Galaxy Foamposite Lineup Erupts into Chaos in Orlando

The lineup at the Florida Mall in Orlando, FL turned to an ugly scene after apparently shots were fired into the air and Orlando Police ordered the mall shut down for the release of the Galaxy Foamposites.

It was estimated that more than 3,000 people were gathering outside Florida Mall. ?According to reports from multiple sources the mall did not form a line, nor did they disclose to the public how many pairs of shoes were available for purchase.

We will fill you in with details as we get them, but for now we have a video shot by Nice Kicks reader @itsADOLLA of the mayhem.


  1. Luchinimobb says:

    nike prob laughin @ this smh?
    they dont give a fuck bout the chaos they cause

    1. Rataface805 says:

      Yikes I wanted the foams but I don’t wanna get shoot over some kix. I fuck niketown Santa Monica they are shady I got my 2 Dave white 1′s from finishline told them suckas at Nike Santa Monica I was going to have the last laugh. Lol lol lol lol ;)

    2. ?So this is Nike’s fault and not the dumbasses who fired shots and like these UGLY ass shoes??

      1. Ima Beast!! says:

        ?i was out there and there last night and i didnt hear any shots. the problem was some idiot ran from across the street earlier than he was supposed to and then everyone else did. police cleared out the 1000 people out and then everyone rushed the door again which is why they called the riot crew to send those who ran home

    3. Vicki says:

      They are just greedy people who like the hyoe and dont cane about the people who get trampled on–They are sick capilatists.

    4. Anonymous says:

      I have an idea…..get an education so you can make at the MINIMUM $45-$50,000 dollars. Then you can afford to spend a extra hundred dollars online, rather than camp out for $220 dollars and risk life, limb or eyesight. Just saying get your priorities right and make and impact in society rather than being the guy with the cool kicks. That is all!!!!!

      1. jasonm says:

        an extra hundred?? yeeeah. go to ebay and check some of the prices on there bro lol?

      2. Ede88 says:

        well said.

      3. Melo22 says:

        this guys the only one with a brain, ppl camping out in a week to save a grand? Bro if you can’t make a grand in a week your USELESS.

        1. Luisakanutz says:

          LMAO @Melo22 My nigga came at niggas heads. i mean if your camping for a week str8, how you maken ya money anyways. i only “camp out” a fucken hour or 2. other then that, im ON to THE next ONE

          1. Sneaksneak says:

            completely agree. there shouldnt be a line until there is only 1 MAYBE 2 hours until the store opens

      4. Kelvin Ojo says:

        I absolutely agree with the statement 140% how is it that most of the people getting the shoes are barely making ends meet and YET THEY STILL MANAGE to afford lining up for shoes ? Show some priority my friends. Not only that but its only shoe releases that people with animalistic urges seem to attract , look at iPhone or iPad releases all organized but sneakers! different story..

        1. Anonymous says:

          ?it’s more a cultural problem than a sneaker problem… They camp out in Japan for kicks since ages because of all the exclusive releases they get, and you will never see such a thing there.

          1. Nihon Sneakerhead says:

            thats not true. I live in tokyo and camped out for the Jordan 5 T23 release in Kichijoji and people were grabbing other people out of the way, shouting and yelling at each other and arguing. They had to call security because shit was getting out of hand. After that all conflicts died down.?

          2. Anonymous says:

            ?ok “never” was not the right word, i admit it, but you must agree on the fact that it happens very less often than in the states, and people in Japan are less likely to bring weapons there, break the shop window or gate to get in, or just create an incident that go so bad that riot police and ambulances show up in mass…

      5. Where To Start? says:

        3000? people line up for days? =?2250$ at FlightClub ?Sickening Supply&Demand Inflation?

