Release Reminder: Nike “Black History Month” Collection

February really is the hottest month of the year. This weekend the Nike “Black History Month” Collection will release at select retailers tomorrow. However, the Nice Kicks shop will have the entire pack (minus the Air Max 1) available tonight at midnight. The BHM pack features a Nike Air Force 1, an Air Max 1, a Huarache Free, a WMNS Blazer, a Kobe VII, a KD IV, and a LeBron 9. Each one features a midnight fog base with a unique African motif displayed throughout the upper.

Nike Sportswear Black History Month Collection

Nike Sportswear "Black History Month" Collection


Nike Basketball Black History Month Collection

Nike Basketball "Black History Month" Collection


  1. Danny says:

    ….am I the only person who thinks that those KD IVs are ugly?

    1. Rngrover23 says:


    2. Kuncedlb says:

      yes you are

    3. no your not they are if they aint have that strap theyd look better

      1. KillMoves says:

        if they didnt have the straps they might at well be kobes

    4. BuggatiBound says:

      OMFG!!! i though i was the only person in the world that though that and i think personally that all kobe’s shoes are ugly people be on his nutz so hard they rock those ugly shits i kno its respect but cmon stand for somthin my nigga. and most of jordans shoes are nice but he has 2 or 3 i would never wear just like lebron and they need to release some of lebrons first pairs back on the market ya feel me?

    5. MarcusBrownDC says:

      After the FIRST ones (with the DC flag on the back) I haven’t liked any of them

    6. Kb_thegreat24 says:

      ?thats because there BHM edition

  2. Jarrett Jack says:


  3. ESYD says:


  4. Notspikelee says:

    Nothing like uplifting BHM with consumerism/demand for a product that causes violence in African American communities. Great call Nike

    1. idgi says:

      dude theyre just trynna sell shoes.?

    2. You’re an imbecile! What type of “violence” occurs (in African American communities) for a pair of Kobe’s, LeBron’s, KD’s, Air Force Ones, etc.? Shut the fuck up with that nonsense!

      1. uberfatwad says:

        its the foamposites that people get stabbed over?

    3. eyenoshoes says:

      ?sounds like a Jordan Brand Revolution coming ahead…

  5. Kray says:

    i gots the kobes. i hate um, sellin them an pickin up the kds.

    1. RoKnows says:

      What size?

  6. Chappstick4321 says:

    Not sure if I even want these I doubt I could even sell them for profit

    1. chappstick's dad says:

      wtf are you! you buy them to wear you stupid tool

    2. Guest says:

      ?then you don’t want them at all? since when are shoes the hood stock portfolio?

  7. Jbran23 says:

    Ive been planning on copping the AF1′s drom the jump but now that Ive seen this vid I might have to get the KD’s as well. My wallet hates me and its only February!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    “geometrical tribal print” aka Kente cloth

  9. Anonymous says:

    The AF1′s FIRE

  10. Anonymous says:

    i love kd’s need help on size cuz i’m 9.5 and i have wide feet so do i need? a size 10 cuz i heard they run small?

    1. Jon Burton says:

      ?KDIV’s run snug, but after a minute they feel great. real comfortable with the zoom air. I wear a 13 and with flat feet.

      1. Sk8termalone says:

        where you get them at

  11. Jbran23 says:

    Who’s selling these? Cant find them online anywhere.

  12. Anonymous says:

    flippin nikestore locked up and sold out in like 3 minutes

    1. Jbran23 says:

      I was on there right at 12 and I never even saw them on there. WTF!

      1. Anonymous says:

        Got to the KD4 page, picked size, add to cart, then screen went black wit a generic message from Nike. WACK!

  13. Olubowale says:

    See I, get dough. My clothes be most superior. Seriously, errybody asking where I get em from. I be in, my double R jeans and, I don’t skateboard but a brother SB’n. I’m on that fly shit. That you ain’t got, shit. That if you cop, wouldn’t know how to rock, shit. They wearin Vans shit. I underhandedly slam them. With the fires sittin on this mans foot. Got my dunks on but they look like sneakers. Look at me people, my shoe game’s ether. Pledge my allegience to Swoosh.?

  14. aden2012 says:

    tell me bout it this sucks?

  15. Bballgirl5x5 says:

    they sold out in less than 3 minutes!! I was right there, had shoes in the cart at 12 on the spot, by the time i checked out they were gone!

  16. aden2012 says:

    yea u had to look in a different spot they weren’t with all the other LBJs?

  17. BWaldo says:

    Nice Kicks never answer their phone & that sucks … Thanks for answering i guess everybody that works in the store bought all the kicks .. Thanks Nice kicks for the pictures on your site tho.. God Bless?

    1. Bballgirl5x5 says:

      you called?

    2. Sk8termalone says:

      iknow bullshit this site got my hopes up for selling them online and nothing here..

  18. Olubowale says:

    You ain’t fly like me. 4 to the 3. Wardrobe lookin mean. You should see the way I lean, yo. They don’t lean though, he aint neva seen those. I stunt easier than mark price freethrows. We gonna cop, un-deadstock. Have size smaller so I got tripple socks on. Yeah, is the way I flow. My de la clothes, or my de la soles? I’m so much a sole head. I go out and turn heads south, lookin at my toe game. Errytime I’m out, the block get wild, like I got Phil Knight’s number in my speed dial. I’M FRESH! SO FRESH. SO FRESH. SO FRESH.?

  19. j very says:

    i picked my size and everything just putting my ?billing information they gave me the exact amount of what i was gunna pay then they said sold out!!! wtf they shouldnt of let me waste ?my time and give me hope