they want, cause some fool is always going to buy. The more “exclusive” the kick, the more money is going to be made, just look at the MAGS.?

          Guess what I’m trying to say is that the more hype means the more craziness, ?and it’s just going to get worse.

          • Sneaksneak

            yeah look at the MAGS, nike didnt get a single penny off them. they made around $2mil for 1500 pairs all for charity. They could have sold 1mil for $200 a piece and had $200mil instead of $2mil.

  • K1H2O

    there just kicks lol so many nice pairs out other than the galaxy

  • DMK

    It was hardly “chaos”, HOH management dropped the ball when they decided to ban campers andor any kind of common sense line that they could have formed earlier in the day. They did not release any of the shoes and stated that the Foams would be shipped back to Nike for online sales.?

    • Bradley H

      so wait….banning campers is a bad thing now??? o_0

      now, if they didnt have any type of line set up a few hours prior to the release, then that is different…

  • Daddy

    I hope mad niggas died fuck you silly Lil niggas that od over shoes and fuck Nike for not making enough pairs.

    • Nike


  • Tony McDay

    blame more on mall and store. could have handed out numbers , and had people come back 8am. many spots in nyc did that. long lines for hours just brings the fools out at some point.

  • Jean-Louis Renaissance Thierry

    What happened to Orlando tho…heard its mad ratchet and after watching this video I’m not surprised

  • Anonymous

    Nike’s scorecard for every new release,
    Nike Galaxy Foamposite:
    Niigas in lines x300,000
    Niggas fighting x1500
    Niggas tearing down store doors x700
    Niggas trampled x500
    Niggas shot x30

    Nike Exec.: Job well done boys..


  • Dakidanf

    oh shit I when I used to live in Florida I used to shop at this mall all the time lmfaooo. damn i didnt know something this wild would happen sheesh

  • EightBitKICKS

    I live by there too lol

  • TheDonSneakerHead

    Easy fix for this ignorance, SELL ONLINE!!!! Is it really worth people getting shot or stabbed or robbed?? Niggaz is straight ignorant and petty. Too many idiot in one location, spread’m!!

    • Walt_love12

      I agree with this bc what’s a mofo gonna do?!? Shoot his computerY

  • Eric GuMz Edmondson

    Congress is going to step in and regulate Nike smh.

    • Vicki

      someone should regulate Nike and their?greedy manipulation. they are out of control

      • Erok

        If they are exploiting children and poor people in the factories that produce their kicks…what do you think they are willing to do over here. They exploit everything..what heads should do is….occupy Nike….see how they like it when thousands of angry consumers get ignorant on their campus.?

  • Iannnn

    it wasnt that bad at all. i was there. no shots fired, it was fireworks. they had riot police and horses thought… it was a crazy experience.

  • Bkamagnum

    its all for resell or just to say you got a pair of foams no one else do

  • Anonymous


  • Hahaha

    what so special about the foams onestly i like buying shoes but dose r one ugly shoes i ever seen?

  • Rashrdthomas

    its crazy how people act over shoes now days…. sad… It is Nike fault for not making enough shoes to satisfy the customers. They have all this money and technology to make better and more shoes but instead they have limited pairs which make people fight and act crazy just to get shoes. Whoever is supply manager and product overseer should be fired. The quality of the shoes is going down and not enough supply. I wish someone would make a big protest with Nike and Jordans. Eventhough I love the shoes, but hating the quantity and quality.

  • Anonymous

    ahhh?fortuitous general public that effortlessly procured this pulchritude feature. =)

  • Anonymous

    Y’all blaming Nike for this mess are straight ignorant. ?Don’t forget to blame McDonald’s for fat kids and Smith and Wesson for people getting shot, too. ?The problem isn’t Nike, it’s stupid ignorant fucks who don’t have their priorities straight. ?

    • Guest

      So the fact that nike makes 3 pairs of a shoe so that they can re-release them years later for profit knowing that the masses are going to want it leading to this chaos is not nike’s fault? if they made more of this shoe and people weren’t so pressed to get their hands on the “golden ticket” you don’t think events like this would be less likely to happen?

      • Miles Jordan

        ?so its in human nature to fight over sneakers? gtfo….u dont see ppl fighting or riot over limited edition comic books, toys and etc. cant go around blamin corporate for everything… each their own action…at the end of the day its business and these rioting fools are creating the marketing for nike… i wonder how the sneaker game would be better off without ppl acting below animal standards…horrible society we live in…

    • Rian Create Patterson

      To some degree. Nike is using a simple economic strategy called “supply and demand”. They could easily produce more shoes and prevent this from happening. Scheduled rereleases and such.

