Nick Young: “Protest is over. I?m sorry Michael.?

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Exactly a month ago, we shared with you Washington Wizards guard Nick Young’s explanation of his ?Not Wearing Jordans Anymore? comment.

He stated, “I was a little hurt by the comments that I heard from Michael Jordan. As a kid, that was like my favorite player. It was just the things he said about the lockout and how we, the players, don?t deserve too much. It kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I was just speaking out of frustration though because I was a Jordan kid growing up. I had every Jordan when I was younger.”

To further elaborate on him merely speaking out of frustration, Nick Young recently told the Washington Post that his Air Jordan protest is over. Which sneaker solidified his reconnection with Jordans? “Those were some of my favorites,” Nick Young said in regards to the recently released Air Jordan 11 “Concord”. “I might have to give Jordan a call and apologize. I didn?t know those came out. Those were my favorites.? Young ended the discussion by saying, ?Protest is over. I?m sorry Michael.?

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Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

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39 Comments on "Nick Young: “Protest is over. I?m sorry Michael.?"

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  2. Anonymous

    blah blah…BIIITCHHH, yo u a JB fuck boy now, dam dude cant even stand up to a shoe brand?!? imagine if we was in a middle of some kind of revolution, and everybody was as?weak minded?as this fool……………wait.?

  3. Machi10_15

    LMAO this kid has no swag whatsoever..the closest to swag that he’ll ever get is by wearing j’s..stop your whining crybaby..there?are millions of people there who’s getting paid minimum wage yet youre bitch*ng because youre not getting enough millions..#lostmyrespectforyou

  4. X_henryg_x

    I can’t hate on him, these concords are beautiful. ?and this guy’s game on court is ridiculous. ?Look his highlights up.

  5. DunkLows

    two things:
    1. be a man a stand up for what you believe in, don’t apologize for it for a pair of shoes
    2. he didn’t know they came out?!?!?!?!

    • hahahaha… funny… i like people apologizing for shit in pubic tho… ive boycotted many things only to be brought back by their awesomeness…. shit changes! great comment though! <3

  6. Pogi

    like MJ would give a shit…even though Nick Young plays for 25 years in the NBA, he would’nt be as rich as MJ…?

  7. flipperLazo

    c’mon nick. dont say that no more. we all know you guys were just upset about the whole thing but to say that ur not gonna rock jordans anymore? but its all good now. go make ur call. tell MJ to hook us up with some “valley colorway” j’s. hahahhha! who’s house?!?!?!? C HOUSE!!!!!

    PS. stop by the valley sometime and say whats up!

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  9. That’s some straight up ho ass shit! “I didn’t know those came out.” GTFOH
    Glad the rest of the the LA niggas I know aren’t bitches, like this guy!

    All credibility is shot!

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