Performance Review: Under Armour Micro G Juke

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When Kemba Walker signed with Under Armour, the sneaker world was shocked. Why would the All-American so synonymous with rocking retros ink with such a forward thinking brand? While many wondered how Kemba would do at the next level and whether his feet would be his pitfall, the brand and the baller spent the summer doing work. An impressive season start and one KICKS cover later, Kemba?s shoe selection now poses a new question: are they really that good on court? Nice Kicks answered by putting the Mirco G Juke to work in a performance review. Read on to see how they scored.


Lockdown: Impeccable. A low cut upper paired with a CompFit ankle sleeve provides full range of motion with top-notch compression. Court feel is on point with neither slipping nor suffocated toes.


Traction: No flaws here, but nothing above and beyond. The outsoles held up on both indoor and outdoor courts, offering reliable tread in every direction.


Cushioning: Like most shoes, the cushioning is the first aspect to ‘wow’ the wearer. While these impress from the get-go, support ultimately steals the show as the crowning attribute. These are good to go right out of the gate with no break in time required as Micro G technology runs heel to toe for an instant fit that?s both soft and supportive.


Responsiveness: A snug fit, stable cushioning, and solid tread all add up to a good score here. These got the job done on both sides of the floor from cutting to jumping.


Support: Incredible. A CompFit compression sleeve pairs perfectly with a thick mesh tongue for sturdiness that doesn?t feel like a straight jacket. Whether you have moves like Kemba or you’re guarding someone that does, you?ll feel confident.


Breathability: For all the compression tactics and visible lack of ventilation, these stay pretty cool. What’s the secret? The same Heat Gear technology that goes into UA?s apparel is reinterpreted into their footwear.


Durability: Aesthetically and functionally, these held up well after numerous runs. A slight letdown in the cushioning and shallow ridges on the outsole make me wonder if they?ll last forever, but these are certainly a strong pickup for a season.

Overview: Much like Kemba Walker, Under Armour is answering the question as to how they?ll perform at the next level on the court. The Juke showcases the flair and innovation that got them attention all while relying on the performance standards that brought them success. This model undoubtedly points to a bright future for the brand. The fit and composition is unique but feels fantastically familiar on court. The CompFit sleeve is a breakthrough, providing the range of motion seen on a low top with the stability and support sought after by players of all positions. Micro G cushioning continues to impress, while flaws are next to none on this marquee model from the Shield. If you?re not sold on Under Armour basketball yet, pick up a pair of these and watch your bias attitude towards these shoes fade away.

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    • UA is for bitches

      Still couldn’t pay me enough to wear these on the court and besides why would you give them a bad review? You obviously want to keep getting this stuff for free

      • Meh

        Thats stupid, if they dont like their shoes why would they even want them for free at all. If your too bias try anything not nike or jordan retros then save yourself the time dissing other shoes and stay on the nike postings

      • B3262908

        No, you’re the bitch. You obviously don’t trust this site, so why bother posting on it? Stupid people on the internet abound…

      • Anonymous

        So I guess its perfect for you then, huh?! Do you realize how absolutely beyond ignorant and uneducated you sound. You should really think before you type something

    • Anonymous

      Please inform us all since you are so smart. In what way to these even remotely resemble Jordans or Jordan 11s? I bet you say this about every white/black shoe don’t you. You know there was white and black shoes WAY before the Jordan 11s.

  1. Anonymous

    Why are people hating on UA? I mean at first I thought I was looking at the AJ 2012 and then I realized that this was an UA shoe and I knew for sure that UA had stepped its game up. Personally I’m going to get an UA shoe to ball in next time around..

  2. And the Price is official….2012’s has all these different systems. I could see fools calling time out every time they want to change up. Dick heads it’s not the shoes it’s you!!!! If you can’t perform.

  3. Justpayforthebrand

    overhyped? stop hating on under armour for making good shoes. thats why nike trying to buy them out so all ya single minded individuals can over pay for shitty quality sneakers.

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