Nike Air Foamposite One “Galaxy” Unboxing

We showed you detailed images of the Nike Air Foamposite One “Galaxy” earlier today. Now, you can check out the official unboxing of this blockbuster release with our store manager Greg Grovey. Dressed in an all-over constellation-like print with a glow-in-the-dark sole, this pair is set to hit retailers on February 24th at select retailers including the Nice Kicks shop.

Nike Air Foamposite One
February 24, 2012


  1. @wonneemane says:

    These are gonna be difficult to cop

    1. Rataface805 says:

      Yea I’m gonna get 2 online suckas forget your life I’m gonna resell for $800 sons

      1. GoodFood says:

        smart man. ?only hype beasts with no brain want to keep this shoe.

        1. Yikealiye says:

          ?wel imma dam hypebeast then fuck it these shits is hot fuck what you gotta say

        2. Elias Suarez1 says:

          so wat r u doing on this blog then????

      2. Erok says:

        This Idiot Again!!!!

        1. Rataface805 says:

          Dont hate the resellers hate the game suckas just because u can’t afford 1 pair broke ass sons I’m gonna get mine and erok ur lady is still fucking all your boys behind your back in the back seat of your car and leaving used condoms under your seat get ur shit together son the truth hurts u need to get urself a jizob like ur lady she works at the ghetto titi bar but she still pays the bills

          1. Jtudawest says:

            all you do is talk shit. get outta here. im a real 805 oxnard head. get your camarillo ass outta here?

          2. Rataface805 says:

            I’m from Oxnard son I don’t know where you are getting your info from its Oxnard all day

          3. Fucku says:

            yall sound like some beotchess. LAMES.

          4. Eg33 says:

            Hey where in Oxnard are they gonna carry this shoe you think any at the pacific view mall or anything

          5. Meech3000 says:

            Shiek or Shoe Palace, MAYBE. Highly doubt it tho

          6. SlutMaa2k6 says:

            Suck the slab HOE

      3. 23r says:

        No your not, and your not a “baller” cuz u resell shoes for chump change. That just makes u a bitch reseller thats ruining the shoe game

        1. 23r's Step Papa says:

          Your the Biaaaatch 23r for hanging on the sac of the shoe game. Dont hate on people reselling! Its dummys who pay top dollar who make it possible for resellers to exist you hatin’ on the wrong people those guys are smart for reselling and making a quick buck!

        2. Shoot I would buy two pair… Wear one pair and resell the others.

      4. Rataface806 says:

        how much is that in american dollars??

        1. Rataface805 says:

          Stop trying to be like rataface805 Oxnard is my town what the hell is 806 you fake ass wanna be rataface

      5. LightfingersMcG says:

        And you really think someone will buy them for $800? You’ll have those for sale for the next 2 years. Asking price doesn’t equal a selling price.

      6. Nolaboy504 says:


        1. Meech3000 says:

          I see you

      7. damn says:

        where you going to cop em at?

        1. Rataface805 says:

          Niketown son I have a team of 4 people all going online when they drop that’s the only way I can guarantee that I’m getting them shit if all 4 people get them I’m gonna have 4 pairs I be killin it son you know we do it big over here in Oxnard California

          1. Cunninlynguist says:

            ?god damn you sound like a douche

          2. mrmiddl says:

            ya like a fag weave wearing douche. psssh Oxnard? more like retard

          3. Alex says:

            lol this nigga wooo. im from oxnard too. not a place to be bragging about but okay!!!!

      8. Elias Suarez1 says:

        its people like u dat made the sneaker game crazy get a real job and stop messing it up for people who really want them

      9. keymontray says:

        ay bro where why you buy the shit onlne form

      10. SneakerHead says:

        Instore release only.! Son

        1. Gnorth473 says:

          def not an instore only..my boy work for niketown as a customer service rep…they will be online as well

      11. Zim54 says:

        hahhahaha good luck with that dumbass a) theyre limited to one per person b) cant get em online…?

      12. Youngwill0315 says:

        yo where you from,im willing to cop if you getting them?

  2. will these be available on your online store?? if so, date and time please!!!!

    1. Cassuptown says:

      what online store?

