Just Blaze x Supra Skytop II

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After a couple previews, the Just Blaze x Supra Skytop II is officially unveiled. Adding Supra producer to his list of titles, these Justin joints feature an all reflective grey and purple upper. Limited to 413 pairs, pick these up on January 7th at one of the locations listed below. NYC purchasers will receive an invitation to a VIP event with Just Blaze this Saturday night.

Just Blaze x Supra Skytop II
January 7th, 2012

AUSTRALIA – Highs and Lows, Perth
AUSTRALIA – Laced, Brisbane
ENGLAND – Foot Patrol, London
FRANCE – Colette, Paris
FRANCE – SUPRA Paris, Paris
GERMANY – Solebox, Berlin
JAPAN – Atmos, Tokyo
NEW ZEALAND – Loaded, Auckland
SCOTLAND – Hanon Shop, Aberdeen
SWEDEN – Sneakersnstuff, Stockholm
SWITZERLAND – Grand, Zurich
UNITED STATES – Factory 413, Los Angeles

Just Blaze x Supra Skytop II

Just Blaze x Supra Skytop II

Just Blaze x Supra Skytop II

Just Blaze x Supra Skytop II

Just Blaze x Supra Skytop II

Just Blaze x Supra Skytop II

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Ian Stonebrook lives in Austin, TX where he spends most of his time kicking it with friends and fam, hooping, golfing and going out.

22 Comments on "Just Blaze x Supra Skytop II"

    • realist

      Yea you’re right. Supra was cool in ’08 when every shoe was limited quickstrike and had thought put into the design, but now they just do basic colors and call it good and just wait for Bieber & Jaden to promote…lol

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  2. I’m not into Supras, they made a big deal of this collaboration which only ended up looking like every other Supra before it. More power to the heads who are copping these though.

  3. Gap7music

    I would expect somthin better from one of the best Hip Hop Beta producers in the game…..J Blaze has?grest sneaker style arsenal but his own signature shoe isnt match for his collection of kickz nor his beatz!!….i think the keychain logo is cool, an image that depeacts his nam, and beat in a abstract art for : Just Blaze!!!!

  4. Vic "Smoke" Damone

    Supra could have some of the dopest shoes out there. Silhouettes look great, CWs on the other hand, are always a let down. o well

  5. Anonymous

    Supras never look the way they do in the promo as they do when you buy them. I hope that when these are released, the grey and purple actually come out looking like the reflective metallic silver, and purple that is seen on the preview. Otherwise, I may not cop these. ?

  6. i like supras cuz its not a common shoe u see ppl wearing on their feet like air max or Jordans or dunks etc. there limited, u cant find them in popular shoe stores like nike stores. u would find most of em in skateboarding stores and how many people actually skateboard.? well i certainly dont but i just like the shoes, i rock em. but only supras i dont wear that DC shit! or u get em online and how often do ppl even buy sneakers online? Supras have a unique style. and they would always stand out from the rest. i like to be different from the rest have my own swag. ppl are?criticizing for no reason so what if JB ?wears em. he got money but u dont see him wearing $500 sneakers hes wearing sneakers that are unique and different and there isn’t anything wrong with that.?

  7. Roberto Rodriguez

    Damn every site that talks about supras has some lil ass kids talkin shit on bieber.. like wats the point in wasting yall time.. the kid is gonna make money regardless of your thoughts.. his music may or may not apeal to yall. but it obviously appeals to someone or he would not be doin what hes doin and would not be in yall mouths. bunch of hatin ass mofos.. and NO I DONT LISTEN TO HIS MUSIC. i myself dont like his music either. but i dont hate na mofo makin his money doin whatever hes gotta do to make it.

  8. Roberto Rodriguez

    and oh i copped my just blazes. i dig simple designs.. and its not like they boosted the price cuz its limited.. they are the same price as the other skytop 2s.. so all is good.

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