Nike “Black History Month” Collection Unboxing

You’ve seen the Nike “Black History Month”¬†collection in images, now get all the details in video. Nice Kicks Shop manager Greg Grovey unboxes the Air Force 1, Zoom Kobe VII, Zoom KD IV¬†and LeBron 9 from the BHM Pack and also discusses the special edition shirt and snapback.


  1. Sam says:

    Reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal nice. Too bad I can’t even afford the KDs. haha

  2. Mikejones says:


    1. Mikejones says:

      That shit kray

        1. Fhurst says:

          No its Kray

    2. Mikejones says:

      so I ball so hard, mofukkas wanna fine me

    3. Mikejones says:

      Ball so hard, mof*** wanna fine me

    4. AngryMan says:

      2nd FIRST!!!!!

    5. [CaRL] WiLLs SiDeKicK says:

      1. KD IV
      2. Lebron 9
      3. Kobe VII
      4 Air Force 1


  3. ray dennis says:

    I dig the AF1s and the hat the most. Isn’t there a jacket as well?

    1. there is for a ton of cash. it cost about as much as two pairs of the shoes i think.

  4. Who?mikejones! says:

    Ball so hard, mof**** wanna fine me

  5. Anonymous says:

    answer that damn fone

  6. Joshudson13 says:

    These gonna be availible on the online Nike Store??

    1. Anonymous says:

      probably. foot locker said they would only have them in store though.

  7. Erok says:

    Wow nike is selling black culture to Black folks without really giving back to the culture. At least they could have brought back the Mutombo’s. I guess who am I to tell nike who they can and can’t exploit. It’s Black History Month that’s why there is so much “heat” coming out to drain your pockets. Psychologically tapping into your pride and using it against you( Ask Obama) perfect example. Peace

    1. Guest says:

      agree with you on everything, except Mutombo’s were Adidas not Nike so Nike couldn’t have brought them back

  8. Guest says:

    Did Greg use the word prevalent? This dud has to have a degree to use words like then when talking about a shoe. Keep up the good work homie!

  9. ICantFeelMyFace says:

    Well done Greg. Keep up the good work

  10. jv says:

    1st. kd iv
    2nd. kobe vii
    3rd. af 1
    4th. lebron 9