      • The Shoe Game is Corrupt

        Releasing 1000 pairs of a “super limited” $220 shoe (I don’t know how many pairs were released) would certainly make a lot LESS money than if they just sold them as a GR for $220. The people reselling the sneakers are making more than $1,000+ profit. Nike is being run by idiots.

        • Anonymous

          You make 1000 pairs and sell all 1000 pairs. ?You don’t lose any money in that situation. ?Super limited or not, bottom line is you sell through all your product and maximize profits. ?Make 5000 pairs, sell 4000, make money, give the leftovers to factory outlets for reduced prices to still make profit but not as much had they sold through it all in the first place. ?You also have to look at the intangibles. ?The media hype alone is priceless. ?Now you have people who didn’t even know what a “Foamposite” was thinking about them in some way. ?

          I also don’t like what has happened as a result of things being so rare, but I’m not going to blame an entire company for the actions of some imbeciles who value a shoe more than their car, who are willing to stomp on another human to get their “prize”, or who take off from getting an education or working. ?Priorities, y’all. ?We have to get them straight or there’s no hope for us. ??

          • Sneaksneak

            WRONG! NIKE’s whole super-limited shit is just BAD-BUsiness! “The SHoe Game is Corrupt” is right. they see the hype and demand for the shoe, so they announce? re-release or just do better research in the first place. That would almost solve the problem there. NIKE making this shit exclusive so when they retro this people will want it more. Really theres is a whole bunch of seales they will be missing out on cuz they didnt make enough to supply the demand

  • Gabriel Kao

    Penny’s statement on this.

    “Truth be told everybody, while the love for the brand is certainly appreciated, it should never EVER go down like this. Never! Rioting? Looting? Tear gas? Over a Penny shoe? Never cool and it’s beyond unfortunate. Please know that much.?”

    • JasonM

      Great statement, but it holds no weight, because he will still do business with Nike, and he will certainly be cashing those checks that come in from all the Foam releases. So until he refuses to do business with Nike or takes a real stand against the Company and not the people, his statement doesnt really mean shit.

      • Sneaksneak

        He could at least talk to some big wigs at Nike to try and convince them to not make it Ultra limited

  • youknowwhatitis!

    you cant blame nike for other peoples ignorance, hypebeast = no life?= dead over a pair of kicks

  • Chappstick4321

    Hiding in the parking lot they threw out everyone out and canceled the release I really hope I don’t waste 10 hours for nothing. Idk ill get the lebron durants and kobes if I can’t get these

  • Omar Powell

    pretty much the scene everywhere. i was in the front of the line at the HOH in Michigan…police shut it down and pepper sprayed some ppl?

  • Quan Jordan

    That was me in the video from 2:00-2:08 (Standing in the group with tan pants and a black jacket) btw lml and From me actually being there and experiencing this chaos i don’t blame it on Nike I blame it on FL Mall the mall were this happened at they wouldn’t just hand out tickets or let ppl camp they told ppl they will be a midnight release and people cannot line up until 11pm now yall tell me does that make any since it was over 1,000+ ppl waiting around outside of small HOH trying to wait to jump in line SMH FL Mall managers are A: Retards or B: Like some one said above Nike wanted this chaos to build there image either way its sad. The mall as well threatened they will not release them ne more….well see ill be there everyday until they can get some fuckin organization nd have a normal release!?

  • DooDooStainsInYaMomsUnderwear

    I partially blame Nike. They know these idiots come out and camp for days for shoes that they intentionally limit. They know goons swing by malls and HOH’s throughout the country for this type of shit…yet Phil Knight, nor any Nike representative wants to do anything about it. If you can’t control the masses, gotta cut off the source of the hysteria and that’s Nike.

    • Landopanda

      FYI, Phil Knight retired in 2004 and is no longer involved in day to day operational business

  • MercedesSLR

    Some idiots are paying $51,400 dollars on eBay for a size 10. What’s sad is that their are 44 bids! That’s more than the Nike Mags!

    • Kayton Tippman

      ?those are fake…ebay dont regulate fake bids

  • Phil Knight

    Satan and I have made a pact to control the shoe game. You are all our sheep…let the genocidal slaughter begin!

    • Yak

      Burn in Hell Phil!

  • Tinie


  • Anonymous

    Can guarantee Ill be walking in & out of NikeTown London with 2-3 pairs of these Galaxy Foams SO?IF YOU STILL WANT A PAIR HIT ME UP ON TWITTER @ImTorch AND LOOK OUT FOR MY EBAY AUCTIONS (kieran22495)?AS WELL AS THAT KEEP IN MIND THE AIR YEEZY 2 ?DROP SOON & ILL HAVE A FEW PAIRS OF THOSE NEARER THE TIME!!!

