The Top 10 Foamposite Ones

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By now, you’re either in line for the Galaxy Foamposite Ones or you just don’t care. In response to the Galaxy pandemonium, we count down the 10 best colorways of the Nike Air Foamposite One. Read on to see our picks, and give us your own in the voting poll and comment section.

10. Black/Electric Green

Nike Air Foamposite One Black/Electric Green

Released: May 19, 2011

Fans didn’t forget the original Cactus Foamposite sample and neither did Nike. The Swoosh did everyone a solid by re-releasing the black and bright green pair with a translucent sole.

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  1. Beluga Whale says:

    Before I even get to the end…those Galaxies better not be #1

    1. Kray says:


      1. Mr1000$outfitz says:

        Agree 100% 1. Coppers 2. Eggs 3. Royals 4. Pewters everything else don’t even matter. Thats the only four I have anyway.

    2. Don Adamsky says:

      Galaxys are #1, too many hypebeasts have voted…smh

  2. Jesse says:

    GALAXY’S ARE SO FUCKING HYPED. but they cool as fuk tho

    1. DevinThomas says:

      WOAH THE ONLY REASON THEY ARE HYPE IS BECAUSE we have never seen a shoe like this with the stars and shit.and limiting foams is doing nuthin but bringing a fake gun into house of hoops lol jk

    2. BillyBoy says:

      I saw them on ebay selling for 1,000 and up haha

  3. UNCLE JOE says:

    Royals allday

    1. Don Adamsky says:

      the poll should be “Whats the 2nd best foam one after the Royals”

  4. word is bond says:

    1 – Royals
    2 – Eggplants
    3 – Coppers

    Best Pro – Pearl

    1. WordISPooP says:

      Coppers are for Poopers?

    2. Guest says:

      Put the?pewters?up there too

  5. Mak Long says:

    no love for the sole collector x foamposite?

    1. Muffrockskicks says:

      that shoe was a little too much for me; but the concept was well put together like the pack and all that. the color scheme just didnt do it for me honestly?

  6. Les Hunter says:

    1. Coppers
    2. Royals
    3. Eggplants

    I still don’t see how the Galaxys got as high as they did.

  7. Anonymous says:


    1. special_k says:

      it’s foam one’s u moron everything u bitching about not being here is foam pro’s, can’t stand u new foam heads

      1. igotthoseearly says:

        ^^^^^ thank you for saying that. PROs are whack.

  8. This DICK says:

    SMH at the mofos that voted the Galaxy Foams, overhyped as shit. I mean they are pretty sweet, but they are definitely not the Foamposite Ones. Hypebeasts are ruining everything

    1. This DICK says:

      *not the best Foamposite Ones

    2. Dberry898923 says:

      - stfu dumb ass

      1. This DICK says:

        SMH ur salty cuz ur you’ve been camping outside since Monday aren’t you?

  9. Harlens1 says:

    Cough drops don’t belong…they were found in at the nike outlet

    1. Deeznutz says:

      they have 2 different cough drops

  10. Erok says:

    What about the retro foams? they were ill..I think they should include the joints with the swoosh instead of just the Pennies

    1. GeauxTigers says:

      Those weren’t Foamposite Ones, dumbass. They were Foamposite Pros.?

      1. DevinThomas says:

        Lol chill I didnt look at the title and was thinking “So all of my pros are considered shit??” lol but then i read the title ?we all make mistakes?

        1. GeauxTigers says:

          Reading is fundamental.?

          1. 1s3s5s7s11s says:

            and being quick to point out others mistakes is fundamental too right?

      2. Erok says:

        Ya mamma sucks donky cock..you Gay Tiger

      3. Erok says:

        Read what I said dumbass INCLUDE!!!! instead of just the pennies…thats why the sneaker game is dusty ..because of Novices like you.

  11. Royals>will be the all time great

    Best Pros= Silver/Black

  12. Cougdrops don’t belong…they were found at nike outlet store

    1. airmax15 says:

      ya because they were released on ?the same day as the infareds would you drop 310 and anther 200 in the same day

      1. DevinThomas says:

        UNLESS ?your a stripper at King Of Diamonds makin 1,000 of yo pussy every night

        1. mrmiddl says:

          hahaha lmao

  13. sohomag129 says:

    how the cough drops beat the triple blk and pewters is beyond me wtf was the guy who made this list drinkin

  14. Maybach says:

    nicekicks can you stop pumping pure hype into a release that no one will get their hands on, do this top 10 thing after the galaxy release?

    1. DevinThomas says:

      EXACTLY ?they just pissin me off and the guy who is planning to bring a fuckin AK47 to HOH

    2. jaypolo2012 says:

      correction. that you wont get your hands on.

  15. ELEWIS says:


    1. DevinThomas says:

      RIP ELEWIS he had a good dream…………………………….sadly that shit got him killed you know yo ass aint gettin them shits unless you in line right now lol

      1. jaypolo2012 says:

        or unless you get on eBay????

    2. mrmiddl says:

      the fire is in yo asssssshooooole dumbass

    3. Gg33 says:

      yo bum hypebeast ass cant afford dem tho

  16. Cuzzosketter712 says:

    no pearls?? no electric blues?? what about the carolina blue foamposites?? fuck this list !

    1. DevinThomas says:


      1. DevinThomas says:

        OOPS nevermind a dumbass post by me considering i just told someone to chill lol

    2. Mr1000$outfitz says:

      Those are pros aka the Scottie pippens dumb ass boy

  17. Alex Gandero says:

    I loooooove the galaxy’s, but the eggplant’s in that pic look amazing, and i now want a pair……i have a huge feeling they will release a bigger quantity of the galaxy’s later on, and all the people who paid a grand will feel like poopie.

    1. jaypolo2012 says:

      i dont recall nike ever re-releasing a quickstrike.

  18. Reason says:

    No dooms smh eggplants > galaxies

    1. DevinThomas says:


      1. this just shows who the real sneaker heads are.?

        1. DevinThomas says:

          Lol im not a fan of ones but if i could uy a pair i would buy ones call me what you want?

  19. lilone says:

    Galaxy…. Ouch.

  20. Alphaorder12 says:

    The PINEZ should be here.

    1. 510 says:

      They are not 1′s buddy