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Today, January 23, marks the official start of the Chinese New Year in the United States. So, to get you ready for all of the Year of the Dragon inspired drops in 2012, we offer you an in-depth look at the full range of 2012 Chinese Zodiac releases from the likes of Nike, Jordan, New Balance, PUMA and Converse. Make sure you weigh in on which brand you think has the best YOTD releases at the end of the feature.

Nike Air Force 1 “Year of the Dragon”

While we are still in the dark as to when and how most YOTD releases will hit retailers, the YOTD AF1 was happily welcomed amongst the ranks of past Chinese Zodiac releases a little over a week ago. Loaded with subtle nods to the dragon atop a wealth of premium materials, these are a stellar addition to any sneakerhead?s collection.

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  • SirJb

    Kobes and KD’s >>>> everything else.

    • Zeus

      when the fuck are the KDs droppin


        SERIOUSLY! I have been waiting on a RD since I first saw these.

        • Tom Ato

          they already dropped says solecollector

      • Abowers09

        i got them ds size 10 if your interested

    • Duclieu


    • Anonymous

      if you’re younger than 12 yeah

  • Elvisdavidrodriguez

    where do these retail at ?

    • Anonymous

      better question… why no AM90 YOTD?

  • Agorto1020

    Release date?

  • Anonymous

    New balance the only hot shoes fo real…perfect spring summer time shoe.

    • Zeus

      yup but they are missing the gold and red ones

      • Anonymous

        hell i aint seen those but so far those 3 pair id get em all if i could

  • Sruiz1985

    those tranier 1.3’s though…

  • Landopanda

    Just ODing on Year of the Dragon products. ?Stupid marketing gimmick.

    • YearofODing

      ^^^^agreed. Puma, Converse, NB in on it as well. Makes the whole year of the dragon thing blaaaaaahhhhhhhh

  • Steve Stiffler

    The New Balance Collection look Hot! ?Dragon Scale upper? ?Love it.

  • Stownes1

    I like the air Jordans…In my opinion…..


    If all these come out before 12/12/2012, I’d say these companies know something we don’t.

  • Goaji

    I like the Jack Purcells. ?Simple with a bit of flare!

    • BillCollektr

      copped them today. can’t wait to get em in the mail.

  • jarvis stack

    diggin the new balance and air jordans?

  • Danlkickz

    DS KD Nerfs Sz 11.5

    DS LeBron South Beach 8 Pre Heats Sz 11.5

    DS 09′ Space Jam XI, DS 10′ Cool Grey XI, DS 11′ Concord XI “All Sz 11.5”

    DS 07′ Aqua 8’s Sz 11


    • heat_meiser

      stop spam scamming NK – try craigslist or ebay – or hey, get a job!

  • Sdotloc

    I got the ..Best yotd shoes is now .. The vintage Gucci chucks with a dragon on the side!

  • Azhar

    I know people hatin on the?2012 J’s…. but i’m a rock the ish outta them YOTD colorway, I’m not a fan of the black and whites. But these right here are on point, atleast in my eyes…..

  • Akacollege

    The KDs are nasty. I heard they released on the 21st from sneakernews. But it wasn’t even at HoH.?

  • Roro976

    The Kobes, J’s, and KDs are already sold out at RMK

  • sneakermonster3

    The kd’s the j’s and the kobe’s r all nasty

  • Memrcs

    Those AJ 2012’s look like some kind of crappy ass shoe kit with all the accessories and packaging, they want you to feel like you’re getting alot whe. U buy some junk for $200+….C’mon man stick with retros!

    • Brandon Lenoir

      AJ 2012, These are strictly for collectors and basketball enthusiast. If they keep releasing retros every month it water downs the product. It takes away from the value. Expand your outlook on shoes. You have to learn to look outside the box.

  • Travis R

    what about the lebron 9s?

  • DeLeon Hughes

    These are nice. The AF1’s are the best though.

  • Thad Matta

    them pumas >>

  • Rdinero22

    Hey the Kevin Durants come out on Nike I’d on the 30th and they’re gonna include the year of the dragon option but it’s only on that day…. So I wouldn’t go for the Durants unless u really like that blue color cuz you’ll be able to make your own color way

  • magy1

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  • Bigsean

    Check my year of the dragon Adidas Boi


    If I could get those pumas…

  • 3o5phenom

    I’m surprised the Lebrons didn’t get a YOTD treatment.

  • TooLate

    Got 10s for sale for $240. Shoot me a email daabears219 at hotmail dot com

  • monz

    The new balance colorways are crazy hot. But the Jordan ’12 just look like a mix between the kobe vii’s with a lebron colorway. I know they’re all Nike, but can’t they try a little harder.

  • Duy Nguyen

    I need that release dat for the nike trainer nowwww!


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  • Anonymous


  • locs!

    I’m a little disappointed no retro will be released. It’s a shame. Dope concept woulda been a spectacle to see…

  • Anonymous

    Why NikeID KD IV YOTD??!! So the original YOTD CW means no shit then…

  • jana

    Hel YEE Nikkass!!!!!!

    Finally It Happened…..I got rid of all my ISHHH
    from my cre dit report y’all – I was in deep for 5 years.? Coudn’t buy
    sheeet.? Just approved for that 25k loan to buy a new CAMAARO!!!


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  • erick

    Is the nike zoom KD IV coming with a special box ?

  • Anonymous

    Air Jordan f’d up with the 2012’s. And the AF1’s, Kobe’s and the KD’s are the illest

  • shawn

    were can you get a pair of the jordans

  • allstar09

    yo converse just destroyed every shoe coming out this year

    • chuckskilledit

      yes sir, the low chucks with the black and red upper pops out enough for people to know you got heat on the feat, and the dragon on the eyelet just to put the cherry on top