  • Mmmm

    I 100% blame Nike. Fools are going to be fools, but they could’ve curbed the idiocy a great deal.?

  • Jaysonknocks

    I really like foamposites and these would have been a nice addition to the collection, but all the stress is NOT worth it… They’re JUST shoes!

  • P.Bateman

    Im taking my heater

  • smokealot

    this pisses me off. why are 3000 people there. all the blogs and even NIKE?made it clear that these were limited quantity so why so many people there. my rule is if your not the the first 50 than start headed home espeacially with a release like that.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously. What do #51-3000 think is going to happen? ?Foamposites are just going to be magically restocked? ?I know there’s at least one person in that group that’s looking to grab a box from #1 and make a run for it, too. ?That’s for damn sure.?

  • Mr Odom

    whats going on at pg mall

  • sneakerhead89

    damn so they canceld the release?!!!! damn shits are? crazy!!! see ignorant ppl always fuck up shit for everybody,i was at the mall in miami and let me tell you…..pure chaos.sHIT WAS NOT ORGANIZED ALL…..then they got the nerve to tell us “first come first serve” so u got a bunch of niggas fightin for a spot..fuckin pathetic…as much as i want them i hope nobody gets them real shit!

  • Carlyle23

    First off id like to say some info was wrong. There was NO lineup anywhere, the reason why? Well because the Florida Mall did not allow (Camping Out). It was a midnight release and they expected everyone to get here at 11:00 pm with no problem, WRONG!! At 9:00pm when the mall closed every one that did not work at the mall was kicked out, and waited across the street. Then at 10:00pm everyone started running across the parking lot to get to the front, keep in mind there were at least 2,500 people. So people got trampled, people got pushed. Then a heard of police came at least 70 to at most 100 and they cleared us out and told us it was canceled. Then there was a second attempt at 11:00pm (ORIGINAL SET TIME) once again 2,500 people ran from across the street to House of Hoops but this time police had their Riot gear was up and ready and people were shot with bean bag guns.

    • Anonymous

      Thats hilarious, bean bag guns wow!

  • Smeca1231

    Soooo….I was in the line or what was suppose to not be a line at PG plaza until 3am….im sure if they rerelease this will be even worse….9 pairs only available….

  • Laughin at Nike’s failure

    Nike is to blame for this shit, this is the consequence for making this Such a limited release maybe next time they’ll rethink the super limited release so maybe after all you shoulda just put em on the website

    • Hakheem Sanders

      ?why cant ppl just act right for once…nike dont create behavior problems…arent we all able to think on our own?…its goons with fucked up schemes thats killing the sneaker community…

  • Smeca1231

    Dying or getting injured for a shoe is not worth it and for those who were able to cop a pair be thankful that you still have your life BC this mess was unorganized and ridiculous…

  • Ian

    here’s an idea. Why don’t stores set up a raffle a week before leading up to the release. have a bucket for each size they have in stock. customers stop by the store and fill out a entry (maybe use a computer so there are no multiple entries.) the day of the release the store draws one winner of each size ands calls them to pick up their shoes. the winner has 24 hours to pick up the shoe or it will go to another person picked.

    • sneakerhead89

      funny shit because shoe gallery in miami ?is the only place that had sense enough to do the raffle..

    • sneakerhead89

      funny shit because shoe gallery in miami ?is the only place that had sense enough to do the raffle..

    • DugLast

      Agreed. It should be done this way. With a release this limited, no one needs to know when you’re picking them up. It would be a lot safer.

    • Drwilson

      Succezz in Chicago did a raffle too last night at 7pm. They had 15 pairs, don’t know if it got outta control or not. Was there during the day & it was all quiet on the front, but I’m sure that changed significantly as the auction time got closer. Hope nobody got injured or robbed. Smh

  • Carlyle23

    Here’s an update over here in Orlando. A Nike Rep has told us that the situation was brought to Nikes Attention and they have decided to completely remove all galaxy sneakers off the shelves here in Orlando indefinitely

  • Slimy

    This is not Nike’s fault.
    This is HoH fault.
    Any of these stores that say, “no lines until 5-6 am day of release” are retarded.
    All that does is promote violence and disorder.
    Figure out a way to release limited shoes or go back to school you incompetent ass managers.

