Everyone is on the #KobeSystem

We’re sure you?ve seen the videos of Aziz Ansari and P-Rod talking about the #KobeSystem. Now anyone and everyone are on the same track. These individuals include Kanye West, Jerry Rice, Serena Williams, Tony Robbins, the chairman of Virgin Group Sir Richard Branson, and others.

?I bought a Planet.?


  1. CHaa says:


    1. Ags1903 says:

      thats it i am burning my k’s and stick to my jordan’s

      1. Santi says:

        yes stay with Jordan’s

    2. treesty says:

      so any diamond-esque hand symbol is illuminati now? ?foh. Go read a book.

    3. Joe Daniel says:

      thats literally the first thing I thought after I saw this. If its not the pyramids, look a his poster in the back with one eye covered…

  2. kaleb perry says:

    So, all of these endorsements are the reason a low top, merrimak looking slug of a shoe cost damn near two hund-o? #hatersgonnahate

    1. Trollinhardbreh says:

      But let me guess, you’d pay 180 for LeBrons shoe wouldn’t you??

      1. Kp says:

        yes but not if i think its poo trash ugly, which is exactly how i view the never changing kobe line……..poo trash ugly. its one mans opinion. So in this mans opinion if i want some low top shoes to hoop in the kd line retails for $95 dollars, and they don’t look like a gunship from the civil war. also, in my opinion i am not a fan of celebrity endorsed gimmicks inflating sneaker prices. but hay, im just talking #flameshieldup

        1. Poppi927 says:

          But you’ll pay 180 for a pair of jays with some cheap ass leather.

        2. B.A. says:

          so…. 180 is basically for any shoe lebron, kobe, and jordans????? gurantee u bought the concords which had shitty quality but u wouldnt buy the kobes which quality is better right now???

          1. Kp says:

            I would buy a bootleg concord kit that i glue together myself before any kobes touch my feet. For the end result would be far more pleasing to my own eyes, and its as simple as that. If i like it and i want it…..ill pay whatever i can.?

  3. Anonymous says:

    “I bought a Planet” hahahahaha but seriously this is a cult following in the making

  4. GoDaddy says:

    Illuminati drones. throwing up the pyramid.?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I bought a planet…nough said lmao!

  6. Dopeboyfresh says:

    Kobe’s ad was the best. “You can do RAD skateboard tricks.”
    These are all lame and trying too hard to be funny like the Old Spice ads.?

  7. ballsohard says:

    Haha wow I tried the shoe it’s really nothin special

    1. Onehunnet says:

      lol cause you suck at ballin you little bitch

  8. illuminati is make believe… the real illuminati was a group of scientist believed to worship the devil for going against the church for believing the earth rotated around the sun rather than the sun around earth

    1. Devin says:

      thats not what it is at all,, its a branch of the free masons that existed for about 10 years years in the 1800s and then died out

      1. Your correct also the illuminati is not one group… illuminati is a?person?or group?possessing,?or?claiming?to?possess,?superior enlightenment… Do your research!!

        1. Al121793 says:

          Your a genius!! :)

          1. Oldskool says:

            it’s “you’re” enstein!! :)

          2. treesty says:

            I really hope ^^^that^^^ typo was intentional. Screwing that up while you correct someone else’s grammar would be awful.

    2. Jthoff3568 says:

      Because we asked…..

      1. truth says:

        Because knowledge stops ignorance

        1. J. Slack says:

          and complacency keeps ignorance alive, no one wants to learn.

          1. handl3 says:

            Nobody wants to learn because they aren’t encouraged to learn or discover anymore. Those who are in power know they can stay in power by dumbing down those beneath them, keeping them psychologically/spiritually and monetarily enslaved. One way they do this, keep people focused on materialistic things, like over-priced shoes. haha
            Nothing should come as a surprise anymore. Secret societies aren’t a secret anymore. Nothing’s really a secret right now, information is out there, people just choose not to face it because then it would ruin the serotonin rush and false-sense of accomplishment they get from surrounding themselves with materialistic things.
            With all that said, I think the Kobe sneakers are the best shoes to ball in, no doubt.?

          2. J. Slack says:

            couldn’t have said it better myself

      2. No matter what you will always have haters…someone always saying something negative or pointless ?just to get a laugh.. and not one fuck was given

  9. Poppi927 says:

    I find this hilarious

  10. Anonymous says:

    I just happen to know that Asian guy even tho he only had like one line!

  11. DopeMatic3002 says:

    Cool ad, I just wish I liked Kobe.

  12. Joel says:

    Can you rape a rapist? ?Ooooo.

    I’m just playin’, but it does seem like they’re tryin too hard.

  13. youknowwhatitis says:

    nobody wants those banana boat shoes.

  14. therealgeneric says:

    #kobesystem “ko-bi sis-tem” – a system that was implemented to achieve the following.
    1) shift the focus from Kobe’s declining career to his over-priced shoes.
    2) get celebrity endorsement to help the declining sales of his products due to bad design.
    3) give Kobe more money because Vanessa is taking half after their divorce.

    but you?don’t?have to listen to me, take their word for it

  15. Anonymous says:

    They’re $180 if you buy the system, but there are colorways releasing without the ankle support option that will retail at $140, and if you’ve hooped in the Kobe Vi’s there really is no need for the excessive ankle support.