      6. amenhotep says:

        your trippin. u shouldn’t have to get a product at an aftermarket premium because you want to be safe or maintain your dignity while purchasing them. it IS nikes fault that things are this way. They domt set restrictions or rules for retailes releasing the items in a sensible fashion AND they unnecesarily intensify demand for buzz. They pull strings and muscle retailers around all the time Y not for the sake of better servicing nikes own consumer. Its irresponsible and reprehensible, and its coniving. they already twice increased the price of the shoe and they produce them at lower quality.?? Education is great but you are advising people to be uneducated consumers and waste hard earned money by letting a company get away with setting?up a fictional price point for an already overpriced item And let uneducated people ur railing against extort money fro people with too much sense and jobs to report to. Companies owe nothing to their customers?? ad people dont owe it to themselves to be smarter buyers???? What if brooksbrothers or allen edmonds did this. Stop getting? caught in the convinient generalisation and actually know the issue.

    5. iHEARTFUSIONZzZ<3 says:

      I was stayin at the waldorf astoria in disney its a nice hotel and i saw micheal jordan there because of the all star game being in orlando and he was wearin these lol but yea fuck nike theres a reason they didnt release them online on their website and this hype wtf? I dont understand the hype for THESE shoes they arent even that good looking smh.

      1. Luisakanutz says:

        i must reconsider, them bitchs is hot. maybe some of the hottest kicks to come out this year (even though the sample version is better). and COME ON your names i love fusions. fusions were the wrost creations to ever hit the mother fucking public market.

    6. ConM22 says:

      ?nike is causing the chaos. its these people that will do anything for a pair of shoes. its rediculous. No one can honestly blame nike.

    7. The Cops says:

      Why should they?? If you a ignornat sumbitch, you gone be a ignorant sumbitch with or without a sneaker release.

    8. [CaRL] WiLLs SiDeKicK says:

      You’re right this is just what happened with the Concords, as long as Nike is getting their money they don’t give a f*** of the chaos. Or maybe they do….

  2. MosDef says:

    first…and all this chaos for a pair of kicks

  3. cm3 says:


  4. Norcal27 says:


    1. Luisakanutz says:


  5. Jason Coker says:

    I wonder how PG plaza is doing ??? I hear PG Police sirens on blast right now smh?

    1. PG Mall cancel their release date for everything, i spent like 12hrs in line i went at 11am.they gone release em at another time

      1. mr. childs says:

        ?first time i have seen them keep people from lining up at the normal spot though

      2. Sneaksneak says:

        part of the problem. 12hrs? No one should be in line until 1 or 2 hours before the store open.

  6. Anonymous says:

    ?Let’s not pretend like we didn’t know this would happen.

    1. Bigbadaboom says:

      I am expecting worse things to happen?

  7. fuck yolo says:

    i hate ignorance.

    1. Luisakanutz says:

      i love ignorence!?

  8. Nolaboy504 says:

    Nike =assholes!

  9. freeballer says:

    WE HAVE TO CHANGE THINGS. The human race is NOT advancing.

    1. Jay says:

      ?No, Black People aren’t advancing.

      1. Bram says:

        what you said isnt even racist anymore… it is true

        1. 916er_ent says:

          Blacks? Free baller had it right with the human race. If blacks weren’t wearing the sneaks or cared for em, you wannabe suckas wouldn’t have a reason to be out there. LMAO Copy everything we do then have the nerve to say we ain’t advancing. Fuck Jay and Bram not for their race but for those dumbass opinions. Police probably fired the shots to anyway.

        2. A MuPhuckin Black Man says:

          read my above comment. it’s white fux like you that get innocent white fux beat up just for the phuck of it. Protect your kind, cuz if we (black people) could see your face…. it prolley wouldn’t look the same when we’re done with it….BITCH.

      2. Steve Stiffler says:

        Freeballer had it right. ?THE HUMAN RACE. ?Lets not make this a black/white issue.

        1. blake says:

          fuck u niggers with ur refund checks spending it all on shoes?

          1. Vito says:

            you man cuz your mom still claim you on your taxes. I hate people that categorize and entire ethnic group for what a select few of the that group does. Why are you cursing people our calling them niggers where that word derived from the african word ngr meaning GOD. You a clown forreal know your history istead of trying so hard to change it. White is the offspring of Black. So that means you my son. Better get my father’s day card before i slap you mama with my mandigo.