  • Nat Turner

    if they made a million pair you punks wouldn’t even want em. So Nike is not the problem. If you don’t wear shoes don’t buy them. They do go on your feet remember. Theses are suppose to be basketball shoes. Don’t sound like that’s what these are purchased for but you wanna blame Nike. Blame Nike for making a basketball shoe that no one plays basketball in. People are stupid for being disappointed for not getting a shoe they plan not use properly anyway. Real sneaker heads copp to rock. Anyway reselling sneakers can’t get mad about gas prices both work the same way. Greedy speculators!!!!!!!!!

    • Sneaksneak

      WRONG! the technology is outdated. they aren’t for playing basketball in 2012. they are classified as casual, just like RETRO jordans.

  • Anonymous

    The game is getting to out of control. Hopefully one day Nike just says enough is enough and makes enough to meet demand. Then these lineups won’t be needed. I remember when lining up was fun, but now its too risky. I paid extra to get them online and that’s the way its gonna continue until Nike does something about this.

  • Kobe Bryant

    Yall blaming?Nike?like it’s there fault. They made a product that everyone wants. It’s not there problem or?responsibly?to make sure store outside of the Nike chain to have good smooth releases. It’s the stores own fault if they don’t set up a system to distribute the shoes. More then half the people on the line are probably just?re-sellers?not even people who want the shoes for themselves.

  • Anonymous

    This is sad. But i cant judge anybody. some people like them cause the hype, some sneaker heads need them for their collection, and you cant really fault the resellers on these come on pay 220 sell for 2220 (at least). But i just hate the windowshoppers up there just to start stuff?with no?intentions of getting them not even $200 in there pocket…smh ?Me i just wanted the KD’s and i got to deal with all this mess. they should of released the foams on their own?separate?day.


  • Steve Stiffler

    The HOH in Indianapolis Greenwood was just as incompetent. ?You couldnt be on mall premises until 11pm and they really expected ppl wouldnt Bumrush the doors. ?The Dumbest release i have ever seen. ?The store Managers are partially responsible for the nationwide chaos. ?In the end, NOBODY got a pair of the Galaxies. ?

  • Natekheem Lopez

    KOP around Philly was much more civilized…got a pair and guess what….its gonna be used to run ball in at Temple today! quit blaming nike you fools…ur only giving excuses to them “hood niggas”….ppl fight to survive and these fools fight to the death for sneakers…smh

  • Jonny Quest

    over some shoes though? let’s get our priorities straight and personally I think they’re pretty ugly?

  • Javvad Shah

    people act like they are suprised over this ..everyone knew this was gonna happen

  • David Leniel Collazo

    FL Mall is where I get my kicks. I didn’t care for the foams so I wasn’t there this time. I don’t know how the line worked out this time but before you weren’t allowed to line up until 5AM. I think it should be different when it comes to limited releases.

  • Bob

    Word is the GM of Nike got shoved into the wall from the riot. That’s what sparked this whole thing.

  • Offthabiscuit

    These are girls shoes. Put on some makeup and powder you nose with these joint ladies. It’s a sad day to see all you hype beast foaming over foams.

  • Tdxcg

    the sneaker cost like 80 cents to make and nike selling for fckn 220 and ppl gettin killed for and shit…its just a pair of kicks…lol it ant like your going to take it with you when you die anyway.

  • Nells

    Nike/Jordan brand should be sued they know what type of situation they’re causing with these limited releases

  • Dbwideout

    Yes you can blame nike. they didn’t limit jordans back in the day. Make this a classic by getting it on kids feet not by making it a classic on ebay.?

    • size12whut?


    • Sneaksneak

      well said. i like the name btw (i play the same pos)

  • The Cops

    So this was for sneakers and not food stamps right? both crowds act the same

    • Sneaksneak

      Unfortunately, both crowds ARE the same. the same people who don’t have a real job/career, can’t afford food, can’t pay their bills, are the same people taking a week off of whatever shit job they HAD (not have) to buy some shoes

  • Bradley H

    i’ve said this b4, stores can stop all this camping shit if they wanted, and you probably wouldnt even have this issue. you dont allow anyone to line more than an hour b4 the release. and if need b4, give out arm bands(proportionate to the shipment that store is going to get) a few days b4….

    when its a hot release, i try to do my buying online, unless its not sold online, then i’ll stand in line….

    • Leefo3

      I agree! At the mall by where i live They have us sign in on a list two days prior for shoes. They let us know what time is the release(s) and we line up at that time. More organized, easier and some what fair. It’s not perfect but way than lining up days in advance!

  • Autry D.B.

    How many will be in line to vote?

