Heir Jordan Preps For Site Launch

Heir Jordan readies their site debut with another teaser video. This installment introduces the brothers Jordan, Marcus and Jeffrey, along with their teammate A.J. Rompza. Get a quick glimpse into their training regime, their hoop life, and their sneaker assortment.


  1. IS_UR_WINS_LOW says:

    First…cant wait for this site

  2. PeakGame says:

    Yea boy!

  3. Magnif89 says:

    These cats gotta do a little more work on the court before I start paying attention to any of this. Anybody else wouldn’t get any attention while they were in college. Jeff hasn’t didn’t anything the whole time he has been in college but I do respect Marcus game but he has to do it at the next level to see if he will actually be good.

  4. Jerry h says:

    Marcus def has game rompza is fresh jeff is ….. Michael jordans son thas bout it lol this vid looks like a joke

  5. R E E says:

    Nothing wrong with self promotion.?
    If nobody’s gonna hype you…you have to hype yourself.?
    clap for ‘em.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What exactly is the point of this site?

  7. Gary says:

    All this HYPE SOOOOOO the site better be DOPE. They better give away kicks and free stuff. If its just pics of them wearing shit we can’t get then I expect it to FAIL.

    1. its probably something like a Tumblr…

  8. collector says:

    im glad their doing their thing,everyone watch and pay attention….yall have alot to learn

  9. they rap… if you check out soy is real’s soundlocud, there is a track with heir jordan on it.