Marcus & Jeffrey Jordan Return to Chicago in Heir Jordan Teaser

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Marcus and Jeffrey Jordan?s upcoming Heir Jordan site looks to be quite the inside scoop. Detailing the life and times of the Jordan sons, this teaser video finds the boys going home for the holidays. See Chicago from the viewpoint of the heirs.

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Ian Stonebrook lives in Austin, TX where he spends most of his time kicking it with friends and fam, hooping, golfing and going out.

24 Comments on "Marcus & Jeffrey Jordan Return to Chicago in Heir Jordan Teaser"

    • King

      Yea you can say they lucky…Because they were and still is… No struggles what so ever..I rather be miserable rich then miserable poor any day!

  1. Anonymous

    I kinda don’t get what their website is going to be about. Maybe about what kind of lifestyle they can afford with their pop’s money and shoe brand??

  2. Anonymous

    What exactly are they “heirs” to? What have they done to earn that title? Spend their father’s hard earned money? Fuck outta here with that.

    • Nigga You Dumb

      You don’t do anything to be an heir you idiot. All you need to do us be born under something. You think princes did a whole bunch of shit to earn the title of heir to the throne? Stupid fuck

  3. Anonymous

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see what makes their lives so interesting. I don’t really understand it. They were born rich, no struggle, and will?inherit?the jordan brand eventually. If they are shoe designers or actually contributing to the brand then maybe I’d watch. But if all they’re gonna do is walk around, take pictures, and look at shoes they already got for free then I’ll pass.

  4. Doesn’t matter what they are heirs to, you took the time out to watch the teaser and you are going to take the time out to visit their site just to see what it’s like to be the sons of Michael Jordan.

  5. jisho

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  6. anonymous kicks

    Yes, they were born rich. Their struggle will be and is managing the expectations and criticismsthat is inherent in being Michael Jordan’s heirs. Let those boys live. 86 the hate.

  7. swayKAZE

    Marcus, he aite at UCF…WTF the other son do…oh ok! They are wack for still tryin to make if of “DADDY”. Ya’ll grown-ass men…get a real job!

    • Redsox24

      They are both in college.. Where are you in your moms basement doing nothing with your life. If you were born with all the opportunity in the world and rich as hell I bet you would be singing a different tune bro. Quite hating on people you don’t fucking know. Both of them would kill you in a game of basketball

  8. Naj

    Its funny how everything with you people is about their money or how they’re taking advantage of their situation. Obviously life hasnt been hard for any of you. Im not saying its hard for these guys but there is nothing wrong with trying to make the best out their situation. Money money money…materialism, hate, gossip, backbiting, evil eye….Inshallah we’re guided to be better people than this.?

  9. Smh at yall hating on people who?pursued?an education, sports careers, a website, and lord knows what else. Saying they aren’t doing anything as if they just sat on their asses all their lives… these are productive hard working people and you are hating on young people trying to come up because you expect them automatically to live up to MICHAEL FUCKING JORDAN’S name? -_-

  10. MRGABE

    what i dont get is how these boys CANT HOOP?! it’s mind-boggling. they dont even look like MJ anyway. Juanita got some ‘splainin to do..

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