Nike Zoom KD IV “All-Star”

The “All-Star” version of the Nike Zoom?KD IV, seen for the first time today, boasts a metallic silver upper with hints of neon orange on the branding and underlay. Blue speckling can be seen on a black midsole, which segues perfectly into the translucent outsole. A release date is yet to be announced, but expect these to drop sometime around the All-Star Game on February 26.

Nike Zoom KD IV "All-Star"

Nike Zoom KD IV "All-Star"

Nike Zoom KD IV "All-Star"

Nike Zoom KD IV "All-Star"

Nike Zoom KD IV "All-Star"

Nike Zoom KD IV "All-Star"

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    These Drop The 24th Nike Confirmed it on There Site Not The 26TH .

    1. [CaRL] WiLLs SiDeKicK says:

      Is it a coincidence that this shoe looks like a deflated marshmallow?

    2. Nkassab says:

      they said somewhere around the all-star game on the 26th not that they release exactly on the 26th

  2. Sam Jackson says:

    Looks like Nike has got a clean sweep of fire across their signatures for the All-Star game, nice

  3. kendo says:

    ill does not even begin…

  4. mateo says:

    KD IV “big bang”? tongue looks the same as the kobe and brons- all the big bangs have been fresh.

  5. SeanPagne says:

    i feel like i’m about to get robbed by Nike…..again.

  6. guest says:

    KD has the most improved sneaker line as far as his colorways

  7. Mac says:

    “seen for the first time today”? I’m not one to ever call y’all on being late for news….but c’mon. Gotta watch phrasings like that which aren’t true.
    Anyway, I’m really liking these. Between the Retro 4′s, YOTD Kobe VII’s & these….man, I’m broke…

  8. Since nobody noticed, Imma hit this up. The Big Bangs Brons and Big Bang Kobes are probably also all star or this KD is a Big Bang because of the stars theme and the symbol on the tongue as both lebron’s and kobe’s shoe have a star constellation with a lion and snake?respectively, although I don’t know what animal will Kevin D don..
    Wish I could cop em all

    1. mateo says:

      since nobody noticed?

    2. Mac says:

      Do you not see the Horse (Pegasus?) on the tongue?

  9. Gray says:

    The Reflection Laces alone on these are SIK!!!!! A definitel COP.

  10. Stownes1 says:

    Definitely the big bang kd4….but I like the bhm better….

  11. steve jobs says:

    these are just ridiculous…but why doesn’t the sole glow like the lbjs?

    1. Calvin says:

      they do glow in the dark, it’s been confirmed with pics on solecollector, in the kd iv forum.

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    I’m having a pretty hard time trying to budget things this year. ?Already got the KD YOTD then there’s ?Kobe YOTD, Jordan IV’s (multiple), Jordan 6 Maroon (they’d be top of my list if Nike ever confirms it), then they’re upping their KD game. ?Who’s got two thumbs and going to be broke very soon? ?This guy!

  14. Heatfordays says:

    Most likely these will drop on the 25th. A day before the allstar game. I’ll be trying cop these and the big bangs since I done saved up hope niggas don’t go to crazy down here in the south.?

  15. joe momma says:

    These are crazy I need to have these!! Will they release on Nike. Com because I don’t camp out??

  16. Anonymous says:

    These are fire!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Got a pair of KD IV YOTDs size 11.5 and 13 Im willing to trade. Looking for a size 12.Or other trades let me know.?Not looking to ripoff other sneakerheads.

  18. JJ Santana says:

    Mega Fiyah! AutoCop!

  19. Idrissbeggs says:

    are they mid night realese help me please i really need to cop these