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Will 2012 see anything more anticipated than the recently released Air Jordan 11 “Concord”? It depends on what takes priority on your must-have list for 2012. Our Nice Kicks staff compiled a list of the top 23 sneaker releases that are expected to hit the shelves in 2012. Are you already plotting on how you’re going to obtain the Air Jordan 10 “Chicago”? Is the Nike Air Yeezy 2 the only sneaker on your mind right now? Take a look at our “23 Sneakers We’re Looking Forward to in 2012” list, and let us know which pair interests you the most in our voting poll below.

**Note** Only CONFIRMED releases were incorporated in this list.

23. Nike Air Foamposite One “Electrolime”

Sneakers We're Looking Forward to in 2012

Expected Release: Spring 2012

2011 was an extremely big year for Foamposite in all shapes and colors. The Air Foamposite One, the Foamposite Pro and the Total Air Foamposite Max released more than 10 times in all. We will at least see two Foamposite One colorways in 2012 including this vibrant “Electrolime” pair. Is this more eye-catching than the “Electric Green” Foamposite Pros?

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  • Blue

    air yeezy 2

    jordan 11?columbia

    lebron 9 south beach

    • Wale

      *yawn*i have 5pairs of each shoe already

      • treesty

        and one very shitty recently released album.

        • Anonymous

          Shitty album, are you serious!?!? ?Two of the hardest lines of the year are on that album and they’re on the same song no less; Double M Genius.

          “N****s is Kemba Walker tryna see me Pitt fall” ?


          “Foamposites: if you ain’t got em then you Penny-loafing”

          • Ron Simms Jr.

            um you do realize that one maybe good song on an album does not make that album great, right?

          • treesty

            Yep. Few new albums can be enjoyed from start to finish; obviously there are exceptions. It’s also pretty funny that the 2 lines ol dude pointed out are references to hoop and shoes. Nice punch lines and all, but more mix tape material.

          • Nfamous Drew

            nigga please stfu


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          • Domjwebb

            compared to every line Kendrick Lamar has spit this year? lame.


            @readers:disqus my buddy’s step-sister makes $85 every hour on the internet. last month her pay was $7783 just working on the internet for a few about it and Follow the instructions at Online Income solution and set up your account..

          • Nino

            Dot is the truth, kudos to you. Columbia 11s would be filthy as hell

          • Koolkiid3

            nah them lines weak lls album was so over rated and hyped

          • Orangepop

            Wale’s mixtapes are better than his albums………Ambition was total ass

          • Brandon Based Sodmg Barros

            ive herd harder lines on Lord knows and See World gtfoh

          • Wale

            Drake eats butt

          • Roscoe J. Blackmon

            2 lines doesnt make a 15 track album, great. A majority of the album had nothing to do with ambition just straight up gettin pussy

        • Naptowns Finest

          Preach! Pimp c, the game, and young jeezy dropped the hardest cds this year and wale is garbation! That shit gets no play in the ride!

        • Brandon Based Sodmg Barros

          lmao not shitty but ite…and if das really Wale^ smfh wat rapper hz spare time

        • Wale

          Shutup bitch

      • Jarrett Jack

        fuck you whale, imma make an album: “My Kicks & Rhymes R Better Than Wale’s”?

        • KevinR

          I’m pretty sure the real Jarrett Jack wouldn’t misspell WALE. It’s funny how these comments weren’t even posted by them.

          • GuyAboveMeIsAnIdiot

            lol hes being sarcastic..idiot

          • Guest

            stupid ass, whale, as in a…. WHALE.?

          • guest

            Oh, don’t you look stupid now?

          • Aemon Williams

            y’all are special…..y’all are special ed

      • Naptowns Finest

        You look like the type of nigga who wear yeezys that why you cant be tryna play gangsta. I listen to gangsta rap and country rap tunes only! None of that monkey shit round here nigga!

