Air Jordan 11 Low “Playoff” & “Concord” Set

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Air Jordan 11 Low "Playoff" & "Concord" Set

Anyone doubting Chi McBride?s clout with Jordan Brand might want to write an official letter of apology. Just days after seeing the Air Jordan 11 Low ?Concord? on MJ?s feet and a sample of the ?Playoffs?, images have surfaced of a special gift set sent to Chi from Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith. Both Air Jordan 11 Lows elect leather over mesh uppers with championship ring tagging on the tongue. The man who broke the story, Nike Dealer of Nike Talk, claims that the stamped pairs are special SMUs for Chi and that they won?t be released with the gold emblems. Hmmmm what could that mean?

Air Jordan 11 Low "Playoff" & "Concord" Set

Air Jordan 11 Low "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 Low "Playoff" & "Concord" Set

Air Jordan 11 Low "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 Low "Playoff" & "Concord" Set

Air Jordan 11 Low "Concord"

Air Jordan 11 Low "Playoff" & "Concord" Set

Air Jordan 11 Low "Playoff"

Air Jordan 11 Low "Playoff" & "Concord" Set

Air Jordan 11 Low "Playoff"

Air Jordan 11 Low "Playoff" & "Concord" Set

Air Jordan 11 Low "Playoff"

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74 Comments on "Air Jordan 11 Low “Playoff” & “Concord” Set"

  1. Cbrezzy21

    F#*% that lame a$$ 1st s*#%’ I’m going use this forum for what is was made for and say both color ways are dope but would love if Jordan brand release these special edition ones Chi got but it’s cool Def copp for me!!!!!!

  2. Peso

    if its true lets not make it a big deal ..n have the hypebeast n ignorant people that just want to be down get them …pretty much means hypebeast to …but you know what i mean …yea lol-_-

  3. Joe3cool25

    That tongue is big, gold, and ugly. The black and red lows are ultra wack. The Concords are player though…minus the tongue.

    • Shway Mayfield

      Funny, I wore my Varsity Red lows from 2001 to cop my Concord 11s last week….& broke more necks than I cared to remember. Nothing is wrong with lows when they are done right, & those are MEAN!

      Would of been flawless if they were mesh thou…but I’ll cop on the spot if they release.

  4. DugLast

    Serious collector’s item. I know XI lows are traditionally done with leather, but that Playoff colorway would hit a lot harder with a mesh upper.

  5. I can’t stand to see cats lined up in VNDS sneakers just to cop a new release. The worst offender I seen was the definition of “Hypebeast” in the line for “Cool Grey” XIs rocking a “Spacejam” on one foot and a ‘Bred” XI on the other. SMFH

  6. STEEZ



    I wanted the concords and my mom got me these :( she got them on sale for 50 dollars at the gas station :) IM SO HAPPY I HAVE THEM :))))

  8. Anonymous

    I think that the concords should be left alone. Such a beautiful shoe no need for modification. Every other Jordan 11 in my opinion is ok to experiment with, but the concords, I like them as mids and as mids only.

  9. Sims da Don

    Ya niggas swear ya know what should and shouldn’t be on a sneaker.

    Just shut the fuck up, you’re going to cop anyway.

    And you should really shut the fuck up if you don’t have a job, you’re probably not getting them at all.

    Half ya niggas don’t cop anything, just come here to look.

    Just please, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it!

    The OG’s were the OG’s, want those? Go to flight club or get them on Ebay and SHUT the FUCK UP already, geez.

  10. Rshrdthomas

    Man he definitely need to come out with these…. Both pairs… Since I just missed out on the concords this past christmas due to people acting crazy…. I hope they can find out a date for these so I can have my money right. The best of jordans he came out with…..

  11. TreyTrizzy

    playoffs a cop… & dat gold emblem make them concords look ORGASMIC….. or hover u spell dat 0.o ask ur gf she knows

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