          2. Mr.Jackson to you says:

            He SONND the shit outtta you!!! lmao very well said Vito…

          3. Rufus says:

            ?No it didn’t, you idiot, it derives from the spanish “negro” for black and the latin “niger” also meaning black. Its a mispronunciation that formed its own word, and sure as hell didn’t derive from a word meaning God.

          4. A MuPhuckin Black Man says:

            powder pussy ass bitch. i hate racists. especially broke ones. with no life. go play in rush hour traffic with a blindfold on. matter fact, go tell the first five black people you see that they’re “niggers”….I’ll wait.

      3. A MuPhuckin Black Man says:

        what makes you think they were black? and what makes you think black people aren’t advancing? It’s Yankees like you that make black people hate white people….

    2. Johnnnyhansome says:

      i see nothing but white boys and spanish people in the video and first on line at stores so why is it always about BLACKS… get your shit straight

      1. abe says:

        because its spanish,white & and asian boys who are the most beastly of the hypebeast,a few years ago they didnt give 2 shits about basketball sneakers with history.they just doing this for likes on their instagrams and tumblr

  10. Luibag says:

    $2,700….lol right

  11. Lickballs says:

    silly nigs galaxies are for kids

    1. A MuPhuckin Black Man says:

      Phuck you, u white pig-bellied, wet dog smellin, bologna sandwich eatin, family member datin, wrangler jean wearin, tobacco chewin, don’t even know what a “nice kick” is, closet full of Converse havin, trailer-park livin, slave to a black man. stay in yo lane Yankee. Silly pussy, internet thugs are bitches.

      1. Sneaksneak says:

        HAHA “internet thugs are bitches” look whos talkin. how do you even know dude is white?

  12. TJ ?ays says:

    lmao, its not even that serious tho. No classy respectable females r lookin ur way when ur in some rainbow shoes. Resells?

    1. Anonymous says:

      ?So true to life..


      i dont know what you talkn about but i got a video of me beating a?bad white chick, all?cuz I was at the bar rocking my Galaxy’s……………..and by?beating i mean (slamming, laying the pipe,)?

  13. Kelso11508 says:

    did this nigga say…YOLO!!??? smfh

    1. Sneaksneak says:

      that shit had me rollin! he thought it was aight too

  14. Tony McDay says:

    ?you know someone did this just to mess up the line. idiots! mall should know better. this was hyped for weeks now.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Damn “Farooq Voice”

    1. JHall says:

      Lmao.. Ron Simmons!! My dude.. DAMN

  16. mdove says:

    All this for an overhyped pair of shoes. smfh

  17. Eazzybx says:

    yoo i saw myself in the video lmaoo by the honda accord

  18. Davey Haugey says:

    why people gettin all salty and shiiii? I already have 3 pairs on lock and 2 more on the way bruh bruh

    1. Rudycrackcorn says:

      Amy 11.5

      1. Rudycrackcorn says:

        *any 11.5

    2. TheDonSneakerHead says:

      ?Who cares though? You’re gonna be walking with fruity pebbles on your feet.? You cool cuz you got a pair of foams?? lmao, 382 kicks and counting you keep those fruit loop looking kicks lol.

    3. THATGUY says:

      Thanks for ruining the shoe game you greedy bastard.

    4. abe says:

      where you get them from

    5. Crackheem says:

      No the fuck you don’t.

      1. JasonM says:

        Exactly. this dudes over here talking like he has 5 pairs of a shoe that has only had 1,500 being released across the entire country?? get real bro. post some pics i wanna see if you even have ONE pair lol

  19. Anonymous says:

    you guys that are blaming nike are out of minds..

    1. Jihod1 says:


    2. Don’t be ignorant to the fact that these problems have simple solutions. Solutions that only Nike can bring forth.

      1. Erok says:

        Basically when the police departments around the country start charging Nike for the man power to control crowds and prevent riots they will get the point. Until then ignorance is bliss….