        • treesty

          word life

      • the truth


      • Desean247

        give me a pair then

      • Shaquilleruth

        people who say his album is?whack?are sum fucking haters and mad they aint in the game>

      • Suavvee96

        Your Lying

    • aljosa

      the yeezy 2s r som str8 shitttttttttt

    • Fuckyourtastes

      biggest HB list ever

    • MelloShin

      Hey im thinking about sleeping on Chi 10s and waitin for Cement 4s cuz im a broke nigga lol. But i made the mistake of skipping the Black Cement 3s for the Concords, then i couldnt get the Concords because of how insane the release was. What i’m asking is,?will the release of the white cements be overhyped and hard to get, possibly close to concord level? Would it be easier to just buy the Chicagos?

      • KevinR

        It’s hard to tell, but I highly doubt it will be as hectic as the Concord 11s release. If you get there early you should have no trouble getting a pair.

        • GuyAboveMeIsAnIdiot

          you’re so dumb!.”if you get there early u should have no trouble getting a pair”..obviously!.lol

      • Cochrandeasia

        na i would go head and get the 4’s aint gon be no line like it was for the concords

      • authentics

        If u tryna get the Jordan 3 cement them still available we got them ..

    • KevinR

      The Lebron 9s aren’t releasing a South Beach model.

      • GuyAboveMeIsAnAssWiper

        how do u know?.u work for nike?!?.or r u lebrons personal ass wiper (probably how he got the info)

        • TheGuyAboveMeIsABiggerIdiot

          actually the designers flat out said that they werent coming out with a south beach cw

          • GuyAboveMeIsAnA$$Wiper

            another of lebrons personal ass wiper?.damn come to think of it how many ass wipers does he have?

          • guest

            good one, i guess?

    • Orangepop

      I don’t think there is a South Beach 9….

    • Orangepop

      I don’t think there is a South Beach 9 I just read the one article by Nicekicks and I think thats the case. That’s a shame

    • Brandon Based Sodmg Barros

      ur da true definition of a fukin hypebeast…..columbias..plain…..yeezys ugly..south beach…overrated?

      • Mets1213

        thank you!!!

    • Space Jam

      Cement 4

      Foam 1 metallic red

      jordan 2011

  • CJ

    23 clicks later…

    • Dopeboyfresh


      • Shupimp

        This guy here… did you really even click through? And the Jordans on there you know full well you wanna cop.

  • davonsellerz

    Woah.. No Columbia 11s? Yeezy’s #1? -__-

    • JoeyT23

      thats what im sayin!

    • Anonymous

      Columbia?11 is not yet?confirmed?

    • HeroAJ

      i cant believe the Obsidian12s only got 2% of the vote 😐

  • Anonymous

    right denim for those jeremy scotts? fuck no. nothing else but clean canvas cotton pants or you’re going to end up looking like a canadian

    • Russ

      NiceKicks needs to get of J Scott’s HIV dick for once.? Shit is old

      • Anonymous

        HIV dick?!! Take you ignorant ass self back to school. ?If you don’t like the designs, you’re entitled to your opinion but come on, step up your comment

      • YouRStupid


  • CJ

    NiceKicks, In 2012 id like to see:
    1. A better way to look at these photos. Like put them in a slideshow or?something.
    2. A mobile site
    3. A more up to date release date page.
    *Like if you agree*

    • Ryan Conrad

      I’d also like to see the performance of the site addressed. ?I don’t know if it’s the theme, the script running the complex footer bar, or a combination of other things, but Nice Kicks drags compared to similar sites.

    • Dopeboyfresh

      Lol, I doubt we’ll ever see a slideshow… We can only wish though.?

    • treesty

      I definitely “liked”, but NK and the involved advertising agencies get more money every time we scroll past the ads on each page. Just one of those things we can’t do anything about, and I’d rather click 23 links than sit through a mandatory commercial or something similar.

    • Marcus.C

      Complex owns this site, or has something to do with it and they always have flash slideshow-ish pictures and videos that you can easily click through without reloading every page. I have no idea why they would not try to streamline their site when they’re usually one of the last sneaker sites to post breaking sneaker news. The only reason I come to this site is because ??of the Nice Kicks store in Austin. Why not hire some UT students to code the site for some free kicks. I’M?AVAILABLE?

