Nike LeBron 9 “Griffey” Release Date

It’s safe to say that LeBron James will probably be making the NBA East All Star team this year, as the Miami Heat star is poised to make a run at another MVP. In the spirit of tradition, James will probably be wearing the Nike LeBron 9 “Griffey”, a pair first previewed two weeks ago. Dressed in a predominately tonal blue upper, this pair features hits of white and solar red throughout for a look befitting of the East Team’s blue jerseys. The Nike LeBron 9 ?Griffey? will drop on March 2 for $170. Is this a pair you snag this year for your collection? Let us know in the comments section.

Nike LeBron 9
Green Abyss/White-Obsidian-Light Blue Heather

Nike LeBron 9 "All Star"

Nike LeBron 9 "All Star"


  1. Christian Sioncity says:

    nicekicks=fail. these are the ken griffeys not all stars. just saying.

    1. slimduder says:

      It is clearly stated at the top that these are the “Griffey’s” apparently you cannot read. I believe you failed sir.

      1. Daboss0017 says:

        lol that guy is a moron

      2. Anonymous says:

        They had it as the All-Stars when they posted it. I don’t think he would try to correct something that was already right.

        1. Anonymous says:

          And look at the second photos caption “Nike Lebron 9 All Star”

      3. Wale says:

        It is clearly stated at the top that these are the “Griffey’s” because someone aka Christian Sioncity mentioned that it was wrong. Don’t come trying to talk shit. I believe you failed sir.

    2. Jwieth15 says:

      Are the griffey’s only going to be available at house of hoops?

    3. YOUTOOL! says:

      Way to read LMAO! Looks like Christian Sioncity=FAIL!

      Just saying :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jason Petrie said on his twitter account that these AREN’T the Allstars.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yeah check the pics on sneakerfiles, the heel has a swingman/dunkman logo. ?These are the Griffeys not All Stars

  3. Balencim says:

    I red somewhere else that those blue ones are the Griffey’s and not the All Star…?!?!

  4. Cbagdon3 says:

    Nah dunkman all the way

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Big Bangs are going to be his All-Star shoe

    1. Bxk3lz says:

      those look like the 3rd best behind the cannons and chinas?

  6. W_mcfly22 says:

    the dunkmans?r clean….CWs r whats winning me over wit the 9…cannons, dunkmans, miami nights…

  7. dwightnice says:

    i need more pics

  8. Stownes1 says:

    Not better than last all star shoe….real talk….Nike could do better than this….real talk!!

  9. 3o5phenom says:

    Fresh af

    1. 1GOODBOOK says:

      Agreeeeeeeeeeeeee, ?SiK basic clean colorway!!!!!

  10. Scorpez says:

    can someone explain why they would name these “Griffeys”? Whats the connection??

    1. Wale says:

      and these colorways have nothing to do with Griffey or LeBron… is it because they made that little circle around his logo??

      1. matt fisher says:

        Heroes pack a la Lebron 7, only with other athletes.

        It’s not because they made a circle, they made a circle because they are griffeys.

  11. Slim Dunkin says:

    Big Bang’s are better

  12. Jwieth15 says:

    Are the griffey’s only going to be available at house of hoops?

  13. Wdriver0002 says:

    These are the dopest 9 yet to me they don’t look like I’m bout play ball for some college like the rest

  14. ray ray 20 says:

    Big bangs= all star. Griffeys= Ill as a mf. Dunkmans= no cop

  15. Oijre says:

    These are nice…but seriously Nike…just stop it.

  16. RonnieTheBULL says:

    What screams “Griffey” about this shoe besides the swing man logo on the back? I would think it would feature Clearwater, Emerald or Volt, because his shoes were the first to sport all three…it’s seems like Nike is naming shoe to give them imaginary significance. Someone explain what’s so “Griffey” about this shoe if I’m wrong.

  17. RonnieTheBULL says:

    Either way I’m buyin em cuz they’re dope. But “Named shoe + OK colorway = sellout”

  18. RODERICK2300 says: