Russell Westbrook Unveils His “True Blue” Rollerskates

Russell Westbrook recently tweeted his love for skating. Yes, you heard correctly, skating. In this picture, Westbrook has a pair of Air Jordan 3 ?True Blue? roller skates. Word on the street says that Westbrook will be tweeting a video of him doing some moves from the hit film ?Roll Bounce.? Not really, but how awesome would that be?


  1. Rollerskating isn’t really my thing but those are really clean. I’d pick it up a little if someone gave me those.

  2. Doesn’t surprise me, the dude tried to “skate” through the playoffs last year by not passing the rock. ?Get back to basketball, Russell.

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  4. When u got money, u can get whatever u want and if i knew how to skate or wanted to skate, i would only wear them, dem shits cray (yeezy voice)

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