Derek Fisher Shares His Travel Necessities

There are more than just championship rings in Derek Fisher?s bag. The Lakers PG and PA president shares his travel necessities in this new video, to include the adidas adiZero Crazy Light Low.


  1. Bryan B says:

    Does any website know how to spell this guy’s name right?? It’s DEREK FISHER. Not DERRICK or FISCHER.

  2. Gerald O Flores says:

    Derek’s name is spelled wrong in the headline.

  3. RatAface805 says:

    This dude sucks he needs to be traded to the Orlando magic

    1. Obama says:

      The magic don’t want this loser

    2. D PUMPA 69 says:

      ?i can tell you never play bball b4 in your life saying some stupid ass shit like that and the other 2 ?bums below u .

  4. Anonymous says:

    I really don’t care what Derek Fisher keeps in his bag.

  5. Nipple head says:

    I this kinda like what KD does

  6. rystryks says:

    Does he keep opposing point guards’ career highs in there?

  7. Poop says:

    i thought for a second he had some kind of adidas flesh light at the top right of the pic lol

  8. El Tejano says:

    Plug my non-signature sneaker, plug my non-motivational book!! Fucking bum, that’s why the players are so fucking tired now cause they had this cunt fart advising them to “hold out for a better deal”. Shoulda been Kobe in there representing the REAL playas!

  9. Cali P says:

    He needs to travel anywhere but back to Los Angeles

  10. Anonymous says:

    D.fish annoys the shit outta me…

  11. Cali P says:

    @DPUMPA69 obviously u can’t tell cuz I played college ball bitch and I’ll fuckin shit on you without a doubt.. So don’t post anything else on this thread fuckin scrub.. U don’t know shit about me bruh

  12. Allenlilt24 says:

    U guys are fags he is good

  13. Rob says:

    No walking stick? weird.

  14. Banks says:

    Wow… how can you hate on this guy?? 5x champion, countless big shots, class act. A TRUE Laker!