Air Jordan 11 Low “Playoff” & “Concord” Set

Anyone doubting Chi McBride?s clout with Jordan Brand might want to write an official letter of apology. Just days after seeing the Air Jordan 11 Low ?Concord? on MJ?s feet and a sample of the ?Playoffs?, images have surfaced of a special gift set sent to Chi from Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith. Both Air Jordan 11 Lows elect leather over mesh uppers with championship ring tagging on the tongue. The man who broke the story, Nike Dealer of Nike Talk, claims that the stamped pairs are special SMUs for Chi and that they won?t be released with the gold emblems. Hmmmm what could that mean?

Air Jordan 11 Low "Playoff" & "Concord" Set

Air Jordan 11 Low "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 Low "Playoff" & "Concord" Set

Air Jordan 11 Low "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 Low "Playoff" & "Concord" Set

Air Jordan 11 Low "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 Low "Playoff" & "Concord" Set

Air Jordan 11 Low "Playoff"

Air Jordan 11 Low "Playoff" & "Concord" Set

Air Jordan 11 Low "Playoff"

Air Jordan 11 Low "Playoff" & "Concord" Set

Air Jordan 11 Low "Playoff"


  1. Elmo Kream says:

    ill pay 4 racks for both pairs no bs

    1. yomom says:

      and live on the streets??

      1. Erik Sasser says:

        i”d do the same and continue to live in my six bedroom house.

        1. Louie Louie Louie says:

          with his parents…

      2. Charles Dennis III says:

        Some of us make money than you. ?Deal with it.

        1. SO??? Still don’t make sense to pay 4 stacks for some low top 11s…

          1. Asblanco92 says:

            thts his own money why the fuck will you make comment let him be

          2. It’s my opinion, you faggot ass nigga. SHUT THAT SHIT UP!!!

    2. Wale says:

      ok ElmoKream…and im Wale -____-

  2. IWearJZ says:

    id def get the playoffs ill pass on the concords tho?

    1. eddie says:

      Me too

  3. New_Sole says:

    I like what I’m seeing

  4. MannyFresh941 says:

    I see a combo pack coming soon..

    1. i was saying the same thing on a earlier post.

  5. Marveno says:


  6. this alone has sh*ted on anything that anyone has copped this year. Chi McBride killed it. I can also see these being limited. i don’t see general releases on these…

  7. Easternallstar11 says:

    whats the price for these

  8. Maybach says:

    dude……. keep the emblems?

  9. Cat4054 says:

    when are these getting released??????

  10. Cbrezzy21 says:

    F#*% that lame a$$ 1st s*#%’ I’m going use this forum for what is was made for and say both color ways are dope but would love if Jordan brand release these special edition ones Chi got but it’s cool Def copp for me!!!!!!

  11. Cupcake Bozeman says:

    I’ll spend bandz on both of these foreal…!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I like that the shoes don’t have that stupid ass milky toe on the front too. Lol

  13. Nfamous Drew says:

    its under 150 so im thinking 115

    1. LeeDavid1221 says:

      for each pair?

    2. you buggin hard. these are probably more sought after than the actual Concords itself.?

      1. Doubt that, lows were never more sought after more than Highs.

  14. Peso says:

    if its true lets not make it a big deal ..n have the hypebeast n ignorant people that just want to be down get them …pretty much means hypebeast to …but you know what i mean …yea lol-_-

  15. J2Fresh says:

    Def won’t pay racks ill cop if they drop if not no big deal

  16. Guest says:

    doesn’t look good imo

  17. Joe3cool25 says:

    That tongue is big, gold, and ugly. The black and red lows are ultra wack. The Concords are player though…minus the tongue.

  18. Prez Ward says:

    Air Jordan 11 ?Columbia? :-)

  19. They can release, just keep the concords. I want the playoffs!

  20. If they do drop, the box gone be amazing,

    1. Sean Malessa says:

      Kids like you man, “the box is going to be amazing”. Who fucking cares what the box is like? You pay $180 for a box? Shit give me your J’s and keep your precious box.

      1. PisForPolaroid says:

        My box is precious because Tinker Hatfield signed it…..id say that’s worth the $180 I put up.

        1. amannamedjesus says:

          “ill take ‘Tinker Hatfield’s dick in my mouth’ for 180, Alex” – PisForPolaroid