Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals in Super Bowl Halftime Show

Reebok was the official outfitter of the NFL ending this season with the Super Bowl, Nike will take over starting next season, but adidas Originals was front and center stage alongside Madonna for what is undisputedly one of the greatest Super Bowl Halftime Shows ever.

The first glimpse of adidas came in the opening song, “Vogue”, where one of the backup dancers wore a special, made for stage, pair of Jeremy Scott x adidas JS Wings 2.0s covered in crystals. ?The shoes immediately generated conversation on twitter followed by even more talk when Jeremy Scott’s “Music Note” adidas track suits were worn by dancers during “Music.” ?While the shoes are not available for purchase, the track suits are available at select boutiques part of Jeremy Scott‘s new Spring 2012 collection with adidas Originals.

Our immediate requests to Jeremy Scott were not answered; however, we have established contact with adidas Originals about the products made for the show and should have more details for you soon. ?Stay tuned!


  1. I thought I saw that and though “that’s some baddazly?piece of shit right there”
    By the way, GO GIANTS!!!?

    • Great game made my cash I told Sukas what the outcome was gonna be now pay me sons. These shoes are ugly glad they won’t be releasing waste of materials. Madonna is a whore she was lip syncing the whole time and that hoe Nikki is super ugly with her fake ass body parts she looks like a clown

  2. I thought I saw that and though “that’s some baddazly?piece of shit right there”By the way, GO GIANTS!!!?

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