  • Cynical

    My cousin was there, there was no gunshots… But here in Tampa a girl got trampled when ppl tried to run onto the property of the mall (they made us wait across the street) HONESTLY its the stores’ fault for doing shit like this a “midnight release” theres NO WAY to contain shit either way…
    They shouldve had a raffle for bands earlier in the week like that store in new york did….raffle the bands and theyre mailed to the ppl, easy, safe, no chaos

    • sneakerhead89

      well since i work for the footlocker,its more of the companys fault.I mean the company kept saying its against policy to tell people the amount of shoes where in stock(which was only 16)…they kept saying its against policy to make a line lol the thing is the compnay is to cheap to pay for security and police .Thats just what? it is. People should of expected this..i mean its not like the same shit happend with the concords..smfh

  • The Chillz

    you want galaxies you have to shoot over to NY, I had a good breakfast while waiting for my pair, store opened, said good morning to the workers and then a 10.5, went home with a smile in ?my face 😀

  • 4REVO

    Stop and think people.Nike allows this to happen.They hype up the shoe and convince thousands of people to get there product.Then the same people at Nike go out there and put the shoe on ebay with crazy prices.What happens next shoe gets more hype,people who dont like or even heard about foams are all over them.Resellers see this as an opportunity and teenagers see this as a must have to show off to friends.What happens next people camp for days and the prices keep going up.Nike just teases poeple with only a few pairs.Teenagers skip school and malls deal with riots. Just for some shoes. I like Nike and all. We need to open our eyes and reflect on what we are doing.This new generation is killing it for the people to come.What has happen over the past few years,jordan keeps raising the prices.Because people are willing to pay that amount smh. I like shoes and know there worth,but come on when a shoe is worth more than a week worth of minimum wage. lol wtf are yall thinking i guess yall might as well take a bite off that shoe lol
    Alright thats my opinion im ready for all yall ignorant folks to talk smack lol

    • Leefo3

      I totally agree with you. You laid it down in the exact way it really is going down. Is it really that Nike reps are reselling the shoes as well? That seems like against policy type of deal.

  • Dhroov Patel

    foams are ugly, theres no need for this comotion

  • Nells

    It’s black Friday every week..Walmart and those other big stores got a few multi-million dollar lawsuits now they don’t line people up for over priced merchandise anymore. Nike/Jordan will rethink this when a person with a little pull child gets robbed and killed over these joints. J’s were hot back in the day not because they were “exclusive” that’s just some bs they pushing. They were just hot and if u could afford them, and how u rocked them. Notice one thing they don’t have such a Limted supply only in men’s sizes. They gotta make the money up on the smaller sizes…plus how much they really cost to make $4/5 a pair

  • LaFlare SoIcey

    fuck am done camping out for shoes seriously, my back is hurting like shit, i stood in line for 12hrs yesterday from 11am-10:30pm at PG Mall just to get some fucked up ass shit store cancel the release date, i dont even want the shoes no more

  • LaFlare SoIcey

    i got me a low key sport here in Silver Spring MD to cop my sneakers,am done with PG Mall fuck them and Fuck NIKE

  • I8my_email

    what the fuck is up with nike….why don’t they just make more of the shoes that are highly demanded ..and don’t tell me they can’t .. cause i know their fucking rich as hell…. i guess they like seeing all of us run around killing people ( concords) but seriously i use to by these really nice shoes …but now i can’t because whenever i turn around people have already bought all of them and put them on ebay for double the money…what hell is wrong with this economy

  • Anonymous

    They should of set the price for the shoe for 30K…then you wouldn’t see anyone in line lol

  • Kwon

    Shoes arent that important to be killed over and there will be other foams releasing in the summer anyway

  • House Of Poops

    I was out there and it was about 1,000 people. I was there when the riot first broke out around 10 and 11. No shots fired, no tear gas deployed.. People were just being mad foolish but it was a bunch of middle school/high schools kids who were excited to stay out late with their boys for shoes who couldnt contain themselves.

    Anyway the people at footlocker & the pigs couldnt handle shit. It is very simple to get people to form a line when they are the “authority” but no, they just sat there and watched kids act a fool.?

  • michael

    where can i get a pair of knock offs since i wanna buy a pair of real ones but theres none 2 buy



  • Sparkx1724

    Nike is the blame in Dallas about 2 stores got them HOH Northpark and HOH Towneast both got 12 pairs each what the hell is all that for Nike knew all the hype and buzz about these shoes is it really going to take somebodys kid getting killed for Nike to get the point? we need to sue that ass meaning Nike or Footlocker for these bogus ass releases.

  • Bxartist007

    i love nike corporation they make em in china and profit from poor us citizens?
    i wish they could produce sneakers in united states and give us employment
    maybe we should boycott this corporation and see what happens