For a while now, we have seen teasers of the #makeitcount campaign from Nike. Today, Nike unveiled the FuelBand, a watch/calorie counter/goal setter. The purpose of this fitness tracker and iPhone app is to show that ?Life is a Sport.? With inspiring scenes from movies and other events, this might be one of the most influential campaigns of our time. The Nike+ FuelBand will be available for pre-order at 5PM EST and available for sale on February 22, 2012 for $150. Check out the primary #makeitcount Nike+ FUELBAND below. Also, click here to learn how this newly developed device works.

  • Rudyescalera6

    First !!

  • Charlie Sheen

    Nike definitely perfected something that UP by Jawbone had launched a little too early.

    • Levar Pitts

      Let’s see it cost about 33.3% more than a Jawbone UP and yet it has about 50% less features. Yea they definitely “perfected” it. Only problem the UP was having is that “some” where bricking. I have one and it still works perfectly and thanks to great PR on Jawbone’s end I got it for free since Jawbone offered full refunds to customers who brought it last year even if you purchased it after they announced the refund.?

      • Getmoneysmokedrugserrday

        g shit nigga? dat 1/3 price be da boss of da hole shoe market. jawbone sound lik id b dt hym ass shyt? but idk doo . itds gud dat dey got ]tat refunds cus? i ned my monyi ehewn it get stole

        • Allhype

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          • Getmoneysmokedrugserrday

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        • Guest

          You can’t be serious. Go back to elementary school. Are you even literate?

          • Getmoneysmokedrugserrday

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  • VA

    $150 for a rubber band that counts how many calories you burn running to the car.. LMAO Thanks?Nike

    • ballsohard

      ikr that was it?

  • nonhyped

    i was hoping for a shoe like for every use. this is pretty cool still. i’ll look into it

  • Kid Cuddi

    Day n Night

  • Anonymous

    Might be one of the most influential campaigns of our time?? ?I’ve never even heard of this until right now. ?I doubt this is or will be that influential.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Make your life COUNT by buying this piece of sh#t that we’re heavily promoting!! No thks Nike..

  • #SupaDupaRaf

    no thanks