      On another note this probably will not happen,?I’m?pretty sure Nice Kicks would rather have us click through 23 pages of pictures and banner-ads to generate?revenue…

      Sole Collector> Nice Kicks

      • JoshB

        You knock Nice Kicks for being worse than Sole Collector AND ask for a job?! LoL. Good luck with that…

      • Anonymous

        You’re an idiot – who posts sneaker news up faster and more accurately? SMFH

        If you hate the site so much, then GET OFF IT!

        • Dummy

          Never said he hated this site bitch just stated facts

      • Dude

        Yo I posted up a while back how this site gets there info from Complex and they took my shit down. That’s where they snatch there celebrity sneaker thing from. But who cares I guess this site is still kinda koo.?

      • Dude

        Yo I posted up a while back how this site gets there info from Complex and they took my shit down. That’s where they snatch there celebrity sneaker thing from. But who cares I guess this site is still kinda koo.?

      • Dude

        Yo I posted up a while back how this site gets there info from Complex and they took my shit down. That’s where they snatch there celebrity sneaker thing from. But who cares I guess this site is still kinda koo.?

    • Anonymous

      Wow, could you complain about more trivial things?

      1. Oh poor baby, it’s so hard to click a mouse button.
      2. NiceKicks already has a mobile site and an app for Android?

  • Laslo

    In no order

    Air Jordan 12 Obsidian,?Air Jordan 10 “Chicago”,?Nike Air Foamposite One “Metallic Red”

  • Anonymous

    I’m excited about the Saucony Elite spring 12, but this is probably the weakest release they’ve done so far, with every other one I’ve wanted all of the colors and settled for getting 2 of 4 or 2 of 3, this time I’m really only excited about 1 of them. Grey Cement 4s of course and the 10s have moved up on my list, but the rest of this list isn’t really stuff I’m too enthusiastic about.

    • Bradley H

      ?i’m gonna have to pass on the Bodega x Saucony jawns…their release in Septemeber was dope, but this new one coming up, not so much…

  • Tom Clancy

    Stop lying Nice Kicks. Nobody is looking?forward?to the Air Jordan 2012.

    • Darnell Yancey

      Real talk! lol

    • Anonymous

      I know right?!

    • Orangepop

      I’m extremely dissapointed…. I would like to see someone else design the 2013 Tinker has lost his creativity?

      • CJ

        I mean really 2012s look like Jordan just stuck “flywire” (wtf that is) on some concords. If ur gonna make a shoe and staple it with the year make it something new and wat ppl actually WANT to buy.

    • Busta Rhymes

      This is the by far the shittiest shoe to drop from JB in some time, it makes me wonder if they are afraid to pay the designers to do more than color in new Retro’s for us to copp every fuggin month… ?Back to looking for Big Bang Lebron 9’s and Lower Merion Kobe 4’s?

  • Dopeboyfresh

    Some original, non old Jordan additions:-Nike Tiger Woods Free Prototypes-More Nike Haurache Basketball Frees
    -Janoski Inuits

    • Anonymous

      I can’t wait for the Inuit release! I wish there was a more concrete release date.

  • DCapitol

    Looks like a slow year. Cement and Military Blue 4s will be it for me…

    • whodi

      To each their own but to say 2012 will be a slow year is not the case

    • Fjdaslfal

      what about the cement 4s playoff 12s and chicago 10s have some respect for the history of these releases plus theyre all fire

  • Ryan Conrad

    Bordeaux Spizikes, really? ?SMH

    • leeFX

      I like most Spiz’ikes just because I like how Spike Lee (or whoever actually designs them) took some of the best parts of different Jordan’s and combined them but the Bordeaux release takes it too far.

      The University blue Spiz’ikes that are due out are sick though, just like the recent Knicks release. Glad my first pair of mostly orange shoes were orange Knicks Spiz’ikes!

  • White wolf 5

    What about the raptor 7s?

  • Raider650

    What about the Payton’s?

  • Anonymous

    #11 has a picture of the original Wings, not the Wings 2.0

    • Anonymous

      2.0 will look way better too

  • Anonymous

    Def Cops – Denim Wings 2.0, Yeezy 2’s, AJ4 Cements, AJ4 Military Blues


    Olympic 6s will be crazy if the rumors are true.?

  • Anonymous

    no columbias or olympic 6s ?

