Russell Westbrook Unveils His “True Blue” Rollerskates

Russell Westbrook recently tweeted his love for skating. Yes, you heard correctly, skating. In this picture, Westbrook has a pair of Air Jordan 3 ?True Blue? roller skates. Word on the street says that Westbrook will be tweeting a video of him doing some moves from the hit film ?Roll Bounce.? Not really, but how awesome would that be?


  1. nine half says:

    “haters gon` hate”

  2. Addictivekicks says:

    Thats gay.

    1. “That shit gay!” *Kanye voice*

      1. Djqstorm says:

        Yeah… Thats mad gay son!

  3. Escobar64 says:

    That would not be awesome at all.

  4. Anonymous says:

    so i’m guessing he’s a tebow fan?

  5. X_henryg_x says:

    Those are sooo legit lol! ?I don’t even rollerskate but I wouldn’t mind a pair just to have.

  6. HeroAJ says:

    id love some rollerskate 15s lol seems like it would be a rollerskate

  7. Gabgtrrz says:

    This is so gay.

  8. Parkerbb2 says:

    Rollerskating isn’t really my thing but those are really clean. I’d pick it up a little if someone gave me those.

  9. Charles Dennis III says:

    Doesn’t surprise me, the dude tried to “skate” through the playoffs last year by not passing the rock. ?Get back to basketball, Russell.

  10. Marcus.C says:

    “Nigga you gay!”

  11. Slickdots says:

    Hella suspect!!! Just saying tho…

  12. Lilzmuhfugga says:

    The slightest things are “gay” to a lot of you.

  13. Broncosfan1152 says:

    Hell yeah go broncos!!!!

  14. Hes gay because he likes 2 skate? Wow ?learned something new :/ Good thing I have the internet to teach me stuff like this -__- . Dumbasses?

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  16. greg says:

    they see me rolling

  17. Oijre says:

    Rondo likes Rollerskatin’ too. They must be rival rollerskaters.

  18. Caseymc says:

    we are gunna skate to one song and one song only….

    1. Anonymous says:


  19. Nick says:

    why would u ruin a perfectly good pair of jordan s that u cant even get
    ??mainstream places

    1. Because he’s rich d*ckhead

    2. 123 says:

      niiiiiick your mother says get off the internet and clean your room