One of the year’s biggest sneaker surprises comes to us in a new colorway today. The Nike Zoom KD IV, which has seen plenty of time in the limelight, is shown for the first time in this black and white build that is sure to have Spurs fans jumping for joy. With the majority of this pair draped a white and black synthetic, its only a matter of time before we see Parker, Ginobli and Ford rocking these on court. Available at Nike Store.

Nike Zoom KD IV
White/White-Black-Cool Grey

  • Vernon Blanson

    Sleek design.

    • Alexander Keoh

      The only things i dont like is the tongue, how huge the kd logo is in the back, the midsole in the heel area, and the shape of the collar where u insert ur foot. Other than that, these shoes are pretty nice including the price.

      • Jason Coker

        and you still like the shoe after naming all of that????

      • Rob

        So what do you like then? the damn shoelaces??

  • Darnell Yancey

    Nice! The KDIV is doing great this year/season!


      Ya all these KDIVs are really nice. You cant really beat a Nike P.E. shoe for less than $100. Some people don’t like the strap but I think it makes the color blocking perfect and cleans up the shoe nicely. I got the Weathermans and Xmas. I wish I found the Nerfs for a decent price. Planning on copping the YOTD and maybe some others.

      • Darnell Yancey

        I definitely agree! That price tag can’t be ignored! Then the fact that the colorways are pretty sick, you can’t argue with/beat these!

        I HAVE TO HAVE THESE!!! (hell yes, I’m yelling. lol)

      • Anonymous

        I agree. The strap is one of the better design features on the shoe, if not the best. And you’re right, a Nike athlete-endorsed shoe for under 100 bucks these days is a steal!

  • Seanhamid114

    Parker, Ginobli and Duncan will never rock these?

    • treesty

      Parker will; he’s actually already practiced in them from time to time. ?Duncan wears Adidas, not sure what NK was thinking there. ?Who knows what shoes will be out when Manu comes back from his broken hand.

      • Kjack015

        NiceKicks didn’t mention Duncan they mentioned Parker, Manu and T.J. Ford

        • treesty

          it said Duncan before, they edited it.

          • Kjack015

            My apologies didn’t read the original version you’re right

        • Darnell Yancey

          Looks like someone was “Tardy for the Party!”

    • Darnell Yancey

      Definitely not Tim Duncan!

  • @CarlTheNikeHead

    Somebody from the spurs had em on last night.?

    • Tlouie2310

      T.J Ford

  • Santi

    About time Durant takes out a good colorway.

    • treesty

      weekly isn’t frequent enough for you? You must like Bron 9s….

  • Omardouk

    Isnt tim duncan with adidas?

    • Kjack015

      They didn’t say Duncan they said Manu, Parker and T.J. Ford

      • treesty

        you think all these people randomly made this comment?

      • Darnell Yancey

        You’re idiot. Look at people’s comment times.?

        Omardouk 3:06 PM
        You 6:52 PM

        OBVIOUSLY Tim Duncan’s name was in the post BEFORE taken out.
        DO you think they just see “Tim Duncan” above, when reading it and not anyone else?

        • Kjack015

          Well since I read the edited version I’m sorry for not seeing the Tim Duncan part but when you call someone an idiot next time at least say it correctly dumbass.

          • Darnell Yancey

            I backspaced my “an” out and didn’t catch it. Big deal. You came in trying to correct everyone on something you didn’t see, forgot all of your punctuation above, but I’m the “dumbass?”

            Right.You’re still AN idiot!

          • Kjack015

            Ugh yea you still our the dumbass cause when the other dude corrected me I apologized and admitted I was wrong. You still a dumbass though!

          • Kjack015


          • Darnell Yancey


          • treesty

            is that Yao?

          • Darnell Yancey

            Yeah. The “IDGAF” face of the internet. lol

          • treesty

            hilarious, I’d never seen that.

  • Sarah

    Yeah TJ’s been wearing them already.

  • Anonymous

    I got these yesterday at my local Nike store. They are so clean, I love them! Can’t wait to pick up a few more pairs of the KD IV especially in that navy/orange CW and the YOTD.

  • IwearBOATS

    I know i’m getten em dirty within the first hour of playin in all white court shoes

  • A.Y.O.L.O

    Tuff….and only $95 pesos..Niceee

  • Kareja

    Manu has his own shoe. “air max closer” or something like that.