  • Darnell Yancey

    Anyone looking forward to those weak ass Air Jordan 2012’s, or “Flea Market (Bordeaux) Spiz’ike’s… go sit in a corner!

    Why they didn’t list the Columbia XI’s or the Olympic VI’s, but listed the aforementioned, is completely absurd!

    • Fsakfjsal

      hey dumbass those arent confirmed releases thats why know youre shit

      • Darnell Yancey

        Try that in proper English next time. =)

  • Disibio

    Olympic 6’s, Columbia 11’s, Raptor 7’s? My oh my.

  • Rello

    Y would the air Jordan 2012 b on this list?….. Dats gross

  • Rj1122

    Nicekicks obviously dont know about the Raptor 7s, Olympic 6s, the Olympic Pack, or the Fire Red 4s that also come out next year smh

  • dou_lays

    jordan 4s cements best shoe of all TIME!! fuck the conchords

    • Playhard

      You didn’t get’em did you? LMAO

      • Bdunks23

        Whyy Yu Gotta Rub It In :/
        Stupid Ho

  • Erok

    Fuck em all I got responsibilities…..nothing dazzles me..Jordan Brand need to snatch up the dude that created the Lebron’s asap! I will pick up the 2012 at the outlet and switch the box of the lesser jordan say the bordeaux spizikes ?and then volunteer at a dog shelter and let them shit all in em and then send them to the Brand design department in Beaverton addressed as the new future sole.

    • Anthony C. Okafor

      cool story bro

  • Erok

    Matter of fact..I will let a blind truck driver use them for truck nuts…

  • kjm10

    Olympic 6’s and Olympic Pippen’s and i will be a happy man.

  • guest

    Hey dou_lays its concords you illiterate faggot

  • Anonymous

    A pair of Obsidians got my name written all on them. Been waiting since ’97. Lets go!

  • uDon’t HearMeTho’

    I’mSo… Sick&Tired ofJordan CapitalizingOff thePast MessUp theLegacy (.0’s, StupidColorways, Jumpmans) FuckingOut ofTouch ALLAbout $$$ Y’all Love It?

    • FormelyKnownAsMr Jones

      OhYeah!!!! Spizikes isDope!!!! Thank2 SpikeLee DoingThe RiightThing Bring inSome NewTalent

      • CJ


        • Anonymous


  • Daylan Johnson

    In all seriousness the only people who will get the yeezy’s are cats looking to resale, those are some of the ugliest shoes I have ever seen. Nike and Jordan coming hard next year looking forward to that, but those Bodega Saucony’s( the first ones) are looking like the best collaboration right now and are a easy cop for me. Gotta get more diversity into my stash next year, but with all the Nike/Jordan brand hopefully quality releases is going to be hard lol, Good luck to everybody on getting what they want

    • Nuts

      i actually want them

  • Craig Washington

    not much excitement maybe for the cements or the playoff’s but i was hoping that they would release the 11 breds since the concords came out this year …oh well?

    • aSh

      Heard that they r supposed to drop 12/23/2012 instead of the columb…

      • Playhard

        Wrong….. The columbias are dropping keep dreaming of the breds!!

  • Luigy Del Rosario

    Stealth 10s?

  • sneakerhead4life

    the cement 4’s will be a def cop and maybe the playoff 12’s but def the cement 4’s (holy grails) dem dam yezzys are ugly as fuck !! hurry up feburary 18th

  • Eyednttrusya

    …AIRMAX 2012 for the summer.

  • Scott

    what about steel 10’s

  • Azhar

    Metallic Red Foams, Air Jordans X, Lebron 9 orange,


    no question Jordan 14?







  • Prince

    What about the Olympic 6’s? Where are those on this list

  • Anonymous

    Yoooooooo, Fuck you HYPEBEAST on them yeezy nuts, Kill Yo SELF for voting for?Jeremy?Scotts, 4’s & 12’s all DAT Matter. Good Day.?

  • Anonymous

    Did anybody hear that the Mars (fire red) 4’s coming out?

  • Ron Simms Jr.

    uh i’m still waiting on those green and orange lunar flows you guys said were dropping last year…

  • Anonymous

    1. Air Jordan 4 Cement
    2. Lebron 9 All-Star
    3. Low 11s
    4. Yeezy 2

  • XII

    where is the columbia’s and the Bred Vii’s?

