Marcus Jordan Makes His Own Footprints in the “Cement” 4s

At 16-6, tourney time isn?t out of reach for the UCF Knights. Marcus Jordan continues to impress on the court by averaging just shy of 16 points, three assists, and three rebounds. Jordan is also doing it in style by breaking out sneaker heat every game. Last night, young MJ mixed it up by dropping 17 points in the Air Jordan 4 ?Cement? at Southern Miss.

Marcus Jordan Defends in the Air Jordan 4 "Cement"

Marcus Jordan Defends in the Air Jordan 4 "Cement"

Source: Florida Today/US PRESSWIRE


  1. davis. says:

    10′s on the court as well!.. Fire.

    1. John says:


      1. oj da juiceman says:

        hype deez nuts

    2. Steve_hnic says:

      fuck da 10′s…..the 4′s murders them easily…i couldnt care less about the zebras

  2. Caseymc6 says:

    too bad he sucked ass in the Tulsa game. So let down

    1. Dexter says:

      Who doesn’t have a bad game every now and then?? Hater..

  3. Skippy says:

    those aint cements, those are “techs”

    1. Clu says:

      techs.. ugh, JB fukt up again

    2. Marcus C. says:

      They changed it back to Cement

  4. Wukid36 says:

    Too much white in those sneakers. Pass

  5. Jeremy polo says:

    Easy pass…

  6. Max Karim says:

    Marcus can ball though

  7. Antonionicdao says:

    fo real do he ?can play dose shoes are ?fresh

  8. MONEYTEAM says:

    i would never be able to play in 3s or 4s they just dont seem like basketball shoes

  9. Info says:

    i play in 4s everyday