Nike Basketball “Galaxy” Collection Unboxing

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The Nike Basketball ?Galaxy? Collection, consisting of the LeBron 9, the Zoom Kobe VII and the KD IV, will release at the Nice Kicks shop this Friday. Check out our unboxing preview of the ?Galaxy? pack. Which one intrigues you the most?

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42 Comments on "Nike Basketball “Galaxy” Collection Unboxing"

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. The Kobes use all the design elements the best and have the most appeal. Brons are too bright, KDs just too silver. The KDs will go first b/c of the price point though.

    • Mmmnbhhvf

      Wordd , I fuckss with KD’s cause their isn’t much hype around them , all these bums who just got on there shoe game dont know bout em .

    • Hiiiiii

      wrong wrong wrong more like 9s>7s>4s u prob jus riding the kds becuase they the cheapest just like most other people that are picking kds first

  1. Joel Oliver

    Anyone know where to go for foams, I know this is one everyone’s mind, but does anyone have any real information on the foam release?

  2. Harding

    A fine chick once told my best friend after he bought her a drink that you can be as fly as you want, rock the most exclusive kicks in the world but at the end of the day you’re still a fat ass NlGGA. A materialistic fat NlGGA at that. Suppose she meant when it comes down to it you still gotta look appealing to a bitch once the clothes is gone…IDK. But I smacked that appletini out that BlTCH hand and told my fat friend stop buying these BlTCHES drinks!!!

    • Just Tryna Help

      says on eastbay and some other sites they run small. suggests you get a size UP from what you usually wear

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