  • Ishmail Edwards

    “**Note**?Only CONFIRMED releases were incorporated in this list.”To all of you guys yelling UGH WHERE ARE MAH DAMN COLUMBIAS, AND MAH RAPTORS, AND MAH OLYMPIC 6s?

  • Noradon Dixon

    ?Olympic 6s?
    ?Olympic 6s?
    ?Olympic 6s?
    ?Olympic 6s?
    ?Olympic 6s?
    ?Olympic 6s?
    ?Olympic 6s?
    ?Olympic 6s?
    ?Olympic 6s?
    ?Olympic 6s?
    ?Olympic 6s?
    ?Olympic 6s?
    ?Olympic 6s?
    ?Olympic 6s

  • Ben Swaggin

    Those low top 11’s were looking good. I was digging the red bottom to it. The cement 4’s and metallic red foams are obviously the favorite but everybody will want them so it will be tough.

  • Anonymous

    Guess I’m the only one anticipating the Diamond Turf 2’s. Those are MY personal grails. I’m also looking forward to the Jordan 14’s as well, believe it or not. Still a great balling shoe, and looks fresh too. Very underrated as a shoe.

  • MyNameDoesNotMatter

    Kanye and his Yeezys are both overrated

  • Andyliz92

    where the hell is the new balance year of dragon pack?????

  • David M. Hendricks

    So why does the USA pack have 1% of the vote? I mean in my eyes, those Yeezys are extra ugly.

  • oh

    yeezy 2
    cement 4
    foamposite’s ?

  • prison mike

    Never will an air Yeezy top the cements. and the wings are a gimmick

  • Skippy

    yeezys= cop to sell

  • Louie Louie Louie

    and where the hell are the Air Huarache Bballs on this list?…They haven’t been released in the states, have they?

    • Guess Who?

      The QS has been at Footactions for a few weeks now

  • nino

    Yeezys, Chicagos, Big Banga and both Bodegas

  • ZombieNation

    Maaaan fuck those yeezy’s

  • Sole

    Air Yeezy is one of the most basic shoes i’ve ever seen, i don’t understand the hype at all.

  • Airplaneflite015

    I’m really looking forward to the grey KDIV’s and volt/black Kobe VII’s.

  • dbox

    all these new 12’s look like freakin banannas, why are they so long and narrow ?

  • Humble

    No air flows smh?

  • Guess Who?

    I wonder if all the people who voted for the yeezys are getting a pair (sarcastically)?

  • Orangepop

    I Want a pair of air Jordan 17s!!!!! I’ll get the playoff 12s though….and the cement 4s probably.?

  • Orangepop

    Did Jordan Brand give up on the Bin 23 concept?

    • RDogg23

      It’ll be a year in February since the Bin 5’s came out, they would release a Bin every three months. Now, who the hell knows?

  • moneymike

    nobody want those faggot ass yeezys. Nillas needa stop supporting kanyes bank account. Chicago X’s, Foamposite MET-RED. and Cement 4s will be good. JB needa drop the Columbia XI’s too, stop bullshitin and messin up a good thing.

  • aj23

    I don’t know which ones is rare the aj 12 or 10 or 4s?

  • 3chainz

    Being fifteen I don’t have much money laying around, and my parents don’t get me any shoes because they think I have to many. I may only cop the Electrolime’s, I’m just gonna ball in them for a little bit because they match my high school team’s colors?

    • gohardorgohome

      dont do it cuz yrs after the fact ur gonna wish u still had em just as sum heat to throw on for the hell of it.keep them in the collection n get sumtn like sum hyperfuses to ball in

  • Durty_Basturd

    The air Jordan 2012 is hideous!!!

  • Anonymous

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  • Trolololol

    The only shoes i hope imma cop will be probably: Electrolime Foams. Big bang Lebron 9s and probably Jordan 4 Cements

  • RDogg23

    This list is gonna change, it always does. The Concords weren’t confirmed until late January 2011. So have no fear there will be some releases that sneak up on us, and some releases that completely shock us, and the releases that we’ve been looking forward to.

