Air Jordan 6 “Krueger” Custom

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Air Jordan 6 Krueger Custom

Don?t sleep on the Air Jordan 6 “Krueger” custom. The go-to canvas is killed once again by El Cappy, sporting a gruesome base and sweater overlay. Dream on if you want this Freddy makeup, as only one pair was made.

Air Jordan 6 "Krueger" Custom

Air Jordan 6 "Krueger" Custom

Air Jordan 6 "Krueger" Custom

Air Jordan 6 "Krueger" Custom

Air Jordan 6 "Krueger" Custom

Air Jordan 6 "Krueger" Custom

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66 Comments on "Air Jordan 6 “Krueger” Custom"

  1. Joel

    Very nicely executed idea. ?Not my cup of tea, but a beautiful custom nonetheless. ?I love the Krueger-ized Jumpman, it’s just the little touches like that. ?Nicely done. ?Not biting some other Nike colorway, just a solidly executed concept. ?

  2. Man, i usually be lookin at customs like WTF but these were?definitely?executed right and they are dope, mad there is only one pair i’d ?drop half a stack on these

    any body know a good sneaker customizer i?could?get in touch with????

  3. I had high hopes for these from the teasers. Not as epic as I had hoped for but Cappy did this thing. I wish the flesh was less cartoony and more realistic like the dunks Diversitile did

  4. kidswithkicks

    I’ve been waiting to see these, ever since I saw a teaser of the Freddy jumpman, these are customs I wouldn’t mind dropping money for

  5. Guess Who?

    I like everything except the flesh throws it off but the stripes, jumpman, blood and especially the wood grain paint are nice

  6. Anonymous

    This is art, fantastic detail. Love the freddy jumpman. Not really wearable, put tm up in a display .case

  7. youknowwhatitis

    NICE NICe NIce Nice niiiiiiice. shoe mane these muggs are are nice i cant believe the art work these babys have man, ?the concept is just dope dope sick retared smart killa night freedy art whipped yo son damn!

  8. Revelone29

    WOW…. people really knockin’ them cause they are a so called “bite”… when you think about it, is anything original anymore?? Music, art, fashion, etc…. NO!?It’s hard to make something original.. We live a in world where everything is “cool”, “retro”, “revamped” = recycling…?

    Job well done by El Crappy, clean, good color combo, fits well.

    No one here with their 2cents would put their $$$ up to have someone do something like this or even attempt to make something different.

    E-thugs = wack…?

    Step yo game up kids!

  9. Kovo9793

    Nice job on the customization, great idea, but I couldn’t see someone wearing these out in public. ?Too of the wall. ?Just like all customs, it’s an “hey look what I wasted my money on” purchase.

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