Nike Zoom Rookie “Galaxy” Custom

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Galaxy Rookie Custom

The ?it? shoe of the moment finds fast inspiration on the Nike Zoom Rookie ?Galaxy? Custom. Following impressive work on the ?Nerf? re-hashes, Mache tops his previous success by re-working the ?Glow in the Dark? Rookies with a space age fa?ade.

Nike Zoom Rookie "Galaxy" Custom

Nike Zoom Rookie "Galaxy" Custom

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43 Comments on "Nike Zoom Rookie “Galaxy” Custom"

  1. Charles

    I’ve been wondering where the special edition Zoom Rookies are for BHM and the all-star set. These are pretty badass.

      • The Galaxy hype, is because all these big companies are moving to outer space (Galaxy) when 12/12/2012 hits. That’s why prices for sneakers, and what not are through the roof.

    • Asshole4shoes

      nigga your momma ugly …dont nobody on here got shit to say but your hating ass …you probably mad you cant afford them

      • Anonymous

        Dude. Chill. But, if you wanna talk about mommas real quick…
        allow me to say that yo’ mama so ugly, she had to trick-or-treat over the telephone.

        get mad. cause all the darkness you wanna bring around folks is only gonna make them shine brighter.

  2. Djblackhouse12

    They look weak, the glow in the dark zoom rookies are way better. Would take the Galaxy Foams over those.

    They need to bring out those all blue and all red air zoom rookies Penny wear in his all star charity games wheeewwwlawwwd them thangs hittin

  3. Lundon13

    Dont None Of Yall Bitch Ass Niggas Get No Bitches If Yall Knew About Shoes Forreal Yall Would Knoo These Things Crack An How Many Of Yall Fagguts Stood In Line For Thaa Galaxies Takin Off From Work An shit Fuckin Virgins

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