  • Robinbuc

    WHy arent the Raptor 7s on here

  • coolgrey

    yal b clowning wit the comments. shits hilarious. them air jordan 2012’s gotta be a joke on jb. but im lookin forward to the chicago 10’s cement 4’s stealth 10’s (ppl sleepin on them stealth’s) both 12’s low 11’s in may military 4’s olympic 6’s white red 14’s raptor 7’s and columbia 11’s only if i pay extra cuz im fa damn sho not waiting in line for over 10 hours to get em. ala concords.

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  • hec

    Cement iv,military iv,blk/cement iv,low top xi,Olympic vi,Olympic 180 and Colombia xi and I’m good. I’ll pay extra for the xi no way in hell will I line up with the hypebeast of America. Too old for that shit

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone else think those Denim JS Wings would look dope without the wings?

  • BlacArmz

    @fresh… I was thinking the exact same thing

  • Chris Stephenson

    Playoff 12s and Cool grey Lebrons will be mine!

  • Chris Stephenson

    Metallic reds and those playoffs are winning

  • JA

    Those 10’s are a little over hyped. Yeah they never released before but these are getting more hype than the Bordeaux’s (which also never released before April ’11) and IMO the Bordeaux’s are more heat than the Chi 10’s. Maybe its just because its the first retro right after the Concords ? Still a solid year for Jordan.

  • ComplexCarter

    Y’all need to stop with this 20+ page sh*t

  • Dcdonfray

    wale cryin on dc radio….shits too funny

  • BIgLdoGG

    Air Yeezy’s are UGLY AS HELL! Middle finger to all the HYPEBEASTS out there…Chi10s, Cement 4s,? and both 12s all day!!! There were about 20 retro releases last year, and only about 11 confirmed thus far…interested in seeing what else will be confirmed for 2012. Off to a good start so far!!!

    • Space Jam

      Im with u everybody hypin the Air Yeezys but im like htf did they get the no 1 anticipated release of 2011? Did yall forget ab the CEMENT nd?MILITARY?4????

    • MelloShon

      I actually like the first yeezy, but these ones im just not feeling, definately not gonna withstand concord style chaos for these. Your probably right about more retros this year. Fingers crossed for more 6s and praying for 9s

  • Birdcoreparker

    im feeling the kicks

  • Nyczjasun

    burn rubbers new balance

  • Anonymous

    I hope the cement 4s don’t get hyped up like the concords.?

  • donte johnson

    military 4s at the top of my list the the blue lebrons and alllll foams

  • MelloShon

    Feel bad for AJ2012, the new balances are beating it in votes

  • FoamHead !

    1. Metallic Red Foams
    2. Electrolime Foams
    3. Playoff 12s
    Getnn ‘Em !

  • LIFE423

    Theres no way in h3ll anyone is anticipating those yezzy’s more than cements or foams. Yezzy’s have always been over-hyped!!!

  • joe. the king of splag.

    first off. Fuck any pair of jordan 11s. ever. the most over hyped jordan, and the way niggas acted for the concord just made the case for that shoe even worst. The Coon’s favorite Air Jordan with its shiny shit on it. ‘I’s a gots me a shinin shew ta wear wit my zoot suit MMMMM MM!! I’s da boss na!” thats what the Xis remind me of. take it how you want. just my opinion.?

    Secondly. My picks are probably that blue/grey huarache colorway, and also the Jordan IVs. Oh and foamposites.??hopefully we get the fully iridescent foamposites that change complete color in the light cause those are better than any XI. oh yeah and the yeezy 2. dont know how imma get them shits.?

  • Supreme

    Why are you guys always complaining stfu and enjoy the shoe game annoying ass little bitches

  • leeFX

    Man.. I dunno why? but I hate Yeezy’s…

    Didn’t like the first Yeezy’s and I am not excited at all for these… I don’t know why either, the colorway is OK but I just hate the silhouette. I’m sure the materials and fit is comfortable though.

  • Peaks1324

    Where can I get these?

  • 3o5phenom

    The Olympic uptempo already came out 2011

  • alan_g

    there is a 2 pack of the 6s coming out this year…white and gold and black and gold…and the olympic 6s are also coming out idk why those didnt make the countdown