adidas adiZero Crazy Light Low Black/Light Scarlet

The adidas adiZero Crazy Light gets even lighter this spring with a low-top cut that is sure to lead the fast break. This pair features an all-black upper with scarlet red drenching the outsole. Quicken your game this spring with the Crazy Light Low by heading to the Shop adidas.

adidas adiZero Crazy Light
Black/Light Scarlet


  1. Jtudawest says:

    you gon break your feet with these! first! 805!?

    1. Jarrett Jack says:

      right? adidas < nike ftw

  2. jonathan8817 says:

    jarret your an ass adidas all the way scrue nike and jtudawest youd only break your feet if your a dumbass and uncordinated