Don?t sleep on the Air Jordan 6 “Krueger” custom. The go-to canvas is killed once again by El Cappy, sporting a gruesome base and sweater overlay. Dream on if you want this Freddy makeup, as only one pair was made.

Air Jordan 6 "Krueger" Custom

Air Jordan 6 "Krueger" Custom

Air Jordan 6 "Krueger" Custom

Air Jordan 6 "Krueger" Custom

Air Jordan 6 "Krueger" Custom

Air Jordan 6 "Krueger" Custom

  • Reddfiasco

    swag.. these are nice

    • Biko K

      they ugly

  • davonsellerz

    Brace yourself guys here comes the b*tching and?complaining?about customs..

    I like them though!

    • Darnell Yancey


  • Noel Martinez

    I wouldn’t wear em, but they’re pretty dope.

  • Azi

    He Got Freedy As The Jumpman.! Dope

    • Nosebleed

      lol I didn’t even notice that until I read your comment

  • Tajh Miller

    now thats what you call a custom

  • Joel

    Very nicely executed idea. ?Not my cup of tea, but a beautiful custom nonetheless. ?I love the Krueger-ized Jumpman, it’s just the little touches like that. ?Nicely done. ?Not biting some other Nike colorway, just a solidly executed concept. ?

    • Thatdude

      These are biting the Freddy Krueger sb dunk lows…

      •!/Tahoe17 Tahoe Seventeen

        These are a play off of another Nike colorway, the SB Dunk Low “Krueger” (sample)

        •!/Tahoe17 Tahoe Seventeen

          I wonder why my post didn’t go through earlier lol ^^^^^^^



  • Savery

    Great artwork, destroyed the shoe…

    • Qball197580

      Yu destroyed any perceivable ounce of respect yu could’ve had.

      • Mfbabie

        O yeah! Well wait till u see whats commin next from el capp! U gonna eat these letters your fingers typed homie

  • 808sNdarkgrapes

    i would wear those dem b*tches is lik dat

  • Oneflowsf

    thank god its not another south beach…these are the best custom ive seen in a while

  • Rpcado2000

    1st! b%#*@s!! oooops! not!

  • K.Born

    I want these. They used to call Freddy K back in school. lol. If you only knew.

    • K.Born


  • Anonymous

    yo these are CRAZY i would wear the shit outta these people will be FOCUSED on my kicks foreal

  • Alkali

    Cappy don’t play. Nice custom.

  • J. Slack

    Excellent execution, especially the jumpman on the back.?

  • Marthasandusky

    Well that sucks, I want, size 8 plz, they should mass market this shiz.

  • Marthasandusky

    Aww that sucks I want. They should mass market a horror line, zombies an such

    • HOBO

      and a Porno line too???…IDIOT

  • Marthasandusky

    Want size 8

  • BILL$

    Man, i usually be lookin at customs like WTF but these were?definitely?executed right and they are dope, mad there is only one pair i’d ?drop half a stack on these

    any body know a good sneaker customizer i?could?get in touch with????

    • joeymeats

      el cappy

  • Andrew LaSane

    I had high hopes for these from the teasers. Not as epic as I had hoped for but Cappy did this thing. I wish the flesh was less cartoony and more realistic like the dunks Diversitile did

    • Qball197580


  • Sensehns

    pretty sick nice custom

  • kicks4days!

    Hot liquid!

  •!/Tahoe17 Tahoe Seventeen

    Notice the blood dripping on the tongue, nice attention to intricate detail like that.


    I don’t know, this makes me think of Chili’s.

  • Bradley H

    i wouldnt rock these,? but this was a dope custom…nice touch with the kruger jumpman & the bloody jordan on the tongue….

  • TrashCanMan


  • kidswithkicks

    I’ve been waiting to see these, ever since I saw a teaser of the Freddy jumpman, these are customs I wouldn’t mind dropping money for

  • Aireeezy

    How do you customize? Like what type of utensils do you use? I wanna do it

  • coolgrey9s

    VERY CREATIVE!! Great custom, one of the best ive ever seen



    • Qball197580

      Lame post,no money, no life

  • kev ro

    sickest customs i seen in a min!!!!!!!! damn…………….?

  • Guess Who?

    I like everything except the flesh throws it off but the stripes, jumpman, blood and especially the wood grain paint are nice

    • Sdotloc

      It’s not wood grain!.. It’s leather to mimic the glove ! Hotstyle

  • jfanatic

    pretty dope i would deff be on these

  • Sophie Bryant


  • Ghost

    needs more silver instead of green.

  • Anonymous

    This is art, fantastic detail. Love the freddy jumpman. Not really wearable, put tm up in a display .case

  • connor barton

    the dripping blood on the tongue is so dope

  • Knives Out

    Best customs this year so far in my opinion. Need some better pics though.

  • Luisito Hernaiz

    APE SHET!!!!!!

  • Anonymous



    Nice Jordan Logo on the Back

  • Kmoney

    Best custom I’ve seen..and no shit it’s a play on the SBs, duh

  • J. Sleep


  • Babyfranks_7

    where can i get these!!

  • Cph3

    theres gotta be an age limit for these lol

  • youknowwhatitis

    NICE NICe NIce Nice niiiiiiice. shoe mane these muggs are are nice i cant believe the art work these babys have man, ?the concept is just dope dope sick retared smart killa night freedy art whipped yo son damn!

  • william keys

    this r sick welcome to prime time bitch?

  • Young Jedi Terrance

    I like the concept but I’d only wear them on Halloween?

  • Revelone29

    WOW…. people really knockin’ them cause they are a so called “bite”… when you think about it, is anything original anymore?? Music, art, fashion, etc…. NO!?It’s hard to make something original.. We live a in world where everything is “cool”, “retro”, “revamped” = recycling…?

    Job well done by El Crappy, clean, good color combo, fits well.

    No one here with their 2cents would put their $$$ up to have someone do something like this or even attempt to make something different.

    E-thugs = wack…?

    Step yo game up kids!

  • Kovo9793

    Nice job on the customization, great idea, but I couldn’t see someone wearing these out in public. ?Too of the wall. ?Just like all customs, it’s an “hey look what I wasted my money on” purchase.

  • $upah$particu$hakur

    NASTY A$$ BEAST! outdone yoself niqqa

  • ElroySamuelJones

    I though pizza at first, them I looked closer, I might have nightmares tonight! Too tight!