Nike LeBron 9 Low “Easter” More Images

The Nike LeBron 9 Low has not received as much attention as the regular LeBron 9 colorways, but this low cut model will definitely soak up the hoopla later this year. We now have more images of the “Easter” pair, which features a mainly Dark Grey base and multiple Mint Candy hints throughout the upper. Stay tuned for additional release info regarding the Nike LeBron 9 Low “Easter”.

Nike LeBron 9 Low
Dark Grey/Mint Candy-Cool Grey-New Green
Spring 2012

Nike LeBron 9 "Easter"

Nike LeBron 9 "Easter"

Nike LeBron 9 "Easter"

Nike LeBron 9 "Easter"

Nike LeBron 9 "Easter"

Nike LeBron 9 "Easter"

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  1. Onyeakak says:


    1. Jamaysing says:

      congrats your actually first 1st time i seen this

  2. JW says:

    Let me have them NOW!!

    1. ijuswannaball says:

      Why, because there Lebrons? These look just like some low top air max BB 360. Save your money and cop those if your really feeling em lol

      1. JW says:

        No, I don’t like or own any Lebron’s, I just think these look cool.

        1. ijuswannaball says:

          I can dig it. But you can’t say they don’t look just like the BB 360′S!

          1. LiuKangKicks says:

            where do you think the bb 360 inspirations were……dumbass

  3. 4Devils says:

    Lust, Envy, Hate, Jealousy

    1. ScottyG433 says:

      *starts tapping on mini bongo rapidly*

  4. TheFirm says:

    Life’s a Bitck, but God forbid the bitck divorce me

    1. JW says:

      I am not familiar with the term bitck.

  5. Nasir says:

    And now the projects is talkin that “somebody gotta die $hit” it’s logic, as long as it’s nobody that’s in my clique Volume 1

  6. KLYMAX says:

    So the highs are gonna have the 360 air unit too? Lebron 9 V2?

  7. larry fortes says:

    i dont like that mesh but they r alright

  8. Josh Stover says:

    better than the highs

  9. ... says:

    It looks more comfortable, but that summit lake cw….

  10. Stownes1 says:

    To much hyperfuse I pass!! Reel talk…

  11. Bryan B says:

    These don’t resemble the LeBron 9′s at all

  12. Kejngg says:

    these better be around the 110 mark and not 150

    1. Dfrance8 says:

      Full length air bubble? Expect $130 or better.

  13. Bradley H says:

    these are better than the hi’s…IMO

  14. Anonymous says:

    I like the low top 9 a lot more then the high. ?Much cleaner lines then the high. ?I may have to get a pair of these. ?

  15. WZA says:

    last years lows way better!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Nice very nice!!

  17. Danlkickz says:

    DS KD Nerfs Sz 11.5

    DS LeBron South Beach 8 Pre Heats Sz 11.5?

    DS Space Jam XI, DS Cool Grey XI, DS Concord XI “All Sz 11.5″

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