    2. desgrafiks says:

      Gotta watch the vid.?

    3. solesaved says:

      If you played the video he told you?already. In store only release of these.

      1. Cassuptown says:

        naw i aint watch it

    4. Thornhill98 says:

      no online for these

  3. Joe Morris says:

    Nice unboxing vid (shoes out of the box)

  4. Twinjmarsh says:

    Must have

  5. Anonymous says:

    I want them, but not as much as I thought. I got the Metallic Reds so I think I’m a just grab the KD’s that come out the same day, then cop the electrolimes next month.

  6. Case says:

    Where can I get them online?

    1. Anonymous says:

      ?Osneaker has a 10.5 for 1200 if you’re interested.

      1. Anonymous says:

        copped 4 pair from O

        1. Haraka says:

          4 pairs for how muchhh ur ass must hurt lol

        2. Huslafrmdablok says:

          what sizes

        3. Erok says:

          Osneaker = O ripoff

    2. Ricster131 says:

      Nike online

  7. Whale says:

    I already have a pair of these, and I hate them

    1. tatmantall says:


    2. Galaxy says:

      ?You spelled Wale wrong idiot. -.-

      1. Scottybuddz says:

        He spelt whale. Hes prob a big dude.

        1. Alex Gandero says:

          or he probably spelled whale because without hearing out to pronounce wale, it looks like it wale. like male, or sale.

          1. aches85 says:

            ?Yeah, that was a good idea; it’s not like the word “whale”, as in the ocean inhabiting mammal, sounds like the world male, or sale… oh wait.

  8. I wonder what time people will line up at Nice Kicks?

    1. Sho Gun says:

      The lineup is scheduled to start at 11am next Wednesday, according to NK’s FBI page.

      1. Sho Gun says:

        FBI page = Facebook Info page

      2. Erok says:

        Nah ni**a the line starts tonight..lol

  9. ICantFeelMyFace28 says:

    Well done Greg

  10. CuriousAboutWalesPenis says:

    Does anyone know if Wale is circumcised?

    1. Dickforcoke says:

      ?I thought he had a vagina?

  11. i need these says:

    i live in Miami FL with these be hard to find here ? please answer?

    1. foamfreaker says:

      hoh miami gettin em

  12. Junior V. says:

    will these be available on finishline westminister???

    1. Your Old Unkle Vido says:

      Junior V I think the Shoe Warehouse has a truckload of them. You should camp out to be the first to cop….

  13. Master P says:

    You know I’m bout it bout it

  14. President Ward says:

    See these in a episode The Outer Limits.

    I’ll Pass…..

  15. foo2 says:

    anyone want to trade for black cement 3?

    1. EG33s says:

      Ya what size

  16. Sneakerhead2320 says:

    Is NK gonna pass out wristbands or tickets?, ?or are people just going to have to camp out for 3 days??

    1. Alex Gandero says:

      you mean are people gonna have to camp for wristbands, or camp for the shoes

      1. 000 says:

        Dude stop trying to sound smart, you made no sense at all…

        1. Sims da Don says:

          ?Actually, he’s right. He’s not trying to be smart; the person who left the comment obviously doesn’t know how to WRITE what he MEANS to say, so he just did it for him.

          He made perfect sense, and if you think otherwise, I feel bad for your children because of the impoverished future you will provide for them.

        2. Alex Gandero says:

          you’re an idiot. if NK was going to give out wristbands on a certain day, THEY WOULD BE CAMPING FOR WRISTBANDS! So whats the difference if they camp for the wristbands, or actual shoes.

    2. boutit says:

      I see people camping out a week atleast for these….these are the biggest release of the year by far and are going to be worth $500-800 resell wise

  17. Kingbell092287 says:


    1. Anonymous says:

      ?there is only two HOH in NC which store are you talking about?

      1. Kingbell092287 says:


      2. Mjgoggins says:

        There’s 3 actually

        1. Anonymous says:

          ?whats the third one?

          1. Reharvey3 says:

            ?Winston, charlotte (south park mall, and raleigh

  18. The PROPHET says:

    Is the ATL hoh getting them?

    1. Splay- says:

      I believe so. Walters are supposedly getting them as well

  19. Where else will they be released. HOH?